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Join the Legacy

7 pages
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League of United Latin American Citizens Join the Legacy All for one ̶ One for all R E V I S E D 2 0 0 8 The Constitution, Bylaws, and Protocol
  • lulac code respect
  • constitution preamble
  • thy favor
  • proud record of accomplishments
  • cord of accomplishments for hispanic americans
  • spirit
  • lulac
  • constitution
  • members
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Listed below is an overview oflesson plans, methods and objectives that The Lands Council offers in regards to Project SUSTAIN’s four units, Forests, Water, Wildlife and Sustainability. Please read through the individual lessons and consult with TLC to choose a set ofcomplimenting programs preferred for yourclassroom. The Lands Coun-cil encourages schools to choose a total of16 in-class lessons and 4 field trips to complete the Project SUSTAIN program.
Thank you again for allowing The Lands Council the opportunity to help enhance current earth science curricula through Project SUSTAIN - for more information or for questions, please contact Kat Hall at (509) 209-2403 or at khall@landscouncil.org