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L'économie verte en perspectives. Vers une mise en débat des modèles et scénarios de transition. : Horizons_1_ENG

16 pages

Paris. http://temis.documentation.developpement-durable.gouv.fr/document.xsp?id=Temis-0077670

Ajouté le : 09 janvier 2009
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CommissioNer-GeNeral for susTaiNale eelomeNT
September-October 2009
fght unt N
  SIO OF  I
 SIS   ct  th green economy
  FOSI SI >conomic transition >reen taation >o carbon society >I nnovation strategies >Sstainable mobility >oplation forecasts
         OS blicationsvents onferences
2030 2050
 l o  nhg  ntgenr gdc mn std-tisd  t ttrateg e n
In the areas covered by the dito -ministry – energy, environ d rban planning,and their inherent inertia and the scale of the long term conse -quences of actions concerning them, foresight has alwas eisted in some form. oweer, oer recent ears, the relationship between foresight and decision-maing has changed substantiall. hat relationship now relates to a contet mared b a dual specificit in what is a completel new departure. he Enironment renelle and actor , now institutionalised in matters relating to greenhouse gases eplain the deelopment oflong-term -0 year strategiesalongside da-to-da initiatie. he implementation of these long-term transition strategies first requiresshared visionsand broad debate to gain bu-in from those who will be directl affected subsequentl. Beond its traditional functions of forecasting and monitoring, the nit must adopt a position in this two-pronged deelopment. irst of all, b taing a role in the oint deelopment process and encouraging debate around a shared iew of the future and then b deeloping long-term strateg tools transition scenarios, road maps, etc…. or part of public action to be associated with long-term horions and to offer a real platform for debate,foresight has to be visibleand not confined to specialist forums as has traditionall been the case. uch is the purpose of this orions 200-200 Foresight nesletterwhich,  hope, will interest all those who, besides haing a health interest in the long term, identif with our sustainable deelopment ambitions.
Iè O ommissioner-eneral for sustainable deelopment
th aCues Teshd  th fght unt CGDD :hy this title “orions 200-200”2030 and er long-term 2050. orionsCGDD :ill yo be opening the neslet -JT :his issue is the first in a new series of 2030-2050 will be coering these transitions.ter p to otsiders monitoring newsletters that the oresight nit,CGDD :o ill the different foresightJT : oda, the publication primaril uses the set up in oember 200, will be publishingthemes be addressednit’s resources. n the longer term, we would eer two months. e chose the title as beingJT : it grow into a more open, interactie to see  hopeEach issue will feature three sections illustratie of the nit’s remit and of the topics Analyses et arguments a recap of analsesof all to tal about wor done first  platform, addressed in the newsletter to promote debate or controersies to help elucidate a gien elsewhere and then to hear from all actors and around the economic, social, ecological, foresight theme or transition dnamic eperts interested in foresight. his issue should institutional and technological transitions which Foresight watch bein the form of news-in- seen as a starter format which will eole we see us eole briefs with precise information on recent according to the needs epressed b our readers. into a more eents or publications sustainable societ Foresight newswill reiew publications or according to two eents concerning the nit or other institu -horions long-term tions and organisations.
Ministr of colog nerg ustainable Development and te ea n chg  Gn Tchng nd Ct Chng Ngttn