Basics of a Financial Report by Oleksiy Nesterenko
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Basics of a Financial Report by Oleksiy Nesterenko


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3 pages


Oleksiy Nesterenko developed superior analytical and financial modeling expertise, improved effective interpersonal and project management proficiency, and enhanced business acumen and management capabilities.



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Basics of a Financial Report by Oleksiy Nesterenko that Anyone Should Know
There are a number of times that you may encounter a term such as a Financial Report. If you do not have any banking experience, this may sound like an alien language to you. At often times, individuals who are presented with a company's report get turned o. This is particularly true if they are thinking about investing their money on a company. Once they are supplied this report, they consider it trash because they do not know how to read it.
Fortunately, reading a company's înancial report is as easy as reading the back of your cereal packaging. If you have been able to read that packaging's nutrition label, you sure can read the înancial statement of the company. All you need to know are the basics.
What does a Financial Report do?
If you can still remember the movie Jerry Maguire, you are familiar with the infamous line said by Cuba Gooding Jr. "Show me the money!" That's what înancial statements are intended to do. This piece of paper shows you just how much money the company has. It also deînes where that
money was spent, where it was obtained from, and even where it is right now.
The Structure of Financial Statements
There are 4 main forms of these reports. These are the following:
* Balance Sheet-depicts what the company owns and owes at a this certain time period.
* Income Statements- this illustrates the amount of money the company was able to earn and spend over a certain time period.
* Cash Flow Statement-this shows the înancial exchange between the company and external forces at a given time period.
* Statement of Shareholders' Equity-this depicts the interest changes among the company's shareholders at a given time.
These are the basics that you need to know about a înancial report. Oleksiy Nesterenko states that all you need to know is what makes these types of înancial statements dierent from each other so you can know what the numbers are for. When you do, you will be able to move on from there. The next time you are presented with such, you already know your way around.
About Oleksiy Nesterenko
Oleksiy Nesterenko is a seasoned înance and business development professional, oering over 9 years of experience across multiple areas of business including înancial planning and analysis, capital raising, corporate înance, business strategy development, and M&A.
Oleksiy Nesterenko has spent most of his career in the investment banking industry covering publicly-traded and early stage companies in the US, Europe, and Russia. During his tenure as a înancial adviser, Oleksiy Nesterenkosuperior analytical and înancial modeling developed expertise, improved eective interpersonal and project management proîciency, and enhanced business acumen and management capabilities.
Currently, Oleksiy Nesterenko works as a înance and strategy consultant providing strategic CFO/COO services to entrepreneurs and startups on an interim or consulting basis.
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