Representation theory of GL
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Representation theory of GL


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29 pages
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  • exposé
Representation theory of GL2(D) where D is a division algebra over a non-Archimedean local field
  • kirillov theory
  • version of mackey theory
  • local field
  • twisted jacquet module
  • parabolic induction
  • maximal torus
  • gl2
  • representation
  • representations
  • group



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National Science Foundation
Funding Opportunities and
Proposal-Writing Strategies
David L. McGinnis
Program Director, SBE/BCS
November, 2011 NSF Is an Independent Agency of the
Executive Branch of the U.S. Govt.
Science Advisor
Office of Other Boards, Office of
Management Councils, Etc. Science &
and Budget Technology Policy
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Independent Agencies
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Smithsonian Aeronautic
Protection Regulatory Agencies NSF Institution & Space
Agency Commission
Administration 4201 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, Virginia The NSF Mission
 To promote the progress of science
 To advance the national health,
prosperity, and welfare
 To secure the national defense
(from the NSF Act of 1950)
The NSF Vision
Advancing discovery, innovation, and
education beyond the frontiers of current
knowledge, and empowering future
generations in science and engineering NSF Strategic Outcome Goals
 Discovery: Foster research that will advance the frontiers of knowledge,
emphasizing areas of greatest opportunity and potential benefit and
establishing the nation as a global leader in fundamental and
transformational science and engineering.
 Learning: Cultivate a world-class, broadly inclusive science and
engineering workforce, and expand the scientific literacy of all citizens.
 Research Infrastructure: Build the nation’s research capability
through critical investments in advanced instrumentation, facilities,
cyberinfrastructure and experimental tools.
 Stewardship: Support excellence in science and engineering research
and education through a capable and responsive organization. Where/Who?
• Matching your research ideas with the right
agency, foundation, etc. NSF, DoE, NEH,
NIH, DoD, USGS, Census, Fullbright, NIFA
(USDA); NGS, Gates, etc.

• Standing programs or special opportunities?

Communicate with Program Officers!
SBE – New Strategic Directions
Date: December 1 at 11 a.m.
Webcast Title: Rebuilding the
Mosaic: Listening to the Future in the
SBE Sciences

Dial-in phone number: 888-469-1936
Verbal Passcode: Mosaic

Webcast URL:
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Webcast username: webcast
Wepassword: mosaic (case
sensitive) So…How do you build a
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… has a good idea, well expressed, with a clear
indication of methods for pursuing the idea,
evaluating the findings, and making them known
to all who need to know.

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