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Latest development of energy output prices and consumer energy prices driven by oil prices.

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Ohman (L), Remond Tiedrez (I). http://temis.documentation.developpement-durable.gouv.fr/document.xsp?id=Temis-0069470

Ajouté le : 17 juillet 2009
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Industry, trade and services Authors: Liselott ÖHMAN, Isabelle RÉMOND-TIEDREZ
S t a t i s t i c s i n f o c u s 54/2009
Latest development of energy output prices and consumer energy prices driven by oil prices This publication looks at a variety of priceChanges in the import price index and the producer indices related to energy activities and energyprice index (PPI) might be expected to be reflected products. These indices range from the outputsubsequently in changes in the corresponding prices of primary activities covering theproducts in the harmonized index for consumer removal of raw materials from the ground(HICP). As can be seen in Figure 1, whichprices (extraction, mining and quarrying of energyfocuses just on energy related activities and energy producing products), through variousproducts, the developments are similar, but the intermediate stages, to their final purchase bylarge changes in 2008 in the import price index are consumers (for example, gas and electricity forless visible when it comes to domestic output domestic use). The publication shows howprices and consumer prices of energy products. prices have developed over the last four years,The import price index reflects the development of at different stages of this chain which linksprices domestic euro area residents have to pay extraction to consumption. It should be noted that the EU is heavily reliant on imports ofectlethssticmarnon-domePIPrfeek.tTehgyerenginaschurehtmorfsdoognephw energy products, hence the interest in importdevelopments over time in the prices received by prices, and that prices of energy products are,domestic producers on the domestic market. In to a large degree, determined by globalcontrast, the HICP concerns purchases by markets. energy products, regardless off ll consumers o a  ewhere they have been produced. As such, th HICP includes prices of imported goods, as well as domestically produced ones.
Figure 1: selected price indices for energy (2005=100)
60 2005
Dom estic PPI, EU-27 Source: Eurostat (STS, HICP)
Dom es tic PPI, EA-16
Im port price, EA16