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Victor Dahdaleh: Diversity Key to Overcoming Global Recession

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Victor Dahdaleh: Diversity Key to Overcoming Global Recession PR Newswire LONDON, August 23, 2012 LONDON, August 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- International businessman and philanthropist Victor Dahdaleh

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Ajouté le : 03 septembre 2012
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Victor Dahdaleh: Diversity Key to Overcoming Global Recession
PR Newswire LONDON, August 23, 2012
LONDON,August 23, 2012/PRNewswire/ --International businessman and philanthropist Victor Dahdaleh has said he believes diversity and a strong balance sheet are the most important considerations for businesses struggling to ride out the global recession. Chairman and owner of Dadco Group Ltd, Dahdaleh, 68, is an experienced operator in commodity-focused heavy industries in which revenues can be extremely volatile. In an interview with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), he discussed some of the challenges he has faced over the course of his business career. Asked about Dadco's resilience to market fluctuations and his strategic vision for the future of the Group, Dahdaleh said: "We are evaluating new business areas for diversity and strong growth potential, based on our view of what challenges the world might face in the coming decade. "On the table are fertiliser projects, other minerals, sustainable energy projects and agri-business projects. We intend to use our company's network, experience and financial strengths to bring together the producers and the finances we need to enter these new markets." Alongside diversification, Dahdaleh also credits a strong balance sheet as being essential for a business to continue to thrive in economically uncertain times: "When the market is tough, it is those firms that are underpinned by healthy balance sheets that best withstand shocks and stay attractive to investors and partners," he said.
Notes to editors
1.Victor Dahdaleh, a 68 year old Canadian national based inLondonandSwitzerland, is owner and chairman of Dadco and affiliated companies. Dadco is a privately-owned investment, manufacturing and trading group. Its founding company was established in 1915. Dadco has operations and investments inEurope,North America, theMiddle East, AfricaandAustralia. 2. OfficialWebsite:http://www.victordahdaleh.com/