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Anglais 2005 Concours Interne ITM Ecole Nationale de la Météorologie

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Examen du Supérieur Ecole Nationale de la Météorologie. Sujet de Anglais 2005. Retrouvez le corrigé Anglais 2005 sur Bankexam.fr.
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METEO-FRANCE ECOLE NATIONALE DE LA METEOROLOGIECONCOURS INTERNE 2005 D’ELEVE-INGENIEUR DES TRAVAUX DE LA METEOROLOGIE - :- :- :- :- :-EPREUVE DE LANGUE VIVANTE : ANGLAIS Durée : 2 heuresCoefficient : 1 Traduire le texte suivant(dictionnaire non autorisé). - :- :- :- :- :-Dangerous deserts The flow of emigrants to the United States has become prey to organised criminal gangs. That is a problem for Mexico as well as for its neighbours Eddy was shambling along the side of a highway a few miles inside the American border south of Tucson, Arizona, when he was picked up by the United States Border patrol just before Christmas. Aged 20, and from Guerrero in southern Mexico, he was exhausted after wandering for two nights alone through the desert. With just 2 $ on him, he had become separated from friends during their illegal crossing of Mexico’s northern border. Eddy’s third attempt to join his brother who lives in New York, thus ended in failure. After giving him water, the Border Patrol took him off to be repatriated. Barring evidence of criminality, within four hours he would be back in Mexico. By then, Eddy has become a statistic. However much security has been beefed up (1) on the northern side of the border since the terrorist attacks of September 11 th 2001, this does not seem to have diminished the tide of (...) migrants from making the perilous journey north to seek better paid jobs in the United States. A growing minority of them come from Central and South America, including distant Brazil, having illegally crossed Mexico’s southern border with Guatemala. But the vast majority are Mexicans from the country’s poorer south. Their numbers seem to have increased, despite a recovery in Mexico’s economy over the past year. Mexico’s president, Vincent Fox, has called these economic migrants “heroes”. They send back some $ 14 billion a year in remittances (2) –more than Mexico’s booming tourist industry brings in. As Mexicans see it, they also keep the American economy afloat on cheap and reliable labour.  (TheEconomist January 8 th 2005) 1) tobeef up : traduire icipar “ renforcer” 2) remittances: versements, paiement _____________________________________