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New Special Editions Added to The Holly Post, Hollywood, CA (hollypost.com), at TIFF

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New Special Editions Added to The Holly Post, Hollywood, CA (hollypost.

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Ajouté le : 18 septembre 2012
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New Special Editions Added to The Holly Post, Hollywood, CA (hollypost.com), at TIFF
PR Newswire TORONTO, September 17, 2012
OnSeptember 6, 2012, The Hon. Jerry S. Grafstein, Q.C., Co-Founder and Chair, announced the official launch ofThe Holly Post(http://www.hollypost.com), Hollywood, California- a premier provider ofHollywoodblog in-depth news, at theTorontoInternational Film Festival (TIFF).The Holly Post(http://www.hollypost.com),Hollywood, California, joinsThe Wellington Street Post(http://wellingtonstpost.com),Ottawa, Canada, andThe Penn Ave Post(http://www.pennavepost.com),Washington, D.C., in an expanding network of online 24/7 news sites. th OnSeptember 122012, The Holly Post(http://www.hollypost.com)added two new feature editions, "Mansions" - stars' homes, and "Trailers" - new movie releases."The Holly Postcontinues,"said Grafstein, "to widen and deepen coverage of the Hollywood landscape." "This is a new kind of inside Hollywood news," said Grafstein, "The Holly Post, like its sister publications,The Wellington Street PostandThe Penn Ave Post, uses innovative technology to bring together the diversity of the blogosphere and social networks into coherent, timely and high-quality inside news coverage from Hollywood, California.""Our goal is to keep fans, and Hollywood insiders alike, informed on the evolving Hollywood scene and beyond, on a timely basis from the inside out,"said Adam Miron, President. "The world is interested in Hollywood, awash with scintillating news.Hollypost.comis a new instant resource to all facets of Hollywood and the movie industry in Americaand globally." The Holly Postis a blog news aggregator that curates hundreds of the top Hollywoodblogs on the web. Feature curation include special editions reflecting all aspects of the movie and TV scenes, divided into Movies, TV, Scandals, Politics, Business, Film Festivals, Fashion, Weddings, Babies, Pets, Lawsuits, Guilds and Unions, Awards, Charities. Thesite has in-depth 24/7 coverage ofHollywood, movie stars, players, dealmakers and new trailers. The Holly Postis a new, quick, comprehensive news resource for fans, movie insiders, dealmakers and the general public. Website: http://www.hollypost.com Twitter: @thehollypost Facebook.com/thehollypost
For further information: Co-Founder and Chair of the Board: The Hon. Jerry S. Grafstein, Q.C., +1-416-369-4108 jgrafstein@hollypost.com
Co-Founder and President Adam Miron, +1-613-986-2422 adam@hollypost.com