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  • cours - matière potentielle : instruction
  • dissertation
  • cours - matière potentielle : optimization of horizontal well completion by yula tang
  • dissertation - matière potentielle : committee
T H E U N I V E R S I T Y O F T U L S A THE GRADUATE SCHOOL OPTIMIZATION OF HORIZONTAL WELL COMPLETION BY YULA TANG A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the Discipline of Petroleum Engineering The Graduate School The University of Tulsa 2001 May
  • effects of selective completion
  • 5.2.2 effects
  • velocity flow effect
  • velocity flow
  • gas wells
  • liner completion
  • additional pressure drop
  • horizontal wells
  • source
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Best out of waste
Make a useful thing out of waste

Summer vacations holiday H.W.
Class IX

Write the answers to the following questions on assignment sheets.

Q1.Draw neat diagrams and label
(a) A prokaryotic cell
(b) An animal cell
(c) A plant cell
(d) Parenchyma tissue
(e) Collenchyma tissue.

Q2. Differentiate between the following pairs:
(a) Osmosis and diffusion
(b) Cell-wall and cell membrane
(c) Prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell
(d) Plant cell and animal cell
(e) Meristematic and permanent tissues.
(f) Parenchyma tissue and sclerenchyma tissue.
(g) Collenchyma and sclerenchyma tissue.

Q3. State the functions of the following:
(a) Nucleus
(b) Endoplasmic reticulum
(c) Golgi bodies
(d) Lysosomes
(e) Mitochondria
(f) Plastids
(g) Vacuoles.

Q4. What is the advantage of multicellualr condition over unicellular condition?

NOTE: Home work questions should be answered on the school assignment sheets.
Write your name, class, section and roll no. on every sheet.
Questions should be written in serial order as given followed by answers.
Diagram should be neatly drawn and labeled wherever required.

1. Very Short answer questions:
a) Convert the following temperatures into Celsius scale:
(i) 298 K (ii) 470 K
b) Convert the following temperatures into Kelvin scale:
o o(i) 25 C (ii) 373 C
c) What is the physical state of water at:
o o o(i) 25 C (ii) 0 C (iii) 100 C

2. Short answer questions: Give reasons for the following:
a) A gas fills the vessel completely in which it is kept
b) The temperature remains constant during the change in state.
c) Water kept in earthen pot becomes cool during summers.
d) Steam causes more severe burns than hot water.

3. Long answer questions:
a) With the help of an activity explain the effect of change in temperature. Also
draw a neat labelled diagram for the same.
b) With the help of an activity show the process of separating ammonium
chloride from sand. Draw a neat labelled diagram for the same.

Ms Deepti Garg
CC: HOD (science)
Rep Class IX
Coordinator class IX-X
Class IX
English Holiday Homework

1. Prepare a book report on life, literary style and literary achievements of
any one of the following:

i) Sudha Murthy
ii) O. Henry

* Use Assignment sheets. You can use the net for information and pictures,
regarding the writer.


a) The book report must be hand written with illustrations/pictures.
b) Do not use more than 6 Assignment Sheets.
c) The book report must have a cover.

2. Every student must purchase the following books listed below:

1. ARUP KUMAR DUTTA – Adventure Stories (CBT Publication)
 Dollar Bahu

Read the books listed above and make preliminary preparations to prepare
a joint book report on any one , after the school reopens. All students of one particular group should read the same book. A group should comprise
of 4 - 5 students.
Holiday Homework

Class IX

Make a Power Point Presentation of not more than 4 minutes on “La Gastronomie Française”

Choose any one project.
Use A-4 size Sheets.

A. Many of the most dramatic geological phenomena we experience on Earth —,
earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and more — are caused by the
slipping, sliding, and colliding of tectonic plates. Collect pictures and Newspaper
articles of the recent disasters that occurred in Japan. Also answer the following

1.'Disaster strikes Twice in Japan’. Explain.
2. Where was the epicenter of earthquake located?
3. What was the magnitude of earthquake on the Richter scale?
4. Where is the ring of fire?
5. Which city was affected most by the disaster?
6. What was the height of Tsunami waves?
7. Describe briefly the role of government in minimizing the loss of life?
8. Has the movement of plate tectonics changed the landscape?
9. How did the earthquake and tsunami affect the nuclear reactors? Where were
the reactors located?
10. What are the lessons on safety reactors learnt by India from Japan’s

B. Collect newspaper articles on Disaster management in Delhi Schools with
reference to Fire. Also answer the following questions-
1. What lessons have been learnt by the Delhi Schools after the Kumbakonam
school fire tragedy in 2003?
2. What guidelines did the Supreme Court lay to avoid the repeat of such
3. Are the schools equipped adequately at present with fire safety measures?
4. When is fire service week observed?
5. When was the Delhi fire service act notified?
6. Enumerate few preventive safety measures that you would adopt at home in
case of fire?
7. What is the importance of mock drills?
8. Where in Delhi were the mock drills conducted recently for prevention of fires?
9. Which is the apex body of disaster management in India?
10. Is disaster management the sole responsibility of the government agencies?

Prepared By Ms. Niti Arora.
German Summer Vacation Homework 2011-2012

Class IX

Was werden Sie nach der Schule machen? (150 Wörter)
Holiday Home Work
Class – IX
Sub : Hindi
Date : 22 May , 11.

1- mRrj kjr ds izeq[k i;ZVu LFkyksa o.kZu djrs gq, fe= dks
i= fyf[k, A

2- fdlh ,d fo‟k; ij vuqPNsn fyf[k, &

vzxj eSa iz/kkukpk;Z gksrk !


ijk/khu liusgw¡ lq[k ukfg A

3- O;kdj.k ls &

foykse “kCn ] eqgkojs ] vusdkFkhZ “kCn ] okD; ] milxZ ] izR;; ] lekl ] i;kZ;okph A

if<+, vkSj ;kn dhft,A

4- ifj;kstuk dk;Z ¼ fDrdkyhu dfo ehjk ] rqylh ] lwj ] jSnkl ]
jghe dh