Ay190 – Computational Astrophysics
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Ay190 – Computational Astrophysics

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CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Division of Physics, Mathematics, and Astronomy Ay190 – Computational Astrophysics Christian D. Ott and Andrew Benson , January 5, 2012 Document under development. 2012-01-05 08:12:09 -0800 (Thu, 05 Jan 2012) Revision 153 Last changed by cott 1
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  • basics of numerical computation
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  • order
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Wireless networks that make sense
Complete semiconductor solutions for wireless sensor networks
www.dialog-semiconductor.comTechnology benefits
• Easy to install and use, perfect for self-installed consumer applications
· Whole house coverage means no need for complex mesh networks
· System confgur es itself
· Push-button r egistration of new nodes to expand network
• Reliable operation for maximum user satisfaction
· Operates in interfer ence-fr ee DECT band
· Data is transferr ed using an extensively pr oven pr otocol
· System chooses the right fr equency channel in every situation
• Nodes can operate for years on standar d batteries
The Dialog difference
• Co-cr eator of the DECT ULE standar d
• Pr oven expertise in wir eless networks and IP solutions
• Low-cost inter net access solutionsThe right choice for wireless networks • T ype-appr oved SmartPulse™ modules include antenna
· No RF knowledge r equir ed
· Can be used worldwide
• Easy-to-use, open-sour ce development envir onment
W ir eless networking makes life easier , safer , mor e comfortable and mor e secur e. This emerging, fast-gr owing
market covers applications ranging fr om machine-to-machine communication for contr olling industrial
equipment to r emote healthcar e monitoring and smart homes. The applications may be very dif fer ent, but the
networking r equir ements ar e very similar: r eliable, long-range between autonomous nodes
with long battery lifetimes.
Y ou can fnd all these characteristics – and mor e – in DECT ULE. DECT ULE is an ultra-low-energy extension of
the DECT standar d: a standar d that has been feld pr oven in mor e than 250 million households.
The DECT ULE extension was developed specifcally for wir eless home networking, and allows typical sensor
applications to run for years on standar d AAA batteries. Y et it r etains all the familiar benefts of DECT like
interfer ence-fr ee communication, long range and excellent quality of service. What’ s mor e, DECT ULE can be
used alongside other DECT systems, which alr eady support a wide range of voice, data and video applications.
Co-developed by SiT el (now part of Dialog), DECT ULE is easy to use and install, cutting costs for manufactur es
and consumers alike. Y ou’ll fnd DECT ULE implemented in all our SmartPulse™ pr oducts. For example, if
you’r e looking for easy design-in and short time to market, our fully type appr oved SmartPulse™ modules
integrate all the har dwar e and softwar e you need – including the antenna. So you can just dr op them into
your application; no RF expertise or r esour ces ar e r equir ed for design or pr oduction ramp up.
2 www.dialog-semiconductor.com 3Software
DECT ULE protocol software
All our SmartPulse™ modules ar e supplied with complete DECT ULE pr otocol softwar e. This softwar e pr ovides
all the high-level networking functionality , so you can focus on your application. The module har dwar e
and softwar e can be easily confgur ed either via an A T command set or dir ectly thr ough the Application
Pr ogramming Interface (API).
DECT ULE products solution concepts
World Wide Web System host processor
DECT IP Base SC14WSMDECT Basestation
Hardware platform
DECT ULE’ s long range means it can handle most wir eless sensor networking applications using a simple star
confguration. That avoids the complexity of cr eating a mesh or car efully placed r epeaters.
SmartPulse™ wir eless sensor modules ar e the ideal networking choice for sensor nodes. These certifed, dr op-
in modules combine a transceiver , baseband, power amplifer and antenna – as well as complete pr otocol and
application interface softwar e – in one compact package. Y ou can choose between two types of SmartPulse™ data
wir eless sensor module depending on your application needs: data-only and voice-and-data. sensors
Of fering the same level of integration as a wir eless sensor module, the SmartPulse™ cor dless voice module
makes it easy to develop the basestation at the heart of your network. The module handles all your
networking needs, contr olling sensors and voice module-based nodes. Simply combine it with a host pr ocessor
for contr ollers in standalone networks or to bridge to the outside world.
In addition, our fexible V oIP pr ocessors pr ovide a simple r oute for cr eating IP basestations that connect to the
inter net, helping you combine the unique benefts of a DECT ULE network with the limitless possibilities of the
W orld W ide W eb.
data & voice
For connected smart home applications, we of fer a number of solutions for Integrated Access Devices that
sensor & actuatorcombine sensor networking with cor dless telephony , digital TV delivery and W i-Fi in a single box (see our IAD
br ochur e for mor e details).
4 www.dialog-semiconductor.com 5Development tools
Choose a Dialog solution and you ar e choosing a solution that comes with all the support you need to bring
your pr oduct to market fast. The extensive range of support available includes tools developed by Dialog as
well as thir d-party vendors.
Development kits
T o help accelerate your pr oduct cr eation cycle, we of fer complete development kits for all our SmartPulse™
The wir eless sensor module kit includes a SC14CVMDECT -based basestation, a SC14WSMDA T A development
boar d (featuring a module, various interfaces, battery and power connector) and USB cables. Y ou also get
demonstration softwar e, application examples and the Athena IDE, enabling rapid application cr eation.
Meanwhile, our DECT IP basestation r efer ence design kit of fers easy pr ototyping of inter net-enabled DECT
ULE systems. The kit featur es a DECT IP basestation that combines a SC14CVMDECT for basestation-node
communication with one of our energy-effcient V oIP pr ocessors for hassle-fr ee inter net connectivity . It comes
complete with example sensor and actuator nodes based on the SC14WSMDA T A wir eless sensor module, plus
our Rhea μClinux-based V oIP softwar e development platform.
Athena IDE Utility metering
The Athena Integrated Development Envir onment (IDE) is an easy-to-use, open-sour ce toolset for cr eating new • Remote metering
application softwar e. It featur es an Eclipse-based IDE, a GNU C/C++ compiler and linker , and a code download • Energy monitoring
and verifcation tool – all pr econfgur ed and tested to work straight out of the box. • Equipment contr ol
• Personal Help Button (PHB) (healthcar e alarms for the elderly)
• Home car e monitoring
• Activity
• Assisted living services e.g. fall detection
• Smoke / fr e detector and alarm system
• Burglar alarm (with automatic police notifcation)
• Alarm buttons with voice
• Door entry system
• Surveillance system
Home automation
• Climate contr ol (Heating V entilation Air Conditioning system)
• Inter net contr olled home appliances
• Home contr ol display
6 www.dialog-semiconductor.com 7Dialog Semiconductor offices worldwide
Santa Clara Seoul Tokyo
Germany - Headquarters North America Korea
Dialog Semiconductor GmbH Dialog Semiconductor Inc Dialog Semiconductor South Korea
Phone: +49 7021 805-0 Phone: +1 408 727 3200 Phone: +82 2 569 2301
United Kingdom Japan Singapore
Dialog Semiconductor Plc Dialog Semiconductor K.K. Dialog Semiconductor GmbH
Phone: +44 1793 757700 Phone: +81 3 3769 8123 (Singapore branch)
Phone: +65 64845419
The Netherlands China
Dialog Semiconductor BV Dialog Semiconductor Hong Kong Ltd
Phone: +31 73 640 88 22 Phone: +852 2607 4271
© 2011. Dialog Semiconductor and are registered trademarks of Dialog Semiconductor Plc. All other trademarks mentioned are trademarks of their respective owners. All rights reserved

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