Bac anglais lv1 2008 s scientifique

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BAccALAURÉAT GÉNÉnalSESS|ON 2008ANGLAIS LVI- Séries ES-S_ Durée : 3 heures Coefficient 3L'usage des calculatrices et de tout dictionnaire est interdit.Barème appliqué pour la correctionCompréhension écùe 10 pointsExpression points10 Ce sujet comporte pages.4 8A}ISEME/AG1jeans purple duffela pair of rolled-up into the corner of her Fiona Sweeney shoved noise of a wether bedroom window, a siren's wail sliced through the white bag. Outside part wallpaper, a signaleerie man-made moans were of New York City's snowfall. Those pass this one, maybecommonplace enough to unnoticed. But Fi registered of trouble knew she wouldn't be hearing sirens for a while.because she her which still had What else should sheShe turned her attention back to bag, space. young a woman, wadingtake? Lifting a frarned snapshot, she examined her mother as pole. rubber boots and carying a fishing Fi cherished theinto a stream, wearing Fiphotograph; in real life, she'd never known her mother to be that carefree. The mother put go go. Fi theknown wouldn't want to to Africa. In fact, she wouldn't want Fi to 10 had volume of lrishpicture facedown and scanned the room, her attention drawn to a wom poetry by her bedside. She tucked it in."How from the living room where he sat with Devi.about the nettingt?" Chris called 'Already in," Fi answered.t5 "And repellent?" asked Devi.yes." gnat-a gesture that Chris"Yes, Fi waved her hand as though shooing away a "Should kept my mouth shut," ...



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