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I rap my rap-e / I rap my last rhymes those murders

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this translated version for you American fans thank you again for your support, version for all! seeks underground singer and rapper contract between me and writing text, it can always provided ideas! good luck to all my all is well! good read and find the France to a young writer rapper.
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I rap my last one that ryhmes are assasinated
M & M
4:36 we is not 86 and still think the policy is cyclical and systematic were going
crazy even in bed there is cursed but becomes unique even without the Friques,
is thought to improve the system, to develop but they think we have stopped
because we were too concerned j 'e ryhmes with no time to cry and have to
move their escape, no work falling unemployment What did they think of
fucking with ranez.
We have believed what has been seen with faith and trying to be a soldier in
the rat world, this world of rich and have ass feels his ass to make better
cuckold their lost love.
We and our brothers as partners is what did the war have not n'às not want to
rub him down, were not suicidal at this point of silence, the galley is good ... up
for auction
it is side by side as friends but when we have laws we trotted threats we
handcuff for gnognottes, this company seems to be scrutinized to achieve our
freedom, our dignity without feeling guilty, we all sincerely hope that all
have will improve the mix including, for the moment have picked up dirt our
goal is to stop all discriminalité is not to succumb to all those bastards who
want to tempt us all killing each other and hating, fighting for humanity, find
the stop of budgets subject to all interests
budget drawn gadget launches rock and it becomes infected for honest people,
have to be on another planet with all these live ....
balanced budget without a second thought and not overlooked by any such
sing and waited 30 to freelancing in fact it's like have had
thirty thou freelance freelancing
we must all overcome and not succumb no
then we must take pity on you face
I change the subject but I want to talk about spirituality that allows us to
dream through thoughts and allows us to escape and overcome the congested
roads, have not want to work in cdd not be deluded that we must stop taken
for light weight in order to reach the summit but the reality is that time is
determined that it is a truth is not stupidity so it is subject.
In relation to the report .... during our interview it was agreed to ..... and in my
head I said "it is Madame Councillor you at least you completed your goal and
earn money for it but it did not resolved the problem of finding a job suitable "
but Madame made it 4 Plombes I remade the world waiting for answers to my
approach is how we walk and to make it crash it must be trach, we want to
take full without the mustache, no towerpass pass, we have the class and
dignity must not let go if it ultimately makes you scammed
we loose our clash is not to make it angry, all we know is that we are not
The feelings one way it's like I'm a public figure and it's tragic when it is
unilateral, becomes physical overcomes this is relative but laxative.
Relativizes device but not the guy you find strength and courage in having
rabies without overworking
You complicate life is breathed out and then tell you that breathing is already
5:06 pm I ask to avoid an overdose if I ride in a tone I have to do the big fish
it's bogus that's why I sold my rhymes like a soap alka big up h, but less
culture censorship
mix naturality we want to avoid any conflict of interest and there will never be
war between truth and normality is exposed, it is supose and stored in by
osmosis or rhymes is needed, have harassed harasser feels frustrated by all the
heirs and the truth is that society conditioned us to be stuck to function better.
2012 Presidential cruel and fatal to people who complain because the elections
will be a conflict of interest by people like us but will have settled, is not angry
and you closer to the truth
I left my home is my choice and if you not believe in voting for me blabla
Conviction attention! you will come across standard takes the wise decisions at
this time of confusion
we are to feel that people cause their own demise all that because you're
hungry it's unfortunate that their fate is not clear that the gut is
head and be smarter and finds the strength to find your way.
Triple aaa VAT attracts all controversy c'quon all know is that we eat less for a
given virtual ideas and I prefer to walk down the street I will kiss not my
underwear, I have a quad-A c is not the turlute jpose and not my fute I know or
I come home and it was triple shooting or the A rmed jme pulls away from the
bloodshed of me I prefer to blow cock!
Nuclear net is all for me looking on the net you will be op solet
taf to cque I know I need to have a gach zi will you have to loose
To all our thoughts and our brother, mother, father and all our sister we think
of you again and again is hardcorp as if I had spent on the body with all the
Now no feeling, is a zi mache freedend we'll see in time, I celmek all is perfect
in net moin c c 'was too complex and perplexing thoughts must not only lured
the market and after that I have dropped and ignored
for me it is my only song so I want to talk about immigration fesons evidence
intégation solutions and without any question, and this stop all forms of
house wife child is as obvious and it is charming and disturbing to all these
compliments but we're all different jmarche me as a great unprecedented jsuis
alone but I have not dug my coffin
stereotype, it's great you have a way to give your physical, sociological,
psychological, therapeutic, it becomes opportunistic, but in what world you live
You linger to these problems if you are a blem and Vivera with hundreds of
Chrysanthemum thinks feelings and is 100% all the time
To finish with my è I'll leave you hope is helping