SYNTHETIC GENOMICS Options for Governance
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SYNTHETIC GENOMICS Options for Governance


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Synthetic Genomics | Options for Governance 1 S Y N T H E T I C G E N O M I C S | Options for Governance Michele S. Garfinkel, The J. Craig Venter Institute, Rockville, Maryland, Drew Endy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Gerald L. Epstein, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington, District of Columbia and Robert M. Friedman, The J. Craig Venter Institute, Rockville, Maryland October 2007
  • genome synthesis
  • additional people with a wide range of expertise
  • series of policy options
  • synthetic genomics
  • governance
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  • options
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Carnegie Learning Math Prep is a researchbased course developed specifically to improve student performance on the California High School Exit Exam. Our Cognitive Tutor software utilizes an artificial intelligence model to identify weaknesses in each individual student’s mastery of mathematical concepts and then provides personalized tutoring that meets their unique needs.
Math Prep for the CAHSEE Table of Contents Unit 1 Pretest Unit 2 Division of Multiple Wholes as Fractions Unit 3 Division of Groups as Fractions Unit 4 Fraction Addition and Subtraction Unit 5 Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions Unit 6 Fraction Multiplication and Division Unit 7 Fraction and Decimal Conversions Unit 8 Decimal Addition and Subtraction Unit 9 Decimal Multiplication and Division Unit 10 Ratios and Proportions Unit 11 Fraction, Decimal, and Percent Conversions Unit 12 Percent Change Unit 13 Integer Representation, Addition, and Subtraction Unit 14 Integer Multiplication and Division Unit 15 Exponents Unit 16 Scientific Notation Unit 17 Order of Operations Unit 18 Expression Evaluation Unit 19 TwoStep Equations Unit 20 Squares and Square Roots Unit 21 Probability Unit 22 Measures of Central Tendency Unit 23 MidTerm Progress Test Unit 24 Linear Patterns and Graphs Unit 25 Expression Simplification and Equation Solving Unit 26 Linear Models and Graphs Unit 27 Linear Models and Ratios Unit 28 Linear Equation Solving Unit 29 Linear Models and the Distributive Property Unit 30 Linear Models and SlopeIntercept Graphs Unit 31 Systems of Linear Equations Modeling Unit 32 Systems of Linear Equations Unit 33 Graphs of Linear Inequalities Unit 34 Systems of Linear Inequalities Unit 35 Product Rule for Exponents Unit 36 Quotient Rule for Exponents Unit 37 Polynomial Addition and Subtraction Unit 38 Perimeter and Area Unit 39 Volume and Surface Area Unit 40 Pythagorean Theorem Unit 41 Geometric Transformations Unit 42 Unit Conversions Unit 43 Distance, Midpoint, and Slope Unit 44 PostTest Unit 45 Review
Course Components Diagnostic software pretest and posttest Math Intervention Software midterm progress test, (up to130 hours) Math Prep Teacher’s Guide Professional development Paper and pencil practice tests Teacher’s Toolkit report of student progress against CA Mathematics Academic Content Standards
Professional Development Full curriculum training from certified trainers Both onsite and regional training models accommodate various needs Programs that align teaching to learning using standardsbased curriculum, studentcentered instruction, and integration of technology Help Desk access via phone or email from 5AM6PM PST, 888.338.1485, Customers receive full curriculum support from installation and configuration through classroom and lab implementation.
Proven, Research Based Like all Carnegie Learning Cognitive Tutor products, Math Prep for the CAHSEE has a strong basis in research into how people learn, remember, and solve problems. Each activity incorporates a Cognitive Model, which is a representation of the specific cognitive skills and operations that students need to learn in order to master mathematics. The software tracks student learning at the appropriate level, provides justintime remediation’s customized for each student, and adjusts the pace of instruction for each student based on that student's success in mastering the material.
What is the difference in Math Prep and the software from one of Carnegie Learning’s core products? Math Prep is designed to review mathematical concepts and to help students prepare for standardized tests.Math Prep: Incorporates and streamlines the content of multiple curricula to fit the testing needs. Adapts to multiple program needs including supplemental after school programs, pull out programs, and intervention programs. Correlates to the California Mathematics Academic Content Standards. Includes diagnostic software pretest, midterm progress test, and posttest. Includes paper and pencil practice tests, which are based on the CAHSEE.
Practice Tests Math Prep includes three variants of a printed practice test. The tests are included as a PDF with the software. You may also choose to order a class set of 30 of each test form. Students can take a printed practice test prior to working in the software (as a pretest). The students may also take a printed practice test after completing the Math Prep course. Then, the results of the tests can be compared to see where students have improved. The practice tests may also be used sporadically through the Math Prep course. Each test includes a teacher answer sheet.
Technical Requirements ® Carnegie Learningsoftware runs on both Windows(2000, XP, or ® NT 4.0) and Macintosh(OSX 10.3 or higher) operating systems.
Carnegie Learning Math Prep for the CAHSEE A comprehensive, easy to deploy course customized to prepare students for the CAHSEE
Introducing Carnegie LearningMath Prep, the only researchbased, statespecific preparation course for students who will take highstakes exit exams but have little chance of passing, based upon their previous test scores or current classroom performance.
Carnegie LearningMath Prepcovers up to 130 hours ofBridge to Algebra,Algebra I,Geometry, andAlgebra IIcontent correlated ® to state math standards.Math Prepcurricula and mayis the newest in Carnegie Learning’s researchbased suite of Cognitive Tutor be taught as a fullyear preparation course or as a supplemental course.
Incorporating the content of multiple curricula, streamlined to fit the testing needs of each state,Math Prepmay be used in multiple ways within districts and adapts to a variety of program needs, such as supplemental after school programs, pull out programs, and intervention programs. Unlike most test prep programs where instructors pull together various components of the school’s existing math curricula for review,Math Prepis a comprehensive, easy to deploy course customized to the unique highstakes exit exam of the state.Math Prepcorrelates to the state testing standards and practice tests are formatted to give the student a similar experience to the state exam.
Software Features
1The researchbased pedagogy of theMath Prepsoftware engages students directly in problem solving using concrete, real world scenarios.
2For each content strand, students make connections between multiple representations using models, patterns, and symbols.
3The Skillometer visually summarizes the student’s mastery of math skills. After students complete each problem,Math Prepevaluates skill levels and gives students new problems that target deficient skills.
4The Look Ahead for each software unit provides lists of key terms, major skills addressed in the unit, and requirements to complete a typical problem in the unit.
5Each software unit ends with a Look Back that includes a Check Your Understanding problem, a summary of the formal math content, and a list of the major skills learned.
6Students can search and view a Glossary of mathematical terms that lists definitions and worked examples for terms used in the software.
7Different forms of help are available when solving problems  automatically generated JustinTime Help and OnDemand Help when the user selects the Hint button.
Tracking Student’s Progress
Teacher’s Toolkit Our Teacher’s Toolkit is a teacher accountability application for performing administrative tasks associated with Carnegie Learning’s programs. Such tasks typically include:
Adding and deleting instructors Creating and deleting new class rosters Tracking students’ progress as they work through the curriculum Printing class summaries and individual student reports Maintaining class rosters (changing student names, transferring and removing students) Restarting and skipping problems Changing a student’s placement within the curriculum Reports Teacher’s Toolkit Reports cover a variety of information to track student progress.
Report markers allow the teacher to isolate reports to a specific time interval. In addition, teachers always have the option to run reports based on the full reporting period.
The View Class Progress report lists the progress of each student in a particular class as they work through the curriculum. Like the administrative tasks, it utilizes drop down menus that allow teachers to easily select both the class and the curriculum. Teachers can view the report on screen to see at a glance how each student is progressing.
The Class Summary report shows each student’s current position within the curriculum and the number of units they have left to complete.
The Student Detail report shows a student’s progress at the section level.The report includes the number of problems solved, average time per problem, and average help requests per problem.
For more information and answers to your questions:
1.888.851.7094 (select option #7)
Educational Standards Report for class Kelly, MIchelle 1  Math Prep  California
Kelly, Michelle Kelly, Michelle1Math Prep  California
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