Health Safety  and Environmental Training Presentation

Health Safety and Environmental Training Presentation


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HSE- Health safety and environment awareness training ppt presentation kit provides Environmental and OHSAS Definitions, Environment aspects-impact, OHSAS Hazards and risks and Awareness on EMS for vendors.



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HSE Management system
Must be based on control of causes, not impact reactive Must address all management elements of control Must address normal / abnormal / emergency conditions Must have measurable parameters Must be goal driven Must be relevant to aspects and hazards Must involve all Must promote continual improvement Management and not control / eradication HSE is managing aspects and impact as well as hazards risk The essence of aspect management is to avoid high aspects/hazards, manage medium and live with low risk
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Product life cycle
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storage, Cryogenic process can cause -numbness, low BP, Involuntary movements, Skin fatigue, Frozen joints
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Significance criteria evaluation method 2
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Few examples of objectives and targets
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Adequate material handling -why?
Material handling does not add to the value of the product but it adds to the cost of the product. Involves 25% -75% of operating cost. Involves 40% - 50% of production time. Inadequate material handling involving hazardous chemicals leads to accidents & air, water & land pollution. Safety of both material and human resources. (40% of the accidents in the industry are related to handling.) Money, time &manpower saved.
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Developing HSE Management System Documents
In a HSE System, work activities are described in written documents and carried out in a planned way. The structure of a documents under ISO 14001 and OHSAS:18001 standards are:
HSE Policy
HSE Manual
Work Instruction  
Mission statement
Description of HSE system, how standards are applied and policy  
Describe how processes which affect HSE are carried out
Additional detail on how specific jobs are carried out
Forms to show evidence that system is followed
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Requirements for installing hse management system
Health, safety, environmental management system cannot be ordered at any price. It has to be earned by real hard labor and total transformation at all levels in an organization. Training of personnel and building competence. Focus external and internal on environment, health and safety issues. Planned continuous improvement. Environment of trust and team work. Institutionalized audit.
Strong commitments of CEO. Ability to allocate resources. Manpower. Managerial time including CEO. Finance for expert assistance. Good labor relations. Patience. Company hse policy. Standardization of activities. Compliance to statutory and regulatory requirements
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