Apprenticeship paying tuitions and fees 2k€ month average in the following companies
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Apprenticeship paying tuitions and fees 2k€ month average in the following companies

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Niveau: Supérieur, Master
Apprenticeship paying tuitions and fees + 1.2k€/month average in the following companies : P a r i s - S h a n g h a i - A t l a n t a - S a n F r a n c i s c o ww w.m ib. da up hin e.f r Par is-S han gha i-Atl anta -San  Francisco *Management international de projets et NTIC Master 2 professionel en management en alternance et apprentissage Professional Master 2 in Management with Part-Time Apprenticeship* GFR  Ma nage ment  et Org anisation

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P a r i s - S h a n g h a i - A t l a n t a - S a n F r a n c i s c o
Professional Master 2 in Management with Part-Time Apprenticeship*
Apprenticeship paying tuitions and fees + 1.2k€/month average in the following companies :
*Management international de projets et NTIC Master 2 professionel en management en alternance et apprentissage
MIBParis :50 large corporations, 450 alumni
Five years after the creation of the MIB Paris, the 450 alumni work in top large corporations in industries as diverse as luxury (LVMH, Chanel, Sephora, l’Oréal, Accor), travel-tourism (Air France, Disneyland, SNCF,..), consulting (Accenture, Cap Gemini, KPMG, CSC,…), media-press (AFP, Hachette, Lagardère, Atlas, Plon,..) high tech (Apple, Microsoft, HP, IBM,…), telecommunication (Alcatel-Lucent, France Télécom, Orange, SFR, Bouygues telecom, …) energy (Areva, Total, Shell, Elf,..), manufacturing (Danone, Renault, Peugeot, …) or public service (Ministère des Finances) They work as scheduled as international projects managers, customer relationship management process managers, change managers, new media marketing managers, new communication technologies consultants, e-marketing managers, international business developers, ERP implementation consultants, business processes managers, e-commerce implementation managers. What are the causes of such a skyrocketing success? Partnership with corporations, network of alumni, horizontal skills, training with corporations, Atlanta, London and San Francisco, China, Russia and India.
Partnership with corporations: When joining the MIB Paris, you will first be welcomed during the first weeks by 50 corporations that have been working with MIB Paris for 5 years. They will not only present you apprenticeship opportunities, but also explain to you the evolutions of the new cross-functional skills they request. These cross-functional skills are the core competency of MIB Paris.
Network of Alumni:
But during these first weeks, you will also be not only welcomed but trained by hundreds of the 450 MIB Paris alumni. Indeed, they will not only help you finding an apprenticeship, but also spend an extensive time giving you advices about how to customize your CV for each corporation, simulating your hiring interview, introducing you to others of their contacts in other corporations
Horizontal skills:
While MBAs tend to reproduce the problems of corporations by fragmenting skills into vertical silos of hierarchical departments (such as marketing, finance, operations, …), on the opposite, MIB Paris is based on the solutions requested by the corporations themselves: horizontal skills. MIB Paris organizes bi-annual meetings with the 50 top large corporations in order to update their skills requests. Since the last 5 years, these corporations keep on confirming their needs of horizontal skills such as project management, business process management, change leadership, customer-driven transformation, user-driven technologies, group negotiation and intercultural communication. They are the core competencies of MIB Paris.
MIB Paris Customer-driven Horizontal Skills
P a r i s - S h a n g h a i - A t l a n t a - S a n F r a n c i s c o
1 Year Part-Time
Apprentice ship
Training with corporations:
In Large Corporations
Job In Large Corporations
Courses are taught not only by Université Paris-Dauphine professors and professors from the USA and UK, who all publish research at the top international level, but also by corporations who conduct a real internal skills training as they would do for their own employees. You will study e-marketing in luxury with l’Oréal, change management with Air France management, consulting with CSC, software with Microsoft, project management with IBM.
Atlanta, London, San Francisco
Five years ago, MIB Paris was created in partnership with the MIB of Georgia State University, Atlanta, USA. Therefore all courses taught in MIB Paris were equivalent to the courses of MIB Atlanta. This allowed some of the alumni to benefit from tuition-free exchanges of double degrees with GSU Atlanta. Now more and more alumni decided to carry on another graduate master degree with two other partners: London School of Economics and San Francisco State University. Please note that you may undertake these secondary degrees until five years after the completion of the MIB. As MIB Paris became a well-known management graduate degree in Europe, all recent candidates have always been accepted in Atlanta, London or San Francisco.
China, Russia, India
The “I” of MIB does not only mean “international” as often understood in USA or UK. In MIB Paris, it means intercultural management. It means that our ethnocentric MBAs China, Russia and India. MIB will open in 2010 in S Shanghai Jiaotong University, the University that Shanghai students will come to Par Students from all over the world will processes, changes and transform working with the best Universities in from USA and Europe to the worlds countries.
Emmanuel Monod, PhD, HDR, Univ Visiting professor at Georgia State U Director of MIB Paris
Nicolas ULMANN
P a r i s - S h a n g h a i - A t l a n t a - S a n F r a n c i s c o
«After a Master of Science at the University Paris 6, integrate the MIB was to me the opportunity to complete my course with skills in management, finance and ICT. But this proved much more, with a teaching style that allowed me to learn and develop communication skills and trained me on current problems, which are found in all major international projects. The adventure went even further, since I had the chance to have an apprenticeship at Accenture, and to use the tools that gave me the MIB to move towards «High Performance»! Crosscultural, the MIB may have a motto: connecting people to change the world!»
Thanks to the MIB program of Dauphine University I was able to acquire the skills needed for a position within Louis Vuitton Headquarters in Paris. The outstanding name of the University and its network of alumni have resulted in the creation of many alliances with other companies and schools in Asia and the United States, offering a big variety of choice and career opportunities. This program is an excellent combination of gaining working experience, acquiring a second Masters title and least but not last, spending a great year with new international classmates in a beautiful city as Paris!
Evelyne CHHEAN
The MIB enabled me to find an apprenticeship in one of the most amazing and stimulating company ever: Microsoft. Within the Entertainment and Devices Division, I had the rewarding and exciting mission to help the Sales Marketing team to launch new products campaign, to work on the company in-store strategy , and to organize Microsoft’s big trade shows events with its retailers. This was an amazing experience which would not have been possible if E. Monod and his team had not given their students all the right keys to convince and prove the biggest worldwide companies that we have a strong spirit of initiatives, responsibilities, and a real willingness to help in corporate projects.»
«This MIB is an apprenticeship training which permits to have a double experience (academic with the courses and professional in a company). You can be sure that you will do your apprenticeship in a big company thanks to many partnerships with our master. The courses are really interesting and adapted to the world of companies; we can mix theories and practices. We have many talented teachers with huge companies’ experiences. Today I am doing my apprenticeship as a consultant for IBM at the Insurance Practice, we have many MIB students in IBM who work now, and it is for me a real experience.»
After a four-year degree in Finance, my next step was to pursue a career in international project management and I ty such as Paris Dauphine. Going through the MIB was an extraordinary . This program has prepared me for the corporate word. The mix of nce with the apprenticeship in a large corporation is just right glish, to learn about business from various perspectives and in international teams sounded just perfect to me. luable to me , it gave me the right credentials to icultural and cross functional teams and projects, tial to career development in today’s global job of course a very rich professional network.
Othman EL BOUKKOURI m the beginning of my studies, my personal project was to work in ICT. The courses that I followed ngineering school provides me all the technical knowledge in this field but I always needed this extra to improve my profile.
MIB was this extra: a comprehensive and interesting program, open to the world that gives me he capabilities to be efficient in the business world.
nks to the MIB i’m now working as a project manager assistant in the «Financial Information Systems» department at LVMH. I am in charge of several projects that directly impact the IS of the houses (Dior, Sephora, GIVENCHY ...).
The MIB is an education with the special form of apprenticeship, which gives us a transformation period from students to employees and offers us an opportunity to prepare ourselves for the real professional world. A majority of the courses are taught in English, as well as in an international background. The convergence of different cultures helps us to become more and more suitable for international project management
Cécile CLERC
undoubtedly a unique opportunity. Not only does it provide us with a stong education that give ls to be tomorrow’s future leaders, but it also teaches us valuable business skills that can be rectly on the job via our apprenticeship programs. I believe that the major strength of the MIB is ibly multicultural environment we study and work in, which allows all of the artici ants to row personal and professional level.»
This master is very interesting for students who want an important knowledge all aspects of management. As a student’s I’m very grateful to teachers who h progress and give the competences we need. Thanks to this master you coul a big company and work as an apprentice during one year.
Ruini MA
After my studies at the University of Paris 2, I had the opportunity to incorporate MIB. This training gives students all advantages to succeed. The high quality of professors, the programs and the relations with the large enterprises. With the reputation of MIB, I easily found an internship in BNP Paribas Investment Partners, and the skills which I learned in the training of MIB help me very much in the work, specially the communication skills.
MIB gave me the opportunity to enter the company of my dreams, make great friends and enlarge my network in France. It was the best choice I could make!
IB a recognized degree from one of the best universities in France! his master’s degree provides me the fundamental management skills and a recognized degree from ne of the best universities in France. I have acquired technical skills in project management, change anagement, consulting at a high academic level. The degree of internationalization of this master as a deciding factor. The participants are very interesting people from China, U.S.A, razil, Russia, India…Business cases in multicultural teams are very efficient. Everyone rings his own culture to solve business problems. I entered one the most dynamic ompany In Europe (Orange). I have obtained a position as a business analyst.
After graduating the Rouen Business School I decided to join the MIB with th specialized in management of new technologies. Courses are very consisten and directly applied in the corporations we all work for. This apprenticeship great way to start a career. MIB strong network gave us the opportunity to join with great responsibilities (plus a strong point: we are paid! is fulfilling, lots of new great friends from more than 15 dif a great network! I am now working in the global marke product manager for the AFP web solution of text news wi
oday’s highly competitive job market and changing wo rnational exposure is crucial for young profession  combination of my financial mathematics educati  my past work experiences in the field (includi raineeship in financial risk management) made me iness management course. I strongly believe that a Masters in International Business (MIB) will her boost my current skill set and overall appeal to highly respected companies worldwide. A at the best French university in management and business, Paris Dauphine University is fitting chieve my goals. nts acquire new technical skills in project management, change management, business process, et and new technologies. The breadth in knowledge gained in this program, widens the future nts. Furthermore, the structure of the program, requiring students to undertake an ‘Apprentissage’, t my technical skills into practice whilst gaining work experience and enhancing my personal  nication skills. Outside of the technical course work, the diversity in participants (from Brazil, Russia, China, all European countries and American…) in the MIB program further strengthens the course. The multicultural facet within the classroom enhances the dynamics, bringing fourth new opinions and strengthening ideas of all. Moreover, the opportunity for team work with people from different nationalities improved my critical thinking and negotiating abilities. Importantly, the strength of the active and reactive MIB alumni network, enticed me to the program. The alumni’s strong link to large, international companies is a valuable resource and network not only for the future, but for the present. Thanks to MIB, I joined NYSE Euronext, the world’s large and most liquid exchange group as an ‘apprentissage’.
Maria Fernanda HERNANDEZ
«MIB is the greatest opportunity to develop your managerial skills, obtain an excellent professional sity and discover the communication and IT world  inside the biggest and best known companies in
Jean-Baptiste HERTZ
IB completes my education with a management degree and striving for professional experience, hile keeping an international dimension!
he year after I graduated from my engineering College, I experienced a hard time to find a job, s many young graduate students do. Therefore, I was both eager to complete my education with  management degree and striving for professional experience, while keeping an international imension.
t Dauphine’s MIB, I found classmates with similar objectives, opportunity for interesting tial employment and certainty for a total 1-year professional experience. I am now a PMO on a large scale IS project, where I am challenged every day on the skills I had to develop all along my education, by interacting with the numerous people on the project. From Newcomer, I had to become quickly a reference for my colleagues, who are now able to find any information they’d need for their daily work synchronization.
My apprenticeship allows me to be in the middle of all the dimensions of the project, as much on the daily management, on the work charge reporting or even the organization of events to maintain a nice spirit in a tough working environment. Executive’s expectancy, continuous flow of information, with a smile and the will to surpass oneself!
Vithushini PATHIRANA Assistant to the vice-president Corporate Marketing Department Alcatel-Lucent, a leader in telecommunication equipment and quoted company, has welcomed me to its headquarters, based in Paris, a few months ago. I am totally involved in huge projects, on topics like CRM, Knowledge Management and Web 2.0 which corresponds exactly to the syllabus of the MIB. In addition, at Alcatel-Lucent, the working language i English, which will help me to perfect my speaking and writing. Finally, the working environment is multi-cultural, with peopl coming from every country of the world.
Wangqin XU
MIB open the door for the future international business field, which linked wit high technology to University Students. It combines the American education advantage: full of imagination, and th French education advantage: great in ‘Gestion theories’. This formation gives us the most advanced theories and practices, it trains u how to survive in the huge International Corporation, and also how to bett orient our future career.
MIB is very close to business world!
more than a simple program in a university or a business school. We have the chance to follow many useful courses taught by great teachers and visiting professors coming from prestigious universities. MIB is very close to business world. B have advices from many professionals durin courses «alternation experience» (apprentissage) wit could bring a real leverage effect for my futu
P a r i s - S h a n g h a i - A t l a n t a - S a n F r a n c i s c o
Management international de projets et NTIC Master 2 professionnel en management en alternance et en apprentissage
Administrative Assistant: Caroline GFR CREPA Management et Organisation Place du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny 75775 Paris Cedex 16
Director: Emmanuel Monod, PhD, HDR, Université Paris-Dauphine Visiting Professor at Georgia State University, Atanta, USA
co-director: Jean-Francois David, Stratégiste former director of R&D, IBM Consulting Group