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User Manual Guide de l'utilisateur Logitech® Z-5450 Digital/Numériques
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User Manual ®
Z-5450 Digital/Numériques
de l’utilisateurTechnology
Thank you for purchasing the Logitech® Z-5450 Digital multimedia speaker system with dual wireless rear
speakers. We’ve worked hard to meet the rigid standards of THX™ Certified Multimedia and have included
the latest Dolby® Digital and DTS® technologies in order to give you a superior digital audio experience for
your PC, gaming, or home theater needs.
• Read these instructions. • Operate the apparatus only from the low level
audio line output jack of the computer or of an
• Keep t
audio device.
• Heed all warnings.
• Protect the power cord from being walked on
• Follow all instructions.
or pinched particularly at plugs, convenience
• Do not use this apparatus near water.
receptacles, and the point where they exit from
• Clean only with dry cloth.
the apparatus.
Dolby® Digital is the universal THX™ Certified Multimedia DTS® Digital Surround delivers
• Do not block any ventilation openings. Install
• Only use attachments/accessories specified by
standard for 5.1 digital sound. 5.1 digital sound that rivals
in accordance with the manufacturer’s THX™ brings high quality
the manufacturer.
DVDs, PlayStation®2, Xbox™, master soundtracks. DTS®
entertainment to the desktop.
• Unplug this apparatus during lightning storms
digital cable, satellite TV, and soundtracks are included in
Developed to optimize stereo
• Do not push objects into apparatus vents or
or when unused for long periods of time.
HDTV all use Dolby® Digital. many DVD videos, DVD audio
and multi-channel (5.1, 6.1, and
slots because fire or electric shock hazards
• Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel.
Dolby ProLogic II transforms discs and PlayStation®2 games.
7.1) desktop audio performance,
could result.
Servicing is required when the apparatus has any high-quality stereo source The Z-5450 Digital includes
THX™ Certified Multimedia
• Maintain a minimum distance of at least 6 inches
been damaged in any way, such as power-
into a full 5.1 experience. Dolby a hardware DTS® decoder for
products deliver rich sound from
around apparatus for sufficient ventilation.
supply cord or plug is damaged, liquid has been ProLogic II brings new life to master-quality sound. The Z-
CDs, DVDs, digital music, and
• Ventilation should not be impeded by covering spilled or objects have fallen into the apparatus,
the playback of CDs, MP3s, 5450 also includes support for
video games. Built and tested
the ventilation openings with items, such as the apparatus has been exposed to rain or video games, and other stereo DTS® 96/24 - an enhanced,
to meet THX™’s rigid standards
newspapers, table clothes, curtains, etc. moisture, does not operate normally, or has
content. The Z-5450 Digital higher-resolution, studio-quality
for quality and usability, THX™
been dropped. includes a hardware Dolby® format available on many DVD
• No naked flame sources, such as lighted candles,
Certified products promise
Digital decoder and Dolby Pro video and DVD Audio discs.*
should be placed on or near the apparatus. • The apparatus shall be disconnected from the
accurate audio reproduction,
Logic II for full, rich 5.1 sound.
mains by placing the power/standby switch
as well as easy set-up and
• Place apparatus in a stable location so it will not
in the standby position and unplugging the
fall causing product damage or bodily harm. configuration. With THX™
power cord of the apparatus from the AC
Certified Multimedia, PC systems
• Do not install near any heat sources such as
mains receptacle.
are transformed into high fidelity,
radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other apparatus
digital entertainment centers —
• The socket-outlet shall be installed near the
(including amplifiers) that produce heat.
equipment and shall be easily accessible. bring movies, music and games
• Do not defeat the safety purpose of the polarized
to life.
plug. A polarized plug has two blades with one
wider than the other. The wide blade is provided WARNING:
for your safety. If the provided plug does not
*For wireless transmission to the rear channels, Logitech introduces the world’s first THX™-certified wireless rear speaker
fit into your outlet, consult an electrician for SHOCK, DO NOT EXPOSE THIS APPARATUS
system that features independent rear channels (no wires between rear speakers or a receiver box). This proprietary
replacement of the obsolete outlet.
digital wireless technology offers state of the art clarity and reliability with adaptive channel hopping, redundant
transmission of music streams, and low latency using 48kHz sample rates. 96kHz audio streams are re-sampled to
48kHz in the rear channels only.
1 2
English English
yConnecting Your Speakers
6 ch. direct/ stereo 3
stereo 2
stereo 1
optical 2
optical 1
sub center surround
For your safety, set up the entire system before
For your safety, set up the entire system
Important: plugging the subwoofer and the wireless rear
Important: before plugging it into a power source.
speakers into a power source.
Initial Setup Overview:
To setup your system, see the Quick Start guide.
1. Front Satellite Speakers
4 3 2 9
Digital SoundTouch™ Control Center Overview
Before attaching the cables, position the two front satellite
1. Digital LCD
speakers on either side of your computer monitor or television
2. Input: Use to select audio source (Optical 1-2, Coax, 6 ch. Direct or Stereo 1-3)
about the same distance from each other as from you. Angle
them to face you. Place the two rear speakers behind you
3. Effect: Use to select sound effect (Stereo, Dolby® Pro Logic® II, etc.)
and about the same distance apart as the front speakers.
4. Settings: Adjust parameters of digital surround sound effects
Your Logitech® Z-5450 speaker satellites are wall mountable.
5. Mute: Mute the system
Unscrew the satellite stand from the satellite speaker base,
exposing the stability pins on the base. Rotate the speaker stand
6. Level: Use to select subwoofer, center, rear or main volume
180 degrees and reattach the stand to the base, ensuring the
7. Pro-audio style knob: Adjusts volume, subwoofer, center, and other levels
stability pins line up with the openings provided. Do not over
8. System Power: Toggles between Ready and Standby modes
tighten the screw. Mount the speakers using appropriate wall
9. Antenna: Transmits left and right rear audio signals to the wireless rear speakers anchors through the holes in the stands.
1 5 6 7 8
For a pro-audio look, remove the cloth grilles by pulling them straight
Remote Control
off. Removing the grilles will not affect sound quality.
All functions are available on the remote control
2. Center Channel Speaker
1. Test: The Test State is only available from the remote.
Depending on your configuration, place your center channel speaker
See the section on “Test State” for a full description of this mode.
on your desk (angled up), on top of your monitor or television (angled
2. System Power
down), or wall-mounted (angled down). Your Logitech® Z-5450 speaker satellites are wall mountable.
Unscrew the satellite stand from the satellite speaker base, exposing the stability pins on the base.
3. 6 ch. Direct / Stereo 1: Select 6 ch. Direct Input source (when in Stereo 1-3, this button will select Stereo 1 input source)
Rotate the speaker stand 180 degrees and reattach the stand to the base, ensuring the stability
4. Stereo 2: Select Stereo 2 input source (only works in Stereo 1-3 mode)
pins line up with the openings provided. Do not over tighten the screw. Mount the speakers using
5. Stereo 3: Select Stereo 3 input sourtereo 1-3 mode)
appropriate wall anchors through the holes in the stands.
3 7
6. Optical 1: Select Optical 1 input source
3. Subwoofer
Because bass frequencies are non-directional, the subwoofer can be placed anywhere in relation to the
7. Optical 2: Select Optical 2 input source
other speakers. To ensure optimum sound quality, do not block the driver or the bass port. To achieve
8. Coax: Select Coax input source
the strongest bass, place the subwoofer near a wall, corner or under a desk.
9. Sub up/down: Adjust subwoofer level
Note: Please ensure adequate ventilation around the subwoofer. Keep the cooling fins on the back of
10. Center up/down: Adjust center channel level
the subwoofer at least 6 inches away from any object.
11. Surround up/down: Adjust surround (rear) level
4. Digital SoundTouch™ Control Center
11 Position the Digital SoundTouch™ Control Center where it is easy to reach.
12. Effect: Select sound effect
5. With the power off and the speakers in place, connect the speaker wire to the spring clips on the
13. Volume up/down: Ad

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