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. 1946 EDITION . the INDEX of TRAINING FILM '?m \f :'7^r TO MOTION PICTURES & SLIDEFILMS^^:aM?UIDE iH?"""IaVAIT AR T P mP TlVnTTCTP T A I TR AHVfTlVn IlAVAILABLE FOR INDUSTRIAL TRAINING USE collection of theFrom the n m PreTinger V iJibrary P t San Francisco, California 2008 OMPLIMENTS Kodak CompanyEastman TABLE OF COXTE^TS Avhition In«iiii>$fry F€»undry Fwrging& yAerodynamics 9 General 42 Aircraft Eiigineerinp 10 Die Casting 43 Power I'lant Forging 43 Principles 11 Melting Practice 43 Assemijly & Disassembly 11 Molding Bench 43 Electrical System 11 -Floor 43 Fuel System 12 Molding^Machine 44 Inspection & Maintenance 13 HydraulicsLubrication 14 Films onOperation 4414 Propellers 14 Industrial Relations Aircraft Production Customer Research 44 Alighting Gear 20 Labor—Management 44 Assembling. Riveting & Welding 15 Supervision 45 Controls 17 Time & Motion Study 47 Control Surfaces 17 Additional Titles 88 Sheet Metal Fabrication 18 Structures 18 MachineShop Wood Fabrication 19 Abrasives & Grinding 49 Miscellaneous 19 Bench & Hand Work 51 Aircraft Inspection 20 Boring Mill, Horizontal 52 Maintenance Mill, Vertical 52 Alighting Gear 20 Broaching 52 Controls & Control Surfaces 21 Cutting Tools 53 Structure Drill21 Press 53 Miscellaneous Gear22 Hobbing 53 Aviation—Miscellaneous Lathes22 54 Additional Titles Metal86 Cutting Band Saw 56 Milling Machines 56AutODiotivo Industry Planing & Shaping 57 Bus Operation 23 Precision Measurement, Inspection & Testing. 58 Engineering Miscellaneous 59 Brakes 23 Additional Titles 88 Body 24 Electrical System 24 Materials&Metals Engines 25 Aluminum 60 Transmission 26 Bearings 60 Wheels & Mounting 26 Copper 60 General Heat Treatment27 61 Additi-onal Titles Iron86 & Steel 61 Lead 62 Ceramics& Glass Magnesium 63 Films on ceramics and glass 27 Mica 63 Additional Titles 86 Nickel 63 Pipe & Tubing 63Chenii€*al Industry Plating 63Films of chemical industry 28 Tin 64Additional Titles 87 Wire 64 Electronics Miscellaneous 64 Electronic Theory 30 Additional Titles 89 Generators & Motors 32 Electrical Measurement 33 Office Practice Motor Maintenance 33 Films on office practice 64 Radio & Communication 34 Additional Titles 89 Wiring 35 Optics-PhotographyMiscellaneous 36 [iliotograpliyFilms on optics & 65Additional Titles 87 Additional Titles 89 Engineering Petroleum Indusiry 37Civil —Blueprints 37 Films on petroleum industry 66Drafting—Design 39 Additional Titles 90Mathematics 40Measuring & Testing Physics 87Additional Titles principles 67Films on physics Engines 90Additional Titles 41Diesel Engines IndustryCombustion 41 PlasticsInternal plastics industry 69Engines 42 Films onSteam Titles 90Titles 88 AdditionalAdditional Refrigeration Wood&Lumber Pattern MakingPrinciples 70 78 Wood FinishingCommercial Units 70 80 Domestic WorkingUnits 71 80 Additional Titles 91 SiieetMetal Other IndustriesFilms on sheet metal shop 71 Bellows 82 Brushes 82Siiipbuilding Coppersmithing Building Trades 8273 Cement Industry 82Marine Electricity 73 Coal 82 Machinery Installation 74 General Industry 83Painting 74 Pipefitting 8374 Insulation 83Shipfitting Painting75 Industry 83Additional Tides Paper90 Industry 83Railroad Welding 84Rubber Films on welding processes 76 Textile Clothing Industries 84& Additional Titles 90 Thermodynamics 85 How to Vmc the IIVDEX A KEY TO ABBREVIATIONS AND SYMBOLS: NOTES ON HANDLING FILMS Included in this first edition of THE INDEX of TRAINING FILMS are listings of more than 1700 motion pictures, slidefilms and slides. Both sound and silent materials are included. They have been specifically selected for their usefulness in industrial-voca- tional training. Approximately 400 of these subjects were produced for direct sale to industry and the schools by the U. S. Office of Education; others are available on free loan through sponsoring companies such as Aluminum, General Electric, Linda, U. S. Steel and Westinghouse. The following suggestions will assist the training director in making effective use of these references: Sources of Subjects: Titles are listed alphabetically under the various industry classifications noted in the Table of Contents. After each of these titles, there appears an abbreviated key to the source, i.e. the original sponsor, distributor, or producer. {Ex- ample: EBFilms, etc.) These source "keys" are listed alphabetically in the front section of this guide (a departure from usual the user withcustom) so as to better acquaint abbreviations frequently used and he readily identify the nature ofso that may more the source, whether producer, sponsoring company, library, etc. Rental, Purchase or Free Loan? Subjects listed in THE INDEX are made available on outright purchase of prints (USOE), by rental and lease-to-own plans (Bray, EBFilms) and by free loan, requiring only payment of shipping charges. Wherever possible, sale prices have been given where prints are sold ; likewise, rental charges have been noted and, finally, subjects in the "free loan" group may be usually identified by the nature of the source, as in the case of sponsoring industrial and commercial organ- izations. When in doubt, write, wire or phone the source for details before booking the film. Alphabetical Title Index: To help the trainer find subjects when the title only is known, a complete alphabetical title index to all subjects appears on Pages 93-104. Key to Abbreviations: 35 indicates 35 millimeter; 16 is 16 millimeter (the most fre- quent motion picture listing). Si indicates silent motion pictures or filmstrips (i.e. slide- films) . Sd indicates sound, either motion picture or sound slidefilm (35mm filmstrip is accompanied by disc recording of 33-1/3 rpm type). (19 min) indicates the running time. Length is also indicated by number of frames shown in slidefilm listings. Where subject is in color, it is most often noted as "color" in the various listings. Caution on Equipment: A great majority of listings in THE INDEX under "motion pictures" are of 16 millimeter sound subjects. Do not attempt to show these single- sprocket films on a silent-type projector which is equipped with double sprockets. The sound-track film will be mutilated. Silent films can be shown on either silent or sound equipment. All sound slidefilms listed require use of sound slidefilm projector-playback equipment or an additional slow-speed turntable and amplifier to accompany the pro- jected still pictures. Preview Is the Best Rule: The best single suggestion the Editors can make here is to preview all films before use in the training classroom. Allow sufficient time by booking as far in advance as possible and then see all films before showing to trainees. Plan the lesson carefully; do not use films if they are not directly suitable to the training lesson. These are not "entertainment" subjects; their use depends on good trainers and good training procedures. Definitely preview all films offered for purchase, either by rental or otherwise. THE INDEX OF Word of IntroductionA of and visual training case in point is that of the 457-unit visualUSE audioTHE materials in industry has made sig- training program produced by the S.U. nificant advances the past five years. Office of Education's warborn Division ofin The impetus of war training needs in the Visual Aids. Produced by 35 of the na- armed forces and war industries has tion's experienced industrial film makers, brought forth a sizable inventory of avail- these sound motion picture films are ac- able motion |)ictures, slidefilms and other companied by 35mm filmstrips for class materials as well proven techniques for review and each subject is furtheras getting effective training results through supplemented by carefully prepareda their application. instructor's manual containing review This film Index is the first classified questions, references and the film com- industrial inventory of these available mentary. training materials. It is a non-profit con- Safety films are not included in this tribution to better training which opens Index. The Editors prepared speciala wide the door to these war-tested methods listing in this area two years ago. This and materials. These inventories of films effort has now been assumed by the serve many fields of industry Safety Council whom theand make National for possible a modest introduction original catalog compiled. newto visual was A training for many thousands edition is in publication. Informationof small now plants, maintenance and service concerning safety films will suppliedshops. Be- be yond this door lies further opportunity on request to the Editors of The Index, for advancement, soundly based on ex- 157 E. Erie Street, Chicago (11) Illinois. perience midestly acquired in effective Only films related to the field of indus- training utilization. trial-vocational training have been includ- Many of the films listed here have ed in this guide. For the general field been sponsored by industry itself and are of visual education there are excellent made available on "free loan"' to other source lists already available from such concerns, vocational schools, engineering competent publishers as the H. W. Wilson groups, etc. Prints are often limited and Company and others. Sales training and growing demand requires cooperation by the field of distributive education will be the borrower through early requests, al- served in another specific edition of this ternate booking dates and prompt return. guide to be published later. These suggestions also apply to rented This first edition of The Index will be materials. supplemented and revised frequently. Regular training use of films is the Hundreds of these listings first appeared surest way to use them successfully. A in the |)ages of our publications and 16mm sound motion picture projector, have been made freely available to othera 35mm filmstrip projector, turntable sources. Changes and additions will beand amplifier (for slidefilms, sound and silent) published in Business Screen throughout and an opaque or indirect projector and a the year in form suitable for pastinga portable screen are the most useful equip- into these pages. Films are withdrawn ment purchases. A modest budget for frequently, often without previous notice, purchase of prints regularly used and and new titles appear constantly.a minimum of storage equipment will The safest rule to follow is to orderpay real dividends through the convenience early, previeu- thoroughly and use these and accessibility of these training mate- training materials wisely. They can pay rials. dividends in better morale and improved The development of good utilization production. —techniques is worth noting. An excellent The Editors TRAINING FILMS FilmsSources of Available ABBREVIATIONS OF SOURCES LISTED)(A KEY TO Abrasives Co., Tacony & Fra- Behr Manning: Behr-Manning Corp., Di-Abrasives: Sts., Philadelphia, Pa. vision Norton Co., Troy, N. Y.ley Acme Mach: Acme Machinery Co., 4553 Bell Aircraft: Bell Aircraft Corp., 2050 St. Clair Ave., NE, Cleveland, 0. Elmwood Ave., Buffalo 7, N. Y. Adel: Adel Precision Products Corp., Bendix: Bendix Aviation Corp., Fischer Bldg., Detroit,10777 Van Owen, Burbank, Cal. Mich. Bethlehem: Bethlehem Steel Co., Bethle-Air Reduction Sales Co.,Air Reduction: hem, Pa.42nd St., N. Y. City 17.60 E. B G Spark Plug: B.American Institute of Steel Con- G. Corp., 136 W.AISC: 101 52nd St., N. Y. City 19.Dept. Educational Service,struction, BIS: British Information Services, 30N. Y. City 17.Park Ave., Rockefeller Plaza, N. Y. City 360Allegheny Ludlum: Allegheny Ludlum 20; N. Michigan Ave., Chicago 111.; 391Corp., Brackenridge, Pa. 1,Steel Sutter St., San Francisco Cal.; 1005Allen: Allen Equipment Co., Kalamazoo, 8, Taft Bldg., 1680 N. Vine St., HollywoodMich. Manu- 28, Cal.; 1336 New York Ave., NW,AUis Chalmers: Allis-Chalmers Milwau- Washington D.C.; 1309 First Na-facturing Co., 1126 S. 70th St., 5, tional Bank Bldg., Atlanta Ga.kee Wise. 3,1, Boonton:of Boonton Molding Co., FilmCo.: Aluminum CompanyAluminum Gulf Office, 122 E. 42nd St., New York City.Motion Picture Dept.,America, Boots: Boots Aircraft Nut Corp., NewPa.Bldg., Pittsburgh 19, Canaan, Conn.American Brass Co., Water-Am Brass: Brandon: Brandon Films, 1600 Broad-Conn.bury 88, way. N. Y. City.for Metals: American SocietyAm Soc Bray: Bray Pictures Corp., 729 7th Ave.,7301 Euclid Ave., Cleveland.for Metals, N. Y. City.American Can Co., 230 Park Ave.,Amco: Breskin: Breskin Publishing Co., FilmN. Y. City 17. Booking Dept., Chanin Bldg., 122 E.Viscose: American ViscoseAmerican 42nd St., N. Y. City 17.5th Ave., N. Y. City 1.Corp., 350 Ed: Business Education Visual Aids,Bus Walnut: American Walnut 15c, 330 W. 72nd St., N. Y. City.Mich- Dept.Manufacturers Association, 616 S. Films: Business Films, 2153 K St.,Busigan Blvd., Chicago 5, 111. Washington D.C.NW, 7,NaturalAMNH: American Museum of By-Products Ammonia: By-Products History, 79th & Central Pkwy., N. Y. Ammonia, Educational & Research Bu-25Anaconda Copper Mining,Anaconda: 50 W. Broad St., Columbus 15, 0.reau.Y. City 4.Broadway, N. Cabot: Godfrey L. Cabot. Inc., 141 Milk, Institute &Inst.: AnthraciteAnthracite Boston 9. Mass.Park Industries, Inc., 101 Oil Co., 4321 S. West-Calumet: Calumet Y. City 17.Ave., N. Chicago, III.ern Ave., Mill Co., 703Armco: American Rolling Camera Shop, 1021 Pacific Ave.,Camera: Curtis, Middleton, 0. Wash.Tacoma, of Bakery Engi-ASBE: American Society Rail-Pacific: Canadian PacificCanadian Visual Education, 208neers, Dept. of Windsor Station, Montreal.way Co., Minneapolis Minn.3rd Ave., SE, 14, De-Electric: Cannon ElectricCannon American Telephone & Tele-AT&T: An-velopment Co., 3209 Humboldt, Los 195 Broadway, N. Y. City.graph Co., geles Cal.31, Educational Film Co., OakAtlas: Atlas Inc.. 730 5thCaravel: Caravel Films. 111.Park, Ave., N. Y. City. B&H: Bell & Howell Co., (Filmosound Co.. Ni-CarborundumCarborundum: Chi-Division) 1801 W. Larchmont Ave., Falls, N. Y.agara cago 13, 111. contracting dis-Castle Films, Inc.,Castle: 1651 CosmoBailey Film Service,Bailey: of the U. S. Officefor film salestributor Hollywood 28, Cal.St., of Visual Aids.of Education. Division (Unit of UnionBakelite: Bakelite Corp., 30 Rockefeller Plaza,Castle Films, Inc.. 42nd St., N. Y.Carbide & Carbon) 30 E. Branch offices at 135 S.N. Y. City 20. (Mason Jars) Chicago, 111., and RussBall Bros.: Ball Brothers La Salle St., Muncie, Ind. Francisco Cal.9th & Macedonia, Bldg., San 4, Caterpillar Tractor Co., Pe-Bausch & Lomb Opti- Caterpillar:Bausch & Lomb: Paul, Rochester, N. Y. oria. 111.cal Co., 635 St. INDEX OFTHE Celanese: Celanese Plastics Corp., IHO SOURCES OF FILMS AVAILABLE Madison Ave., N. Y. City 16. ours ii Co., Rayon Division. Wilming-Champion: (Champion Spark Plug Co.. ton 98, Delaware. 904 Upton Ave., Toledo 1, 0. Kastiii: Eastin 16mm Pictures, 707 Put- Chicafjo Tribune: Chicago Trihunc. Puji- nam Bldg., Davenport, la. lic Service Bureau. 1 S. Dearborn St.. EBFilnis: f]ncycl opaedia BritannicaChicago, 111. Films. 20 North Wacker Drive. Chicago. (Chrysler: (iorp..Chrysler H41 Massachu- Edison: Thomas A. Edison. Inc., West setts Ave.. Highland Park 31. Mich. Orange, N. J.Cin Mill: Cincinnati Milling Machine. Edit I*S: Edited Pictures System, 330 W.Marhurg Ave.. Cincintiati 9. 0. 12nd St.. N. Y. City. CI ."Molv:" Climax Molvbdenum Co.. 500 Elee Motor: Electric Corj).. 1211-Motor5th Ave.. N. Y. City 18. 1221 Slate. Hacine. Wise.Cleveland: Cleveland Twist Drill Co.. Elec Research: Sentinel Radio Corp.,1242 E. 49th St.. Cleveland. 0. 2020 Ridge Ave., Evanston, 111.Cleveland Pneumatic: Cleveland Pneu- Electric Arc: Electric Arc Co., 152 Jel-matic Tool Co., 3781 E. 77th. Cleve- liff Ave., Newark. N. J.land. 0. Electro-Chemical Eng: Electro-Chem-Cocking: \\'.Floyd Cocking. 4757 Con- ical Engineering Co., 114 Liberty St., stance Dr.. San Diego. Cal. N. Y. City.College Film: College Film Center, 84 E. Esso: Standard Oil Company of NewRandolph. Chicago 1, 111. Jersey. 26 Broadway, N. Y. City 4.Columbia Pictures: Columbia Pictures Fe Pr: Federal Products Corp., 1144Corp.. 729 7th Ave.. N. Y. City 19. Eddy St., Providence 1, R. I. Tool: Columbia Tool Steel Fi Pri Film Production Co., 3650 N. Fre-('51 South ILLINOIS157 EAST ERIE STREET, CHICAGO (11) and. Ore. 3., 122 E. FormUse the attached Subscription Order the Loom _. City 18. Fuller: Fuller Brush Co., 3580 Main,tonuood St., Philadelphia, Pa. Hartford. Conn.De Vry: De Vry Films & Laboratories, Fulton: The Fulton Sylphon Co., Knox-1111 Armitage Ave., Chicago 111.14, ville 4, Tenn.Denver: Denver & Rio Grande Western Gallen Kanip: (See SVE). Railroad, Rio Grande Bldg., Denver 1, Ganz: W. Ganz, 19 E. 47th St.. N. Y.J.Colo. GE: General Electric Co., Visual Instruc- Detroit Board of Ed: Detroit Board of tion Section, 1 River Road. Schenectady, Education. Detroit. Mich. N. Y. Branch Offices: 920 SW 6th Ave., Douglas: Douglas Aircraft Co., Inc.. In- Portland. Ore.; Department of Visual dustrial Training Dept.. 3000 Ocean Instruction. U. of California. Berkeley, Park Blvd.. Santa Monica, Cal. Cal.; 235 Montgomery St., San Fran- Douglas Fir: Douglas Fir Plywood Assn.. cisco, Cal.; 212 N. Vignes St., Los An- 301 Tacoma Bldg., Tacoma Wash.2, geles, Cal.; 200 S. Main St., Salt Lake Dow: Dow Chemical Co., Midland, Mich. City. Utah; 650 17th St.. Denver. Colo.; Du Pont: E. I. Du Pont de Nemours Co.. 1801 N. Lamont St., Dallas, Tex.; 4966 \^ ilmington 98, Delaware. Woodland Ave., Cleveland, 0.; 187 Du Pont Ravon: E. I. Du Pont de Nem- Spring St., NW, Atlanta, Ga.; 1405 Lo- TRAINING FILMS :. : Sources; of Films; Available (A KEY TO ABBREVIATIONS OF SOURCES LISTED) Abrasives: Abrasives Co., Tacony & Fra- Behr Manning: Behr-Manning Corp., Di- ley Sts., Philadelphia, Pa. vision Norton Co., Troy, N. Y. Acme Mach: Acme Machinery Co., 4553 Bell Aircraft: Bell Aircraft Corp., 2050 St. Clair Ave., NE, Cleveland, 0. Elmwood Ave., Buffalo 7, N. Y. Adel: Adel Precision Products Corp., Bendix: Bendix Aviation Corp., Fischer 10777 Van Owen, Burbank, Cal. Bldg., Detroit, Mich. Air Reduction: Air Reduction Sales Co.. Bethlehem: Bethlehem Steel Co., Bethle- 60 E. 42nd St., N. Y. City 17. hem, Pa. BAISC: American Institute of Steel Con- G Spark Plug: B. G. Corp., 136 W. struction, Educational Service, 101 52ndDept. St., N. Y. City 19. BIS:Park Ave., N. Y. City 17. British Information Services, 30 Allegheny Ludlum: Allegheny Ludlum Rockefeller Plaza, N. Y. City 20; 360 Steel Corp., Brackenridge, Pa. N. Michigan Ave., Chicago 1, 111.; 391 Allen: Allen Equipment Kalamazoo, Sutter St.,Co., San Francisco 8, Cal.; 1005 Mich. Taft Bldg., 1680 N. Vine St., Hollywood Allis Chalmers: Allis-Chalmers Manu- Cal.;28, 1336 New York Ave., NW, facturing Co., 1126 S. 70th St., Milwau- Washington 5, D.C.; 1309 First Na- kee 1, Wise. tional Bank Bldg., Atlanta 3, Ga. : Aluminum Company of Boonton:Aluminum Co. Boonton Molding Co., Film Motion Picture Dept., Gulf Office,America, 122 E. 42nd St., New York City. Bldg., Pittsburgh 19, Pa. Boots: Boots Aircraft Nut Corp., New Am Brai bury 8( Am Soc for Met Amco: A How to GetN. Y. ( Supplemental INDEX References America Corp., NewAmerica listings, changes, etc. are published Manuf; regularly in the pages of Business Screenigan B AMNH: Magazine by the Editors of the INDEX. Histor) Anacont Broadv Antlirac Use the Attached Subscription Order Form Anthra ' Ave., r Armco Curtis, ASBE: neers, Dept. of Visual Education, 208 way Co., Windsor Station, Montreal. 3rd Ave., SE, Minneapolis 14, Minn. Cannon Electric: Cannon Electric De-AT&T: American Telephone & Tele- velopment Co., 3209 Humboldt, Los An- graph Co., 195 Broadway, N. Y. City. geles 31, Cal. Atlas: Atlas Educational Film Co., Oak Caravel: Caravel Films. Inc.. 730 5th Park. 111. Ave., N. Y. City. B&H: Bell & Howell (FilmosoundCo., Carborundum: Carborundum Co., Ni- Division) 1801 Larchmont Ave., Chi-W. agara Falls, N. Y. cago 13, 111. Castle: Castle Films, Inc., contracting dis- Bailey: Bailey Film Service, 1651 Cosmo tributor for film sales of the U. S. Office Hollywood Cal.St., 28, Division Visual Aids.of Education. of Bakelite: Bakelite Corp., (Unit of Union Films, Inc., 30 Rockefeller Plaza,Castle Carbide & Carbon) 30 E. 42nd St., N. Y. City 20. Branch offices at 135N. Y. S. Ball Bros.: Ball Brothers (Mason Jars) La Salle St., Chicago, 111., and Russ 9th & Macedonia, Muncie, Ind. Bldg., San Francisco 4, Cal. Bausch & Lomb: Bausch & Lomb Opti- Caterpillar: Caterpillar Tractor Co., Pe- cal Co., 635 St. Paul, Rochester, N. Y. oria. 111. THE INDEX OF AVAILABLECorp., 1«S0 SOURCES OF FILMSCelanese: Celanese Plastics 16.Madision Ave.. N. Y. City Division. Wilming-ours & C^o.. Rayon Spark Plug Co.,(]lianipioii: Chanipioii ton 98, Delaware. 904 Upton Ave., Toledo 1, 0. 16mm Pictures, 707 Put-Eastin: Eastin Tribune. Puh-Chicago Trihimc: Chicago Davenport, la.nam Bldg.. 1 S. Dcarhorti St..lic Service Bureau. BritannicaEBFilms: Encyclopaedia (Chicago, 111. Drive. Chicago.Films. 20 North Wacker Clirvsler (iorp.. .'ill Massachu-(>hrysler: Edison. Inc., WestEdison: Thomas A. setts Highland Park M. Mich.Ave.. Orange, N. J.Cin Mill: Cincinnati Milling Machine. Edit PS: Edited Pictures System, 330 W. CincinnatiMarburg Ave., 9. 0. 42Md St.. N. Y. City. CI Molybdenum Co.. 500Moly: Climax Cor|».. 1211-Elec .Motor: Electric Motor 5th Ave.. N. Y. City 18. 1221 State. Racine. Wise. Cleveland: (Heveland Twist Drill Co.. Elec Research: Sentinel Radio Corp., 1242 E. 49th St.. Cleveland. 0. 2020 Ridge Ave., Evanston. 111. Cleveland Pneumatic: (Cleveland Pneu- Electric Arc: Electric Arc Co., 152 Jel- matic Tool Co., 3781 E. 77lh. Cleve- liff Ave., Newark, N. J. land. 0. Electro-Chemical Eng: Electro-Chem- Con-Cocking: Floyd ^ . Cocking, 4757 ical Engineering Co., 114 Liberty St., stance Dr., San Diego, (^al. N. Y. City. Film Center, 84 E.College Film: College Oil Company of NewEsso: Standard Randolph. Chicago 1, 111. 26 Broadway. N. Y. City 4.Jersey. PicturesColumbia Pictures: Columbia Products Corp., 1144Fe Pr: Federal City 19.Corp.. 729 7th Ave.. N. Y. Providence R. I.Eddy St., 1, Tool: Columbia Tool Steel Production Co.. 3650 N. Fre-Fi Pr: Film III.Co.. Chicago Heights. Minneapolis, Minn.mont Ave., Films, 1800 E.Commercial: Commercial Inc.. 330 W. 42nd St., N. Y.Films: Films. 30th St.. Cleveland. 0. City 18. Consolidated Aircraft: Consolidated Films of Com-Films of Commerce: Aircraft Corp., Lindbergh Field. San N. Y. City.merce, 21 W. 46th St., Diego. Cal. Fir Door Institute, Ta-Fir Door Inst: Consolidated Vultee: Vul- coma Bldg., Tacoma 2, ^'i ash. Aircraft Corp.. San Diego, Cal.tee Rubber Co.,Firestone: Firestone Tire & & Thompson: Copeland &Copeland 1200 Firestone Pkwy., Akron 17, 0. 206 5th Ave., N. Y. C.Thompson, Inc., De-Florez: Florez, Inc., 815 Bates St., Bureau of Mines. ICopper: (See U. S. troit. Mich. Coronet Productions, 919 NorthCoronet: Co., 3000 Schaefer Rd.,Ford: Ford Motor Chicago, III.Michigan Ave.. Dearborn, Mich. Crane Co.. 836 Michigan Ave., 4614Crane: S. Insulation Co..Formica: Formica Chicago 5. 111. Cincinnati 32, 0.Spring Grove, Curtiss-Wr. : Curtiss-Wright Corp., 30 Institute, 251 SouthFranklin: Franklin 20. 3. Pa.Rockefeller Plaza, New York City 22nd. St., Philadelphia Baking Co.. Portland, Ore.Co., Fond du Franz: FranzDamrow: Damrow Brothers Sulphur Co., 122 E.Freeport: FreeportLac, Wise. 42nd St., N. Y. C. 17.Ravens-Dartnell : Dartnell Corp., 4660 Fruit of the LoomFruit of the Loom:wood Ave., Chicago, III. N. Y. City 18.Corp., 1450 Broadway.But-De Frenes: De Frenes & Co., 1909 Co., 3580 Main.Fuller: Fuller Brushtonwood St., Philadelphia, Pa. Hartford. Conn.Vry: Films Laboratories,De De Vry & Sylphon Co., Knox-Fulton: The Fulton 1111 Armitage Ave., Chicago 14, 111. ville 4, Tenn. Denver: Denver Western& Rio Crande (See SVE).Gallen Kamp: Railroad, Rio Grande Bldg., Denver 1, 19 E. 47th St.. N. Y.Ganz: W. Ganz,J. Colo. Electric Visual Instruc-GE: General Co., ofDetroit Board of Ed: Detroit Board 1 River Road. Schenectady,tion Section, Education. Detroit. Mich. 920 SW 6th Ave..N. Y. Branch Offices: Inc..Douglas: Douglas Aircraft Co., In- Department of VisualPortland, Ore.; dustrial Training Dept.. 3000 Ocean California. Berkeley,Instruction. U. of Park Blvd.. Santa Monica, Cal. St., San Fran-Cal.; 235 Montgomery Douglas Fir: Douglas Fir Plywood Assn., Vignes St.. Los An-cisco, Cal.; 212 N. 301 Tacoma Bldg., Tacoma 2, Wash. Main St., Sah Lakegeles, Cal.; 200 S. Dow: Dow Chemical Co., Midland, Mich. 650 17th St.. Denver. Colo.;City. Utah; Du Pont: E. I. Du Pont de Nemours Co.. Dallas. Tex.; 49661801 N. Lamont St., Wilmington 98. Delaware. Cleveland, 187Woodland Ave.. 0.; Atlanta. Ga.; 1405 Lo-Du Pont Ravon: E. I. Du Pont de \em- Spring St., NW, TRAINING FILMS SOURCES OF FILMS AVAILABLE tion, 2900 E. Grand Blvd., Detroit 11. Jenkins: Brothers,Jenkins Inc., 80 White cust St., Philadelphia, Pa.; 570 Lex- St., CityN. Y. 13. ington Ave., N. Y. City; 140 Federal Jolms-M: Johns-Manville, 22 E. 40th at St., Boston, Mass.; 840 S. Canal, Chi- Madison Ave., N. Y. City 16. cago, 111. Jones & Lamson: Jones & Lamson Ma- Gen Tire: General Tire & Rubber Co., chine Co., Springfield, Vt.Englewood Ave., Akron 9, 0. Kearney: Kearney & Trecker Corp., 6784 Gisholt: Gisholt Machine Co., 1245 E. W. National Ave., Milwaukee 14, Wise.Washington Ave., Madison 3, Wise. Kerr: Kerr Glass Manufacturing Corp., Glatfelter: P. H. Glatfelter Co., 1 Main. 433 S. Spring, Los Angeles 13, Cal. Spring Grove, Pa. Knaus: Frank Knaus, 2113 Parkside Ave.,GM: General Motors Corp., Public Re- Los Angeles, Cal. lations Dept., 1775 Broadway, N. Y. C. Knowledge: Knowledge Builders Class- Goodyear: Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., room Films, 130 W. 46th St., N. Y. C. Inc., 1144 E. Market, Akron, 0. 343 State,Kodak: Eastman Kodak Co., Gregg: Gregg Publishing Co., 270 Madi- Rochester 4, N. Y. son Ave., N. Y. City. Lennox: Lennox Pottery, Inc., Trenton 5, Griffin: Griffin Wheel 410Co., N. Mich- N. L igan Ave., Chicago, 111, Electric:Lincoln Lincoln Electric Co., Gutlohn: Walter 0. Gutlohn, Inc., Di- 12818 Coit ClevelandRd., 13, 0. vision of International Theatrical & Lindberg: Lindberg Engineering Co., Television Corp., 25 45thW. St., N. Y. C. 2450 Hubbard 111.St., Chicago 12, Har: Harbinson-Walker Refractories Co., Linde: Linde Air Products Co., 30 E. Farmers Bank Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa. 42nd St., N. Y. City. Harnischfeger : Harnischfeger Corp., Lockheed: Lockheed Aircraft Corp., Pro- 4400 NationalW. Ave., Milwaukee 14. motion Dept., 1705 Victory Place, Bur- Harvard: Harvard Film bank, Cal.Service, Cam- bridge, Mass. 73 S. 1st Ave.,Lukens: Lukens Steel Co., Pa.Harvill: Harvill Corp., Coatesville,6251 W. Century Talking PictureBlvd., Los Angeles, Cal. Mac Veagh: Modern Rockefeller Plaza, N. Y. City.Service, 9Haselton: Guy D. Hazelton, 7936 Santa McFarland: R. B. MacFarland & Asso-Monica Blvd., Hollywood 46, Cal. Michigan Ave., Chicago.ciates, 520 N.Hebert: Hebert Studios, 55 Allyn, Hart- Mahogany Association, Inc.,Mahogany:ford, Conn. Wacker Dr., Chicago 111.75 E. 1,Hercules: Hercules Powder Co., Inc., Mallinckrodt : Mallinckrodt Chemical Delaware Tr. Bldg., Wilmington 99, Works, 2nd & Sts., St. Delaware. Louis, Mo. HiUs-McCanna: Hills McCanna Co., 3025 Mario: Mario Manufacturing Co., 390 N. Western, Chicago, 111. 4th Ave., N. Y. City. Honiasote: Homasote Co., Trenton, N. J. Institute of Tech-MIT: Massachusetts Howard: Howard Clothes, Inc., 170 Til- Division of Visual Education,nology, lary, Brooklyn, N. Y. Mass.Cambridge, Ideal: Ideal Pictures Corporation, 28 E. Brick: Mechanical Brick-Mechanical 8th St., Chicago, 111. Corp., P. 0. Box 239, Lan-handling Ill Tech: Illinois Institute of Technology, caster, Pa. 3300 Federal, Chicago 16, 111. Meehanite Research Inst, ofMeehanite: Illuminating Eng Soc: Illuminating En- Pershing Bldg., New Rochelle,America, gineering Society, 51 Madison Ave., N.Y. N. Y. City 10. Methods: Methods Engineering Council, DirectorInd U: Indiana University, of Wood & Franklin Sts., Pittsburgh, Pa. Services, Bloomington, Ind. ofExtension Micro Switch: Micro Switch Division Interstate Oil: Interstate Oil Compact ChicagoFirst Industrial Corp., 205 S. Commission, Box State Capitol,3185, Ave., Freeport, 111. Oklahoma City, Okla. Corp.,Micromatic: Micromatic Hone Int'l Acet: International Acetylene Asso- Ave.. Detroit Mich.8100 Schoolcraft 4, ciation, 30 E. 42nd St., N. Y. City 17. Rubber Re-Midwest Rubber: Midwest Int'l Harvester: International Harvester claiming Co., East Louis, 111.St. Co., 180 N. Michigan Ave.. Chicago 1. 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