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The Project Gutenberg EBook of Special Report on Diseases of Cattle, by U.S. Department of Agriculture and J.R. Mohler This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. You may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License included with this eBook or online at www.gutenberg.org Title: Special Report on Diseases of Cattle Author: U.S. Department of Agriculture J.R. Mohler Release Date: October 22, 2009 [EBook #30310] Language: English *** START OF THIS PROJECT GUTENBERG EBOOK DISEASES OF CATTLE *** Produced by Morton A. Goldberg, DVM, Kevin Handy and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team atnhttp://www.pgdp.net U. S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE, BUREAU OF ANIMAL INDUSTRY. J. R. Mohler, Chief Of Bureau. SPECIAL REPORT ON DISEASES OF CATTLE. BY Drs. ATKINSON, DICKSON, EICHHORN, HICKMAN, LAW, LOWE, MARSH, MOHLER, MURRAY, PEARSON, RANSOM, TRUMBOWER, and WOODWARD. REVISED EDITION, 1923. WASHINGTON: GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE. 1923. Transcriber's note: Minor typos have been corrected, tables have been modified for web page display where necessary, and footnotes have been moved to the ends of the sections. Inconsistencies in spelling (e.g., D'Arboval/D'Arborval) and hyphenation (e.g., postmortem/post-mortem) have been resolved in all cases where it was possible to divine the author's intent with a reasonable degree of certainty. The occasional error which could not be resolved was marked [sic].The plate images are thumbnails. Click on them to see larger versions of the images. [Extract from "An act making appropriations for the Department of Agriculture for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1924, and for other purposes," approved February 26, 1923. Public—No. 446.] For printing, binding, and distribution of the publications entitled "Diseases of the Horse" and "Diseases of Cattle," $200,000: Provided, That said publications shall be deposited one-third in the folding room of the Senate and two-thirds in the folding room of the House of Representatives, and said documents shall be distributed by Members of the Senate and House of Representatives. CONTENTS. Page. Administration of medicines. By Leonard Pearson 7 Diseases of the digestive organs. By A. J. Murray 12 Poisons and poisoning. By V. T. Atkinson 51 Diseases of the heart, blood vessels, and lymphatics. By W. H. Harbaugh 73 Noncontagious diseases of the organs of respiration. By William Herbert Lowe 87 Diseases of the nervous system. By W. H. Harbaugh 101 Diseases of the urinary organs. By James Law 113 Diseases of the generative organs. By James Law 147 Diseases following parturition. By James Law 214 Diseases of young calves. By James Law 247 Bones: Diseases and accidents. By V. T. Atkinson 264 Surgical operations. By William Dickson and William Herbert Lowe 289 Tumors affecting cattle. By John R. Mohler 303 Diseases of the skin. By M. R. Trumbower 320 Diseases of the foot. By M. R. Trumbower 335 Diseases of the eye and its appendages. By M. R. Trumbower 340 Diseases of the ear. By M. R. Trumbower 355 Infectious diseases of cattle. Revised by John R. Mohler 358 The animal parasites of cattle. By B. H. Ransom 502 Mycotic stomatitis of cattle. By John R. Mohler 532 Index 538 ILLUSTRATIONS. PLATES. Page. Plate I. Position of the first stomach (rumen or paunch) 48 II. Stomachs of ruminants 48 III. Instruments used in treating diseases of digestive organs 48 IV. Microscopic anatomy of the liver 48 V. Ergot in hay 48 VI. Ergotism 48 VII. Diagram of the circulation of the blood 86 VIII. Position of the lung 90 IX. Kidney and male generative and urinary organs 145 X. Microscopic anatomy of the kidney 145 XI. Calculi of kidney and bladder 146 XII. Fetal calf within its membranes 210 XIII. Pregnant uterus with cotyledons 210 XIV. Vessels of umbilical cord 211 XV. Normal position of calf in utero 211 XVI. Abnormal positions of calf in utero 211 XVII. Abnormal positions of calf in utero 211 XVIII. Abnormal positions of calf in utero; surgical instruments and sutures 212 XIX. Monstrosities 212 XX. Instruments used in difficult labor 212 XXI. Instruments used in difficult labor 213 XXII. Supports for prolapsed uterus 246 XXIII. Supports for prolapsed uterus 246 XXIV. Instruments used in diseases following parturition 246 XXV. Skeleton of the cow 282 XXVI. Devices for casting cattle 302 XXVII. Surgical instruments and sutures 302 XXVIII. Various bacteria which produce disease in cattle 360 XXIX. Upper or dorsal surface of the lungs of the ox 368 XXX. Broncho-pneumonia 368 XXXI. Contagious pleuro-pneumonia 368 XXXII. Contagious pleuro-pneumonia 368 XXXIII. Foot-and-mouth disease 384 XXXIV. Tuberculosis of the lungs of cattle 416 XXXV. Tuberculosis of the liver 416 XXXVI. Tuberculosis of lymph gland and of omentum (caul) 416 XXXVII. Fig. 1.—Tuberculosis of sirloin and porterhouse cuts of beef. Fig. 2.—Tuberculosis of pleura of cow, so-called "pearly disease" 416 XXXVIII. Tuberculosis of cow's udder 416 XXXIX. Actinomycosis 450 XL. Actinomycosis of the jaw 450 XLI. Actinomycosis of the lungs 450 XLII. Section of muscle from a blackleg swelling 464 XLIII. Necrotic stomatitis (calf diphtheria) 464 XLIV. Normal spleen and spleen affected by Texas fever 504 XLV. Texas fever 504 XLVI. The cattle tick Margaropus annulatus, the carrier of Texas fever 504 XLVII. The cattle tick Margaropus annulatus 504 XLVIII. Portion of a steer's hide showing the Texas fever tick Margaropus 504 annulatus XLIX. Fig. 1.—Tick-infested steer. Fig. 2.—Dipping cattle to kill ticks 504 L. Facsimile of poster comparing ticky and tick-free cattle 504 TEXT FIGURES. Page. Fig. 1. Hornfly Hæmatobia serrata in resting position 504 2. Hornflies Hæmatobia serrata on cow horn 505 3. Buffalo gnat 506 4. Screw worm (larva of Chrysomyia macellaria) 506 5. Screw-worm fly Chrysomyia macellaria 507 6. The warble fly Hypoderma lineata 508 7. Short-nosed blue louse Hæmatopinus eurysternus of cattle 512 8. Long-nosed blue louse Hæmatopinus vituli of cattle 512 9. Red louse Trichodectes scalaris of cattle 513 10. Egg of short-nosed blue louse Hæmatopinus eurysternus attached to 513 a hair 11. Mite which causes psoroptic scab of sheep 514 12. Portion of the wall of the first stomach with conical flukes 519 Paramphistomum cervi attached 13. Twisted stomach worms Hæmonchus contortus 519 14. Twisted stomach worms Hæmonchus contortus enlarged 520 15. Embryo of twisted stomach worm Hæmonchus contortus coiled on tip 521 of grass blade 16. A drenching tube made from an ordinary tin funnel, a piece of rubber 522 hose, and a piece of brass pipe 17. Piece of lining of fourth stomach showing cysts of the encysted 523 stomach worm Ostertatia ostertagi 18. A tapeworm Moniezia planissima which infests cattle 524 19. The common liver fluke Fasciola hepatica 526 20. The large American fluke Fasciola magna 526 21. Portion of grass stalk bearing three encysted cercariæ of the common 527 liver fluke Fasciola hepatica 22. Hydatids Echinococcus granulosus in portion of hog's liver 528 23. Thin-necked bladder worm Tænia hydatigena from abdominal cavity 529 of a steer 24. Lung worms Dictyocaulus viviparus of cattle 530
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