11.1 Computing the test statistic andp-value
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11.1 Computing the test statistic andp-value


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Lab 11: Tests of significance: standard deviations and power STT 421: Summer, 2004 Vince Melfi In this lab we'll investigate how a test's ability to return the correct decision is affected by the sample size, by how much difference there is between the null hypothesis and the true state of the population, and by the particular decision rule we use. 11.1 Computing the test statistic and p-value We'll use SAS to perform the calculations for Exercise 6.39 of the text.
  • population pop10
  • input pop10 pop11 pop12 pop15
  • pop12
  • proportion of the samples
  • proportion of samples
  • null hypothesis
  • h0
  • mean
  • population
  • data



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