St Petersburg International Economic Forum:
Leadership That Works
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ST PETERSBURG, June 15, 2012
June 15, 2012
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This year's St Petersburg International Economic Forum, will convene under the
'Leadership that Works'
. The Forum's official programme will
feature a range of sessions organized under four interrelated content pillars,
and designed in various formats so as to stimulate interactivity and enrich
participant experience. In addition to the traditional panel sessions and
roundtables it will include a number of 'session series', industry breakfasts,
business round tables, and plenary sessions with participation of global political
and business leaders.
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The sessions under the first pillar -
Securing the Future
- will examine major
shifts underway in the global economy and their impact on the political
economies and societies at large. The increasing role of emerging economic
powers in developing regional markets will be discussed in the 'region-omics'
The sessions under
's Potential
pillar will be of particular
interest to the participants who are concerned with Russian political and
economic affairs. The Forum 2012 will provide a unique opportunity to engage
with the new Government of the
Russian Federation
as the country takes steps
to reinforce its reform agenda in the post-election period. This pillar will include
a number of briefings by the members of the newly-formed Russian
Leadership in Focus
- a series of one-on-one conversations with leaders from
government, finance, technology, media and the arts - is a new format of
sessions introduced in 2012. These sessions will feature Henry Kissinger,
Yevgeny Primakov, Gerard Lopez, Lloyd Blankfein, Arkady Volozh, and other
leaders, and will examine the forces - and people - reshaping our world, and will
seek to identify the skills that are needed to succeed in a rapidly shifting
Sessions of the
Responding to Impact Technologies
pillar will explore how
policymakers and business leaders are responding to the ongoing and
accelerating technical advances world wide, and will include presentations of
Russian Breakthrough Technologies.
This year SPIEF will provide a SPIEF
mobile app
to improve the participant
experience during the Forum.
Available for download from the Apple App
Store and Google Play,
the app will allow participants to download live Forum
information (programme, schedule, news, video, and photos) to their mobile
devices. The app also supports exchanging messages and scheduling meetings
among participants, personal Agenda, useful info etc.