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Italian Renaissance Art


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Italian Renaissance Art



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Italian Renaissance Art
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Italian Renaissance Art
Prof. Alexandra M. Korey
The University of Georgia at Cortona
Spring 2009
Class times: Wed/Fri 5-7pm
ARHI 3020/6020
Course Description
This lecture course examines paintings, drawings, sculpture, and architecture produced in Italy from Renaissance
precursors in Giotto (ca. 1300) to Mannerist artists in Florence (1520s-30s). We will learn about works by artists
including Alberti, Fra Angelico, Bellini, Brunelleschi, Donatello, Ghiberti, Giorgione, Leonardo, Mantegna,
Michelangelo, Piero della Francesca, Pisanello, Raphael, and
Titian. In roughly chronological order we’ll follow the
development of style in the major artistic centers of Florence, Venice, and Rome, with (virtual) side trips to the
courts of Urbino and Mantova. The course will situate style within social context and focus on the function of the
visual for contemporary audiences.
Students are required to read primary source doc
uments, the textbook, and excerpts from Barnet’s
Short Guide to
Writing About Art
. The first half of the course will be dedicated to developing the vocabulary and visual literacy
required to describe art of any kind, alongside a study of the progress of Florentine art in the 15
century. The
second half will move to a more thematic presentation of the material.
Looking assignment (in museum)
Pop quiz #1
Pop quiz #2
Vocabulary test
Final Exam
(slide comparison with ID and essay)
Class Participation
Late Policy
No late assignments are accepted due to the intense nature of our term.
Attendance Policy
You are permitted only TWO (2) unjustified absences, field trips included. Please email your professor with an
explanation for any absence (note specific date). After these, you will start losing half a grade point for each absence
(for example, B becomes B- after you miss three classes). In class, please be respectful, on time, and attentive.
Required Reading
You must purchase and read the following:
TEXTBOOK: Laurie Schneider Adams,
Italian Renaissance Art
, 2001 [buy in the states before your trip]
COURSE PACK [below cited as (CP), distributed free in Cortona]
* You are also responsible for any extra material handed out in class or posted on webct
A Note on Notes
: You MUST take notes in this class. You need them to study for exams. A compact, rigid notebook is
recommended, as writing on site visits is awkward. Bring your notebook or sketchbook on field trips as you may be
required to tear out a page for an impromptu assignment.
Online resource
: This course has online materials accessible with your UGA “MyID” and password at
http://webct.uga.edu (select ARHI 3020 from the list)
You must sign up for a MyID on this webpage: http://myid.uga.edu/ and log in to webCT at least once to activate
your account, preferably within the first week of class. You need your UGA student number or SSN for this.
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