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- Perceiving the world through the combined
- Emotions connected to sensory experiences.
- Thinking about interacting with objects on three
levels (or dimensions): visceral, behavioral and
re ective.
(art and technology collide)
Open Score, Robert Rauschenberg, 1966:
Interactive performance based on a tennis game using radio senders in
the players’ /performers rackets to simultaneously make ping sounds and turn o stage lights. When the stage is
dark infrared cameras to show the otherwise invisible public. From the 9 Evenings event, The Armory, New York - a
classic event from the archives of art and technology. (The public sit and watch. Based on a familiar game. Sound
and light are fused together. New technology developed by the military, infrared cameras, make the invisible visible
and create a ghostly aesthetic that the public have never seen before.)
Mirage, Motherboard, 2000:
Participatory net-based installation using Realvideo feedback - sound and image-
making time and space displacements. (Uses streaming media software in a way it was not designed for. There are
no instructions for participation. The public participate without having to use a keyboard . They simply have to
move in front of a camera and sense/react to what is going on. The camera is set on black and white, but the video
feedback creates a greenish colour on the projection screen.)
Gymnopedie Nr 1, Mikkel McAlinden, 2005:
Erik Satie's musical composition performed by people doing push
ups on pressure pads when they see a light blinking to play a midi score of the composItion - Pavlova style. (The
public watches. The e ort of triggering the midi score by doing push ups on the pads tires the performers, so that
the music gets all out of sync. The public become emotionally engaged as they witness the performers tiring and
hear the consequential results of their tiredness.)
The 8th Sister, Motherboard, 2005:
Underwater sculpture using echo sounder technology - sound makes image.
(The public discover the sculpture using the echo sounders on their boats in the archipelago community of Traena,
North Norway. It uses existing technology in an unusual way.
The knowledge of the work is spread by rumors in the
small community who tell people where she is and what they have to do.
The image on the echo sounder display
was abstract, but the imagination of the public lled in the gaps, and embraced the image as a female form.
The Emotion Organ, Amanda Steggell, 2007:
Participatory installation based on synaesthetic phenomena. (Com-
bines ancient and modern technology. It looks like a pump organ (familiar and needs no instructions) but when
played by the public the organ emits unusual combinations of sound, colour/light, vibrations and aromas.)
smelling without seeing
Without showing the identifying labels we smelt the following synthesized aromas and discussed both our
immediate responses to them, whether they evoke memories of events from the past, and what sense of
space they created:
Lemon, horses and stables, street bomb, burnt bacon, sea breeze.
Amanda Steggell, 19th September
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