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Historical Tripos - Part I: Paper 20 and Part II: Paper 4 THE HISTORY OF POLITICAL THOUGHT FROM c.1700 TO c.1890 Section A A1 Vico A2 Montesquieu A3 Hume A4 Rousseau A5 Smith A6 Burke A7 Wollstonecraft A8 Kant A9 Bentham A10 Constant A11 Hegel A12 Tocqueville A13 John Stuart Mill A14 Marx Section B B15 Human Nature and History in the Enlightenment B16 Commercial Society and the Ambiguities of Civilisation B17 Reform and Politics in Enlightened Europe B18 The Political Thought of the American Revolution B19 The Political Thought of the French Revolution B20 Dissent and the Politics of Rights in Late18th-century Britain B21 German Political Thought 1780-1810 B22 19th
  • g. tagliacozzo
  • j. p. wright
  • a. s. skinner
  • n. phillipson
  • rousseau
  • r. wokler
  • t. wilson
  • c. kelly
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Bourne Library Telegram The Online Newsletter of the Jonathan Bourne Public Library January / February 2012Vol. 2 No. 6 “There’s no limit to where the library can take you”is a self paced class and you don’t even New Year/ New You @ Your have to leave your house. Library  OurAncestry database is only available at the library but its well worth the trip to find your ancestors.U.S. Census data, birth and death records, military records and so much more are only a click away. Whynot find out your family history and impress your relatives at the next reunion this summer.  Thechildren’sdepartment has something for everyone.As one young child put it, “library school is beginning again”. MissTerry and Miss Kathy have a The holidays are over and a new year has number of story hours, play groups and so begun. Didyou make a New Year’smuch more. Check out the complete line up Resolution? Evenif you did not, January is a on our website or call the children’s great time to try something new and the department at 508-759-0644 ex 106 for library is the place to be (or use from the more details. comfort of your own home).If you resolved  Yes,the New Year is a great time to to learn something new, let the library clean the cobwebs, start a new project and show you how.Our Universal Class offers challenge you to achieve new goals.Let the over 500 online courses for you to choose library get you started on the road of 2012. from. Theseare real classes that you take ____________________________________ at your own pace with real instructors teaching. Everythingfrom small businessSports Book Club planning to yoga is available. th January 11marks the next Sports Book Club.  Thinkingabout learning a new Book being discussed isThe Boys Of Winter: language? Takingthat trip to a foreign land The Untold Story of a Coach, A Dream & The and want to brush up on the language? 1980 U.S. Gold Medal Olympic Hockey Teamby Check out our Mango database.The basics nd Wayne Coffey.Book club meets 2Wednesday are there (Spanish, French, Italian, etc) but of each month.All are welcome.Go to ouryou can also try your hand at Chinese, webpage for information on all our book clubs. Dutch and so much more.Again, the course
maintain services in the electronic age that Donations To The Library. they would not normally be able to get. Combined with the support of the Town, all these funds help us to maintain the library as an important community resource providing equal access to information for everyone.If you would like to make a donation to the library, please go to our website atwww.bournelibrary.organd click on the link provided. ____________________________________ E-Book Reader Support Group Over the years, the library has benefited from the generousity of many within the Bourne Community.We want to first say a very big thank you for the gifts and the support shown to us.Through these gifts, the library has been able to purchase items it would not be able to do within the normal operating budget.  Thequestion occasionally comes up, “How does the library use monetary Nooks, Kindles, Overdrive…Oh My!!! Seems donations?” Overthe past year, the funds as though many of you were good over the have been used to purchase a number of past year and Santa brought you a new e-popular items.Databases such as Mango reader to enjoy. (Course, trying to set it up Languages and A to Z The USA have been may be making you wonder if Santa really added to the library’s list of electronic thought you were good). Suffer in silence resources. TheFreegal Downloadable no more. Music resource as well as our World Book  Thelibrary will be hosting a support Online Encyclopedia are both funded group where we can all get together to try through the library gift fund.Funds have to figure out our new e-readers.Maybe also been used to purchase our you have had a success you want to share subscriptions to Morningstar and Value with others.Perhaps you are still struggling Line. with how to access Overdrive and the  Donationshave been very important library e-books.Come to one of the two over the years.Through these funds, library scheduled sessions and we will all work staff have been able to expand and together to solve these issues. 2
Dates for these sessions are: The JBPLOne Busy Place th Tuesday, January 10from 9:30 a.m. to As the library staff continues to work 10:30 a.m. on putting together statistics for Fiscal Year th Wednesday, January 18from 7:00 p.m. to 11, one thing continues to be clear.The 8:00 p.m. library is a busy place and well used Come to one or both sessions.Sessions are by the Bourne Community. free and no registration is required. For instance 161,040 ____________________________________ items were checked Dewey ClassicHelp Neededout from the It’s that time of year again.library, a figure th Planning for the 4Annual whichholds steady Dewey Classic Miniature Golffrom the prior year. Tournament has begun.The 105,688people came through the doors of event is set to take place onthe building with an average of 392 people Sunday, March 4, 2012.a day.The biggest daily average was in This event provides all fundingAugust when 503 people a day stopped in. for the summer concert series.Concerts Januarywas the lowest with 354. then become a fundraiser for the BourneLibrary staff members are often Food Pantry.This year, we are hoping toasked about volunteers.In the past year, add a “teen night out” pizzaand mini golf97 individuals donated over 1,700 hours to party the night before the event.the library.These numbers reflect only  Tokeep the tournament the successthose who wish to be counted, as some that it is, we need volunteers to help withvolunteers choose to remain anonymous. promotion, gathering sponsors, working theThese people assist library staff by putting event, and so much more.Anyone who hasaway library items returned, processing time to give should contact Patrick at thelibrary materials, work the book sales and library at 508-759-0644 ex 107.Those otherevents, and so much more.The wishing to provide a sponsorship for thelibrary would not survive without them. event can also contact the library for moreFinally, the last statistic we will details. mentionhere is the use of the CLAMS  Thisevent is sponsored by theNetwork. TheJBPL has been part of this Friends of the Jonathan Bourne Publicregional library network for over twenty Library Inc.years and Bourne residents continue to ____________________________________ makeheavy use of it.23,942 items were Did You Know-92 people signed up forborrowed from other libraries, not just th Overdrive on Dec 25of 2011 and 82 theCLAMS but Massachusetts as a whole. following day.These mark the highest oneThese are items the library did not have to day sign ups ever for CLAMS Overdrive.or extra copies of best sellers that purchase 3
reduce the wait time for customers on theFor furtherdonate pj’s for those in need. holds list.details as the event draws closer, go to  Asone can see, the library remains awww.bournelibrary.orgor call the happening place and used by the entirechildren’s department at 508-759-0644 ext Bourne community.If you have not been in106. lately, check us out either in person or____________________________________ online You Robert Manz Calendars Still won’t believe what we have to offer.Available ____________________________________ We still have a few calendars left for sale From the Children’s Roomhere at the library.All proceeds go to the We are having a Book library for programming.Please help Walksupport the library and pick up a great 2012 Saturday, January 21 from calendar with beautiful local pictures taken 9:30 a.m. til 11:00 a.m. by Robert Manz. Combine physical activity ____________________________________ with literacy.Begin in the Library Information children’s room and walk through the The Jonathan Bourne Public Library library to enjoy the special path of pages of19 Sandwich Road a children’s book.After reading, end theBourne, MA 02532 indoor Book Walk with a project to treatour winter bird friends.No registration is508-759-0644 needed. Fundedby the Bourne Early.orgwww.bournelibrary Childhood Council through a grant from the MA Department of Early Education and Care. Jonathan Bourne Public Library Hours of Operation SAVE THE DATE Tue, Wed, Thur9-8 th 5 AnnualBoston Bruins PJFri and Sat9-5:30 DriveClosed Sun and Mon ____________________________________ In partnership with If you want to get this newsletter online, and be kept Cradles to Crayons, up to date with all that is going on at the library, the JBPL is proud to send an e-mail to with a take part in hosting subject of newsletter.The Bourne Library Telegram a pj drive during thePlease note thatis sent out on a bi-monthly basis. your e-mail is not given out to anyone else.It is month of February. strictly for library information and news. A box will be set up in the Children’s Room for those wishing to 4