Jonah Hex

Jonah Hex


126 pages
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d JONAH HEX by Mark Neveldine & Brian Taylor based on the comic book characters appearing in DC Comics "Jonah Hex" This script is the confj-dentj-al and proprietary property of Warner Bros. Pictures and no portion of it may be performed, distrj-buted, reproduced, used, quoted or publJ-shed prior wj-thout written permission. October 31, 2007 WARNER BROS. PICTURES INC. @ 2007 4000 Warner Boulevard WARNER BROS. ENT. Burbank, Calj-fornia 91,522 AIl Rights Reserved "He was a hero to some... a viTTain to others, and wherever he rode, peopTe spoke his name in whispers..." JOHN ATBANO, 1972 FADE IN: EXT. CAROLTNA FLATLANDS LATE DAY- Heavy raindrops slam into thick, gray mud... we hear thunder and the CLOP CLOP CLOP hooves...of Stiff, pale FINGERS, grimy naj-Is, slightly curled into an j_n aborted clutch, leaving knuckle-wide trenches the mud.. . A DEAD FACE drags through the muck, sideways, cheek down, staring AT the CAMERA with blank eyes, forehead half- collapsed by a bullet impact... A BLACK CROW lands on the head and helps hj-mself to some TARTAR.. . ANOTHER DEAD MAN, this one FACE-DOWN in the mud, just dragging... blue ears and a mop of wet, matted hair... A LAST DEAD FACE this one staring STRAIGHT Up into the-- just rain, dragging... one eye open, another a gaping goodness...hole of HIGH, WIDE ANGLE STRAIGHT DOWN- A MAN ON HORSEBACK moves purpose with down the muddy road... dragging the THREE DEAD MEN behind him... each man with one foot roped to the saddle...



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