Goal _1: Mastery of Clinical Knowledge with Integration of Basic ...
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Goal _1: Mastery of Clinical Knowledge with Integration of Basic ...


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Goal _1: Mastery of Clinical Knowledge with Integration of Basic Sciences Objective _1: To demonstrate comprehension of core basic science knowledge At the end of the first year, students should be able to: 1.1a) demonstrate knowledge of the basic principles of biochemistry, human genetics, human anatomy and physiology, and the structure and function of the musculoskeletal and nervous system. 1.1b) describe the molecular, biochemical, and cellular mechanisms for homeostasis.
  • patients during the acting internship
  • basic science knowledge
  • disease prevention
  • patient care
  • clinical knowledge
  • patient
  • health
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 DIPLOMACOURSES SN COURSESUBJECTS DEVELOPMENT COURSES 1COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT (ABMA) Diploma 1Gender Issues Development I  Socialwork & Community Welfar Population, Porvety and Human Developmen  Dissertation Diploma 2 CommunityHealth  Sociology  CommunityRespons  CommunityEmpowermen  Dissertation AdvanceDevelopment II Community Diploma ProjectManagemen  BusinessManagemen  LegalFramewor  Dissertation 2. NUTRITIONAND FOOD SECURITY Diploma 1 Social Communication Studies Agribusiness Managemen Integrated Developmen Principles of Social wor Irrigation Developmen
Advanced Diploma
Food Micro Biology Nutrition and HIV and AID Demography and Population Studie Project Managemen Food Security and Household Resource Managemen Research Projec
3. HIV/AIDSMANAGEMENT (ABMA) Diploma 1 HIV and Aids Management I  Community Developmen  Health and Nutrition Education  Population,Porverty and Gende  Dissertation Pape
MK60 000.00
ABM March, June, September, De
MK10,500.00ABM March, June, September, De
MK12,000.00ABM March, June, September, De
MK10,000.00 TAC
MK10,000.00ABM March, June, September, De
Diploma 2HIV Management II Social and Corporate Responsibilities Counselling and Social Wor Responding to HIV/AIDS  Dissertation Pape Advanced HIVManagement III Diploma Project Management UNAIDS Policy,Organisation and Initiatives Legal Framewor  Dissertation Pape 4. PUBLIC HEALTH (TAC) Public Health Care Economics Diploma SocialCommunication Environmental Health Sciences Community Nutrition Health Promotion Principle of Social Wor
Advanced Diploma in Public Health
Epidimiology and Biostatistics Integrated Rural Developmen Demography and Population Studie Project Managemen Bioethics Dissertation
MK60 000
5ADVANCED DIPLOMA PROJECT MANAGEMENT (ICM AdvancedCommercial Framewor Diploma part 1Purchasing & Materials MgMK25 000.00  Managing Work & Cost Part II Natureand Organisation of Project ManagemenMK25 000.00  Planning and Scheduling  Computers and Project Managemen
MK12,000.00ABM March, June, September, De
MK13,000.00ABM March, June, September, De
MK10,500.00TAC March June
September December MK10,500.00
MANAGEMENT AND ACCOUNTING COURSES 6. BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (ABE) CertificateIntroduction to BusinessMK7,500.00 Introduction to Accounting Introduction to Business Communication Introduction to Quantitative Method Diploma 1EconomicsMK9,000.00 Financial Accounting Organizational Behaviou Quantitative Methods for Business Managemen Diploma 2Marketing Policy, Planning & CommunicationMK10,000.00 Human Resource Managemen Mgt in Action Managerial Accounting Principles of Business La Systems Analysis & Design AdvancedCorporate Strategy & PlanninMK11,000.00 DiplomaManaging in Organizations International Business Case Stud
ABE June Decembe
ABE June Decembe
ABE June Decembe
ABE June Decembe
Strategic Marketing Mg Corporate Financ Strategic HRM Managing & Information Resourc
7. PAECACCOUNTING Certificate Business Accounting  Business Communication  Practical Mathematics & Computing  Business Knowledge Diploma Business Communication  Accounting 1  Business Mathematics & Statistics  Business La  Economics  Auditing  Managemen  Costing & Budgetary Control  Information Systems  Company La  Accounting 2  Taxation 8. HUMANRESOURCE MANAGEMENT (ABE) Certificate Introduction To Business  Introduction To Business Communication  Managing People  Personnel Administration Diploma Business Communication and Presentation  Organizational Behavio  Human Asset Managemen  Human Resource Developmen 9. (a)MARKETING (ICM) Certificate Marketing  Public Relations  Advertising  International Business Communication  Quantitative Methods Advanced Buyer Behaviour & Consumerism  Customer Service  IT For Marketing Managemen  Management Theory & Practic  Marketing Managemen (b) PROFESSIONAL MARKETING (CIM) Professional MarketingFundamentals CertificateCustomer Communication Marketing Environmen Marketing in Practice ProfessionalMarketing Research and Informatio AdvancedMarketing Planning CertificateMarketing Communication Marketing Mgt in Practice DiplomaAnalysis and Evaluation Strategic Marketing Decisions Managing Marketing Performanc Strategic Marketing in Practice Post GraduateMarketing and Consumer Behaviou
MK7,000.00PAEC June, Decembe
MK8,000.00PAEC June, Decembe
MK30,000.00 MK7,500.00ABE June December
MK9,000.00ABE June December
MK7,500.00ICM March, June September, December.
MK36,000.00 MK9,000.00ICM March, June September, December.
MK40,000.00 MK10,000.00CIM June, Decembe
MK45,000.00 MK12,000.00CIM June, Decembe
MK50,000.00 MK13,000.00CIM June, Decembe
MK60,000.00 MK15,000.00CIM
June, Decembe
Public Relations Direct Marketing and Sales Promotion Advertising Integrated Media (Assessment Assignment Hospitality and Service Marketing Tourist Behaviour and Motivation Marketing Planning Marketing Management in Practic
MK36 000.00MK7 000
CLEARING,FORWARDING AND SHIPPING MANAGEMEN Diploma IOffice Procedures Clearing and Forwarding PracticeMK30 000.00 Customs Declaration Cargo Storage and Warehousing Dissertation
Diploma IIShipping Practice Economics of Sea transportand International Trade Marine Insurance and Law
MK40,000.00 MK10,000.00ABM March, June, September December
MK60,000.00 MK15,000.00CIM June, Decembe
MK36,000.00 MK9,000.00ICM March, June, September December
Advanced Diploma
Introduction to Shipping
Ship Management Port Agency Marine Insurance Shipping Law Dissertation
MK40 000.00
MK8 000.00
ABMA MK6 000.00Mar,Jun,Sep,Dec
Diploma in Tourism Marketing
11PROFESSIONAL JOURNALISM ( ABMA) Certificate Journalism for the Press & Broadcasting  Public Relations & Personnel Administration 1  Business Communication & Environmen  Reporting and Editing 1  Dissertation Diploma 2 Law for Journalists  Desktop Publishing and Computer Graphic  Organization, Information Technology & Chang  Advertising  Dissertation
MK7,500.00ABM March, June, September December
10. HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT (ICM) Certificate FoodAnd Beverag  FrontOffice  FundamentalsOf Hotel  RestaurantService  HouseKeeping & Accommodation Studie Diploma#NAME?  Hotel& Catering La  Accounting,Purchasing & Costing  HospitalityManagemen  HumanResource in Hospitalit
MK30,000.00 MK7,500.00ICM March, June, September December
Advanced Public Relations & Personnel Administration 2MK45,000.00 MK12,000.00ABM Diploma Corporate and Strategic PlanninMarch, June,  Business PolicySeptember  Reporting and EditingDecember  Dissertation 12SECRETARIAL STUDIES (CITY & GUILDS ElementaryType writingMK20,000.00 MK4,000.00City & Guilds LevelBook KeepingMarch, June, Office PracticeSeptember ShorthandDecember English for Business Communication Intermediate Type WritingMK25,000.00 MK5,000.00City & Guilds LevelMarch, June, Bookkeeping  Office PracticeSeptember  Short HandDecember  English For Business Communication AdvancedType WritingMK28,000.00 MK7,000.00City & Guilds Level AccountingMarch, June,  Short HandSeptember  English For Business CommunicationDecember 13COMPUTER PROGRAMMING (ACP Certificate Information Technology FundamentalMK30,000.00 MK8,000.00ACP  Computer Applications & OperationJanuary  Applied ProgrammingMay  ProjecSeptember DiplomaK36, 000.00 Systems Analysis & DesignMK8,500.00ACP  Software EngineeringJanuary  Business Information SystemMay  ProjecSeptember VOCATIONAL COURSES 14COMPUTER ENGINEERING HARDWARE Diploma 1 Computer Repair & Hardware MaintenanceMK30,000.00 MK7,500.00ABMA  Introduction To ProgrammingMarch, June,  Computer ArchitecturSeptember  Computer FundamentalDecember  Dissertation Diploma 2 Computer Repair & Hardware Maintenance IMK40,000.00 MK10,000.00ABMA  Management of Information SystemMarch, June,  Troubleshooting of Computer SoftwarSeptember  Networking Essentials and Data ProcessingDecember  Dissertation Advanced Computer Repair & Hardware Maintenance IIMK45,000.00 MK12,000.00ABMA Diploma Software Methodology & InstallationMarch, June,  Engineering Aspects of Microprocessor & IT ApplicationSeptember  Network Engineering & Object Oriented ProgramminDecember  Dissertation 4 COMPUTERPACKAGES Word Exel VariesVaries Skyway Power PointConsultants
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