Anglais LV1 1997 Scientifique Baccalauréat général
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Anglais LV1 1997 Scientifique Baccalauréat général

Cet ouvrage peut être téléchargé gratuitement
4 pages


Examen du Secondaire Baccalauréat général. Sujet de Anglais LV1 1997. Retrouvez le corrigé Anglais LV1 1997 sur



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Publié le 13 avril 2008
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Baccalauréat (filières générales) / 1997 / Anglais LV1
Compréhension écrite : Compréhension écrite
The Games may never be safe again, but they must go on
The Observer, 28 July 1996
I just froze and felt sick. I knew exactly what it was all about. The immediate memory was Munich. I wasn't
there, but for those who were it must have brought back a nightmare.
There may have been a difference from Atlanta, but the end result was the same : an unspeakable act of
barbarity. In 1972, of course, the Games were selectively targeted ; a by-product of an Arab-Israeli conflict.
We don't know yet what was behind this, but ultimately there's no difference in the overall horror.
You can't switch on your TV without recognising that Centennial Park has become a symbol for the city's
celebration of the Games. It's where the partying goes on, so whoever planted the bomb knew they were
likely to inflict massive injury.
It wasn't an economic target. The bombers didn't pick an empty broadcast centre or go for the rapid transport
system. They actually picked a place where they knew that the people there would have had absolutely no
interest or involvement with their cause.
Of course, there are many who will say that sport is not worth the spilling of anyone's blood, and that these
Olympics should have been abandoned there and then. I do not agree. They went ahead in Munich and it is
right that they do so now, because you cannot concede to terrorism or blackmail.
If you do, then you admit these people have the ability to derail something which, for all its imperfections,
has a massive ability to unify.
We all know the Games are no longer just about sport. They are about commercialism, politics, ego, many
things - but essentially they are about youth.
Only the other day, I went to Gatwick to see off 18 youngsters from all over the United Kingdom who were
going to attend an Olympic youth camp in Atlanta.
They were going not to compete, but to enjoy themselves as part of the Olympic movement. These are the
sort of young people who could have ended up as the victims of a misguided political message.
We tend to forget the Olympics have often been used as a political platform, whether for Nazism in 1936 or
the African boycott in 1976.
Now this is the second occasion when they have spilled over into ghastly tragedy. As a human being, a
politician and a former Olympian I am saddened and appalled.
It would be hard for something as large as the Olympics to avoid being a target for
, extremists and
terrorists, but if you decided to do away with it because of such threats, you would also have to scrap the
World Cup and other major global gatherings.
These people are not respecters of ethos, philosophy or tradition. To them nothing is sacred. They just
cynically target something they know is going to give them wall-to-wall publicity for their acts of horror.
Sebastian Coe won gold medals in the 1500 metres in the Moscow and Los Angeles Olympics. He is now
Tory MP for Falmouth and Camborne.
: a mad person.
A - Global Comprehension
Compréhension écrite : Compréhension écrite
1 - Who is the narrator ?
Name :
Present occupation :
2 - What tragic event does the article refer to ?
3 - Say precisely where it took place.
Say when it took place.
4 - Why was this place chosen ? Justify by quoting the text.
B - Detailed Comprehension
1 - Pick out at least four expressions in the text showing that the narrator was deeply shocked by the
2 - Pick out three sentences or groups of words showing that the event is unforgivable.
3 - Why does the narrator take such an interest in the event ?
4 - Say whether the following statements are true or false and justify with a quotation from the text.
a. After the tragic event, nobody wanted the games to stop.
b. The narrator thought it was necessary for the games to go on.
c. He thinks it's always safer to accept terrorists' demands.
5 - Find in the text the sentence that refers to the old spirit of the Olympic Games.
Compréhension écrite : Compréhension écrite
6 - Show that the Olympic Games have now lost their initial purpose. Quote one sentence from the text.
7 - The author refers to three events proving the presence of politics in the Olympic Games. Which ones ?
8 - Among the following adjectives, circle those which best qualify terrorists. For each adjective chosen,
justify with one quotation.
1. Cruel :
2. Dedicated :
3. Compassionate :
4. Longing for fame :
5. Willing to help :
6. Disrespectful :
9 - Would you say this article is
- a cry of alarm ?
- a hopeful vision of sport ?
- a message of peace ?
Choose the most appropriate statement and briefly justify your choice in your own words.
10 - Translate into French from "Only the other day" down to "Olympic movement".
Compétence linguistique : Compétence linguistique
1 - Without changing their meaning, rephrase the following sentences using modals.
a. People probably felt horrified at that tragic event.
People ...
b. It is impossible that the Olympic Games should go on like this.
The Olympic Games ...
c. Perhaps there were more spectators in Atlanta than in Munich.
There ...
d. The author is sorry that there weren't enough policemen on the spot.
The author thinks there ...
e. It isn't necessary for the organisers to postpone the Games.
Compétence linguistique : Compétence linguistique
The organisers ...
2 - Turn the following sentences into the passive (expressing the agent only when necessary).
a. People say the Olympic Games are dangerous.
b. Someone planted the bomb just before midnight.
c. They had to take many victims to hospital.
d. Doctors have given the victims much psychological help.(give two possible sentences)
e. In the future, people won't look at the Olympic Games in the same way.
3 - Use the prompts to rephrase the following sentences without changing their meaning.
a. The author is sorry the terrorists spoilt the Olympic Games.
He wishes ...
b. It is the English youngsters' first trip to the United States.
It's the first time ...
c. The terrorists wanted everybody to speak about them.
They made ...
d. Most athletes don't usually take drugs.
Most athletes aren't used ...
4 - Translate into English.
a. Cet athlète s'entraîne depuis cinq ans.
b. Le public reproche aux athlètes de gagner trop d'argent.
c. Au lieu de se lamenter, les organisateurs feraient mieux de réagir.
d. Si elle était restée à Atlanta, elle aurait assisté aux Jeux Olympiques.
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Compétence linguistique : Compétence linguistique
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