A Government Office in Al Ain
104 pages

A Government Office in Al Ain

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104 pages
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A Government Office in Al Ain Andrew Madigan
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Annual Guide
OF Performances
Center of the Teatro
Superior Art
Institute of the
Teatro Colón
1Head of Government
Mauricio Macri
Vice Head of Government
María Eugenia Vidal
Chief of Staf
Horacio Rodríguez Larreta
Minister of Culture
Hernán Lombardi
General & Artistic Director
Pedro Pablo García Caf
Artistic Production Director
Esteban Gantzer
Stagecraft Director
María Cremonteopera
Center of
the Teatro Colón
Superior Art
Institute of
the Teatro Colón
4La Pasión según san marcos
La forza del destino
erwartung – hagith
i due figaro
la cenerentola
“colón – ring”
das rheingold
Die Walküre 
56la pasión
según san marcos
(2000) – st. mark PASSION
Music by Osvaldo Golijov
Based upon The Gospel According to St. Mark, The Book of
Psalms, The Book of Lamentations and Spanish poetry.
thBy request of the Internationale Bachakademie, on the occasion of the 250
anniversary of Bach’s death
Premiere in Argentina
Music Director: María Guinand
Chorus: Schola Cantorum de Venezuela
Chorus Soloists: Virginia Largo, Ana María Raga and Elizabeth
Orquesta La Pasión (brass and percussion instruments)
Teatro Colón Permanent Orchestra (strings)
Leading Performers: Biella Da Costa / María Hinojosa Montenegro /
Luciana Souza / Reynaldo González-Fernández / Giaconda Cabrera /
Manolo Mairena
Pontius Pilate involved in a Carioca Carnival? The Mount of Olives in Latin America? Jesus
Christ being arrested within a Capoeira Roda? The Eucharist in a Flamenco key? The
Crucifxion pervaded by the cosmopolitan rage of our big cities? A Kaddish to help us
meditate about all this?
One of the most singular pieces of our times is fnally presented by the Argentinian
composer Osvaldo Golijov. In this worldwide acclaimed piece, the author creates a
liturgy of his own by taking the title of one of Bach’s Lost Passions as a starting point.
African rhythms, with Cuban and Brazilian infuences, reach out to the audience within
the undeniable atmosphere of Spanish folklore, and an explosion of color rises from the
conjunction of a large percussion section, brass instruments, strings, a piano, guitars, a
berimbau, a chorus, and a body of dancers.
The word “passion” suits this play perfectly, for the play holds a strong unceasing rhythmic
pulse and is inspired by perennial topics such as agony, betrayal, praise and redemption.
May something new be said about the biggest story ever told? Golijov answers
st afrmatively through this piece, referred as “the frst masterpiece of the 21century.”

th th th March, Wednesday 14 (GA), Thursday 15 (ANT), Saturday 17 (ANN)
thand Sunday 18 (AV)
7La forza del destino -
the force of destiny
Opera in four acts (1869 version)
Music by Giuseppe Verdi
Libretto by Francesco María Piave, based upon Don Álvaro, o la
fuerza del sino, by the Duke of Rivas
Music Director: Renato Palumbo
Stage Director: Hugo De Ana
Scenery, Lighting and Costume Design: Hugo De Ana
Leading Performers: Dimitria Theodossiou / Angela Marambio / Ricardo
Massi / Emmanuel di Villarosa / Lucas Salsi / Fabián Veloz /Roberto
Scandiuzzi / Paolo Battaglia / Agnes Zwierko / María Luján Mirabelli / Luis
Gaeta / Luciano Miotto
One of Verdi’s most distinguished pieces is back in the Teatro Colón’s stage after 25 years.
With the characteristic intensity of Spanish dramas, its premiere took Verdi to the heart
of Russia. With a late revision and an overture that would then become renowned, this
opera defes any superstition and touches the audience to the core with the forza of the
great Italian.
nd th thApril, Sunday 22 (AV), Tuesday 24 (GA), Thursday 26 (ANT) and
th thSaturday 28 (ANN). May, Wednesday 2nd and Friday 4 (FE)

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