Anti-Drug Essay and Poetry Writing Competition Anti-Drug Essay and
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Anti-Drug Essay and Poetry Writing Competition Anti-Drug Essay and


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4 pages
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Anti-Drug Essay and Poetry Writ ing Competition IN CONJUNCTI ON WITH THE A NTI DR- UG ABU SE CAMPAIGN
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OSSETT ACADEMY & SIXTHFORMCOLLEGE APPLICATION FORM NB: Youshould only use this paper application if you are NOT currently a Year 11 student at a Wakefield school.All applications from Wakefield Y11 students should be made online using the Wakefield Authority You do not then need to complete this paper application form. All applications are welcomed and are given serious consideration.Our aim at Ossett Sixth Form College is to provide a Post-16 route to suityourneeds. Please fill in all the sections of this formyou need any further guidance then please do not hesitate to if contact the Sixth Form Office at Ossett Academy. SECTION A - PERSONAL DETAILS SURNAME: ____________________________FIRST NAME:_______________________ MIDDLE NAME(s): ______________________GENDER: MALE/FEMALED.O.B. ________________PRESENT SCHOOL: ___________________________________ ADDRESS:_________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________ POSTCODE: _________________ HOME TEL NO. ________________________MOBILE NO.________________________ UPN(from previous school):________________________________________________________ NAME OF LEGAL GUARDIAN:_________________________________________________ PARENT/GUARDIAN’S MOBILE TEL NO. ________________________________________ EMERGENCY / WORK TEL NO.________________________________________________ SECTION B - ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Do you have a medical condition of which we should be aware?   Yes No Details:__________________________________________________________________ Have you been diagnosed as having a learning difficulty?   Yes No Details:__________________________________________________________________ If yes, were you granted any special arrangements for your examinations (e.g extra time/reader or writer) Please specify: ____________________________________________________________
SECTION C - ACADEMIC DETAILS Please give details of the subjects you are currently studying, your expected achievement and the type of qualification.Where known please also give your mock/actual result. GCSE/ GRADEI EXPECT TOMOCK /ACTUAL SUBJECT APPLIED GCSE etcACHIEVE RESULT (Please specify)(please delete as appropriate) SECTION D - COURSE CHOICES Please fill in the section below indicating your choice of course and subjects as appropriate. We will endeavour to accommodate your firstfour choices, but please indicate a reserve choice too.Please tick 1 box:-1 YEAR COURSE2 YEAR ‘AS’ COURSESNB: The1 Year course comprises of the OCR National in ICT Level 2 qualification with re-sit Maths and English GCSE as appropriate.It is specially aimed at students who do not achieve 5 or more A* - C Grades. Ifyou are choosing this option youdo notneed to complete the box below.2 YEAR COURSES Please statein order of preference, which subjects you would like to studyrefer to the accompanying course descriptions for guidance. SUBJECT 1 _______________________________________________________________ SUBJECT 2 _______________________________________________________________ SUBJECT 3 _______________________________________________________________ SUBJECT 4 _______________________________________________________________ RESERVE SUBJECT CHOICE __________________________________________________ N.B. You are expected to study 4 subjects.
SECTION EPERSONAL STATEMENT Use this space to tell us more about yourself.Explain why you want to come to the Sixth Form and why you wish to follow your chosen programme of study.You could also give details about interests/hobbies and achievements.(Please continue onto a separate sheet if necessary and attach it to the back of this application form). SECTION F - ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Is your application to join Ossett Sixth Form: a) myfirst choice b) one possible choice c) a standby if I do not get a jobEqual Opportunities Monitoring - Please tick one of the following:    Bangladeshi BlackAfrican BlackCaribbean    Black OtherChinese Indian    Pakistani WhiteEuropean WhiteEuropean UK   White OtherOtherFirst Language ___________________________________________________
STUDENT'S SIGNATURE: _____________________________________________ PARENT'S SIGNATURE: ______________________________________________ DATE: __________________________________ Once you have completed the form you can return it to Ossett Academy Sixth Form College by doing one of the following: hand it to your Head of Careers or Head of Year if they have asked you to OR Ossett Academy Sixth Formsend it directly to Mrs M Mills, Student Services Officer, College, Storrs Hill Road, Ossett, Wakefield WF5 0DG.Telephone No.01924 232820
LIST OF ‘A’ LEVEL COURSESArt FurtherMathematics BTEC BusinessGeography BTEC Health & Social CareGerman BTEC ICTGovernment & Politics BTEC ScienceHistory BTEC SportICT Biology Law Business StudiesMathematics Chemistry Music Drama PhysicalEducation Economics Physics English LanguagePsychology English Language/LiteratureSociology English LiteratureSpanish French Textiles FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Initial interview on _______________________by ______________________________ Acceptance letter sent ____________________Reply received ____________________ FOR OFFICE USE ONLY NOTES MADE IN INTERVIEW
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