Passive Income Streams
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Passive Income Streams

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Passive Income Streams: What Are They and How Can You Get Them?
It sounds fantastic, doesn't it? The very idea of a stream of income that is passive is incredibly attractive and seductive to any thinking person. But just what does passive income really mean? Definitions of the term "Passive income" on the Web vary, but my personal favourite is found at Wikipedia which seems to cover most bases. One obvious example of passive income is the interest accrued by a savings account -this is all very well while you have savings in place, but the problem with this kind of income is that it is residual, meaning that in order to maintain the income stream, only the residual part can be used. If you fall upon hard times or the interest rate drops dramatically you might have to start spending your lump sum, then of course the passive income disappears along with your savings. Not an ideal situation and it demonstrates the fragility of residual income. The best kind of passive incomethen is continuous and does not rely on a lump sum. Once the wheels have been set in motion then no further action is required for the income to be generated, or as the Wikipedia definition states; "without continuing effort" - Quite simply, it happens all by itself! Sounds good to me, but how is that kind of passive income model created?
There are a number of ways, but probably the most well known are royalty payments earned for creating popular songs or best-selling books. We've all heard of the massive royalty cheques received by songwriters and top authors. But hang on a minute; does that mean you have to write a hit record or a bestselling novel in order to generate passive income? Well, if you have the talent, along with the patience and perhaps a bit of luck on your side, then by all means go for it. However, most of us fall short of one or more of the required criteria, and the number of people earning a living through this kind of passive income alone are in the minority. One thing that cannot be overlooked is work. Don't be fooled into thinking that just because your time is not directly traded for cash that no work is required on your part. In most cases a great deal of time and effort has to be expended before even the smallest amount of passive income is realised, and this kind of 'up front' work without any obvious instant rewards will put many off before they even get started - after all; who wants to spend their evenings researching and writing articles for a Website when they could be out socialising or relaxing in front of the TV? Only the very dedicated, I believe.
However, the Internet, or more specifically; the World Wide Web offers up opportunities for the passive income seeker that would have been unheard of not so very long ago. Many unseen and unknown Website owners are silently raking in huge profits as a result of allowing advertising on a popular site. Imagine the earning potential ofPPC(Pay Per Click) advertising on a site that pulls in 100,000 visitors per day, or the fee that could be commanded for a prominently placed banner on such a site. That kind of result surely justifies any amount of up-front work? Let's not forget though that a successful Website requires ongoing work to remain popular so it might not be considered the perfect example of atruly passive income stream model.
Some passive income streams can also be very small, requiring a combination of streams to make up a full time living. This can again be seen on the Internet when a webmaster has a number of Web sites each making a small amount of money from advertising (most recently AdSense has been the favourite) - In examples such as this it is the combined force of these smaller revenue streams that make up the overall income. On the face of it, this is not such a bad idea when you consider that if one of the sites fails it does not have a major effect on the overall earnings of the site owner, thereby avoiding financial catastrophe. For the belt and braces approach a number of different advertisers would also be combined, so that (as in this example) AdSense is not the only source of revenue. The conclusion is that passive income although desirable to most in theory, will require some up-front effort to achieve, and not everybody has that discipline. For the person that is both disciplined and determined there are different ways ofcreating passive income streamsand the World Wide Web offers one of the greatest opportunities of our time including the possibility of drawing income from a number of sources and combining them together into one larger sum - this is the model used by many successful AdSense devotees. However, it has also been seen that it is not always wise to put all of our eggs into one basket, and that a combination of different income streams could be the sensible option long term to cover the expenses necessary for living a fulfilling lifestyle. Passive income? Yes please! Article Source:
Are You Looking for Ways to Develop a Passive Income Stream? How to develop passive income streams:Are you interested indeveloping a passive income streamto supplement your lifestyle? There are many opportunities to earn a lucrative passive income stream, this is a list of seven that you can use to boost your income. These are available for any aspiring entrepreneur. Included with each income opportunity is a brief overview, giving you a better understanding of what will work for you in your situation. You can utilize one, two or more of these income generating opportunities. So let's get started. 1. BloggingBlogging has taken the online world by storm and anyone has the opportunity to be a publisher on this platform. It's possible to publish a blog on any content that you can think of. Here are some figures from · 77 million WordPress sites worldwide · 13.1 billion blog pages · 409 million monthly readers · 38.7 million new post each month · 50 million comments monthly
With numbers like this you can see how a blog site can launch you to phenomenal success. Giving you the opportunity to launch all your passive income streams from one hub. A blog gives you the opportunity to brand yourself and develop an online presence, it's your gateway for driving targeted traffic to your online passive income opportunities. 2. Internet publisherIn 2015 approximately $135 billion were invested by business owners and marketing teams to create new digital marketing platforms to promote their brands, products or services. One media source reported that 25% of all the advertising market was using this platform. 73% of businesses polled planned on increasing their advertising budget for Google AdWords. Different advertising platforms are: · Google ad words 73% · Bing ads 55% · display networks 52% · Facebook 52% · LinkedIn 26% · Twitter 24% · smaller social networks 18% By becoming a publisher on these platforms you can earn a lucrative passive income. By getting targeted prospects to click and take action on the ads posted on websites, blogs, review sites, landing pages, splash pages and other online channels you can generate a sizable passive income stream. The more traffic you target will generate a higher potential for getting better click-through with your ads. Helping you to sell any kind of product or service generating passive income for you. With this type of advertising it's imperative that you develop targeted advertising skills for keywords in the niche that you're trying to work with. 3. Affiliate marketingLast year $14.94 billion were registered in the affiliate marketing industry, showing that this is a very lucrativesource for passive income. By using affiliate networks like ClickBank, Click promise, Commission junction or other affiliate marketing sources you will be able to earn commissions anywhere from 5% to as much as 90% selling other people's products. Also you have the ability to generate even more revenue by creating and marketing your own products
through these affiliate networks. The most important factor to success is driving highly targeted audience to your affiliate landing pages or sales pages that you have registered with. And this should always be done with your own targeted funnel system beginning with landing pages you've designed to collect data before sending prospects to the affiliate landing page. Or you can use other digital marketing tools to drive traffic to your affiliate link utilizing blogging or social media like Facebook or Twitter.
4. AmazonThese days Amazon e-books have outpaced traditional publishing company and account for up to 20% of the total Internet traffic. As an Amazon associate you can leverage on this traffic and earn passive income. If you have a website or a blog that talks about a certain product or category niche you can earn from the volume based fixed advertising rates Amazon Associates offer for products sold through a certain category. Working with Amazon is a fairly simple process and they will help you set up your business through their system. 5. FreelancingAnother way to earn alucrative income onlineis by providing freelancing services today there is an estimated 20% to 33% volume of independent workers out of the total size of the workforce in the United States. And organizations are planning to increase their dependence on freelancers, last year alone there was almost a 50% increase in freelancers hired. And the pay
is getting better for freelancers as well, increasing by 37% year on year. There is a wide variety of skills and expertise needed for freelancers. Some of the highest rated skills that are being outsourced by employers to freelancers today are: · IT and programming · design and multimedia · writing in translation · and smaller niche markets So if you're interested in freelancing this could be a lucrative passive income stream for you. 6. Online content writerThese days as the search engine algorithms move towards more focused, high quality and well written original content, the demand for online writers has been increasing making it a very lucrative source of online income. The average hourly rate for an online writer is approximately $27 an hour which is much better than the federal minimum wage. 7. Network marketingNetwork marketing or MLM is basically a form of direct selling and is also known as person to person marketing. In network marketing you earn by directly selling products to other customers. You can also earn apassive income streamby building your own network of independent distributors otherwise known as your "network" giving you the ability to earn from different levels of residual income from their sales and memberships. In the last few years network marketing has grown substantially and has become the source of income for many successful network marketers, as many as 150,000 people signed up in these networking systems on a daily basis. There is over 50 million people worldwide who have joined network marketing companies, reaching a worldwide sales as high as $90 billion. These days many people utilize the Internet, to develop their network by developing blogs and landing pages to sign up new recruits and to harvest email information to market to later. This can be developed into a very profitable income stream possibly giving you the opportunity to finance your total lifestyle instead of supplementing a traditional job. Article Source:
How to Begin Building Passive Income Streams It's very easy to get caught up in the idea of passive income. The simple formula of build passive income streams, generate wealth, retire- seems an easy solution to financial distress that everyone is eager to try. With all the wealth literature and gurus- Kiyosaki, Clason, and others, thousands of people have the right mindset and are eager to start building wealth. They spend years building up their knowledge and study thousands of different ways to say the same thing- residual income equals financial freedom. Then they begin to ask the inevitable question- now what? It's not enough to know about passive income and be able to explain why it's freeing. The concept doesn't mean anything if it's not enough to pay your bills. Until your residual income meets and exceeds all of your bills not only are you not financially independent, but you're also still under an obligation to hold a job. Although this type of income is more valuable than a paycheck in the eyes of the wealth building community, first and foremost you need money to survive. So until you reach your goal of having enough passive income to maintain your lifestyle without a corporate paycheck- keep your job. There are many reasons for this. Perhaps the most important is the old adage "It takes money to make money." Even the most inexpensive passive investmentscost money to start up. Without more money coming in than out, how can you save money to invest with? When starting to build passive income streams, deal with your debt first. Then begin saving 10% of your income for a cash reserve used exclusively for investing. You may need to work a few more years before this grows large enough to work for you. As you build your passive income streams, and have more and more
money coming in you will be less dependent on your job. If your paycheck is already enough for you to pay your bills then anything you get from passive investments is all profit. You can use this extra income to save for retirement or build your cash reserve even faster. Another important reason to keep your job is for credit. When investing in real estate and other things that you will need funding for, it helps to be able to prove your income. Many investors have difficulty getting conventional financing because they don't have typical jobs. If you still have yours, you can benefit from the lower interest rates banks and other traditional financial institutions have to offer. That said, never lose sight of your end goal- to eventually become financially independent and be able to retire from corporate America. To do this you may need to spend nights and weekends searching for ways to build wealth, as opposed to relaxing and contributing to 401ks. You may think at first that this wasn't the lifestyle you signed up for- isn't the whole point of building passive income streams to have time freedom? Again you must refocus, and think about the long term. The actions you take now will go along way to retiring you earlier than you could have ever imagined. If you're just starting out there are many ways to build wealth without much money. Real estate investing is one of the most powerful and profitable investing vehicles. If you have never purchased a house before you may be able to qualify for a loan without putting any money down. If you're interested in starting smaller, a bulk candy vending business is a great option. It has extremely low start up costs- about $100 for a machine and $25 for candy and requires relatively low maintenance. Blogging is another popular option that is extremely passive. There are millions of ways to generate residual income with very little money. Although it may not seem like a lot at first, remember that each stream you build takes you a step closer to financial independence. Genius Types is a blog all about leading a creative live and generating passive income. Visit to learn lots about everything from philosophy, relationships, and the arts, to finance and wealth building. Investing and learning about money doesn't have to be boring! When you start building passive income, you'll have more flexibility and time to explore what you're truly passionate about! For more information ofdifferent ways to build passive income, check out our site! Article Source:
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