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Welcome to Asian Bedford!


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1 Welcome to Asian Bedford! We hope that you will find this guide both interesting and informative. We also hope that it will inspire you to find out more about aspects of the different Asian cultures in the town…. festivals… heritage… music… food… This publication was compiled by Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire Libraries and any comments or additional information would be happily received. If you would like to comment on something in this guide please do not hesitate to contact us on the web at www.
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Langue English
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“Navigating the Human Terrain”
College Park, MD, May 20-21, 2008
GeoScope Map Viewer &
Arabic Editor
— Arabic Desktop Suite Tutorial
Tina Lieu Youssef Fayed
Director of Knowledge Management Software Analyst
Basis Technology Basis TechnologyArabic Desktop Suite
 Easy-to-install Windows desktop software
 Arabic Editor - Type Arabic using a standard
Western keyboard
 GeoScope - Locates places on a Middle Eastern
 Covered in next tutorial:
 Transliteration Assistant - Transliterates Arabic
names into English
 Knowledge Center - Reference for world leader
names, plus Arabic names and words
2Focus of this tutorial
Arabic Editor
 Word processing plain text Arabic with a Western
 Arabic reading aids for gisting
 Assumes some Arabic knowledge
 For viewing maps and finding locations in English
or Arabic
 Arabic input or “fuzzy transliteration”
 No Arabic knowledge required
3Arabic Editor
4Arabic Editor Functions
 Typing in Arabic
 Editing Arabic
 “Gisting”: Arabic-English word look-up
 View Grammatical Analysis function
 Searching Arabic text
 Via Arabic or Latin transliteration
 Transliterating English  Arabic
5Typing Arabic
 Use a standard Western keyboard
 Input using the Basis Transliteration Scheme
 Easily learned within an hour
 Completely reversible Arabic  English system
6Basis Transliteration System
b d S f h ب د ص ف ه
t D q wت ذ ض ق و h
th r T k yث ر ط ك ي
j z Z l ' ج ز ظ ل ء
H s m` ح س ع م
kh sh gh n خ ش غ ن
7Uppercase for Emphatic Consonants
 Use the Shift key to d Dد ض choose between
h Hه ح  Don’t capitalize
names when typing.
s Sس ص  Automatic
capitalization of
t Tت ط transliterated names
is available.
z Zز ظ
Input Produces Input Produces
a, e fatHä aa fatHä alif
o, u Dammä
'aa alif with
i kasrä maddä above
fatHä taa'
ai, ei, ay fatHä yaa' a+
ii, ee, iy kasrä yaa'
fatHä alif
ae uu, ou, Dammä maqSuurä
oo, uw waaw
^ au, aw fatHä waaw (quSayr) alif
9Vowels, ain, hamza, teh marbuta
Input Output English Example of:
With vowelsبت ك م
maktab office
Without vocalization; toggle بتكم vocalization off/on, click
Long vowel = two vowelsaabar wellsربآ
ain = backquote `
teh marbutah = a+`aa'ila+ familyة ل ئاع
hamza =apostrophe '
hamza (forced)= *aDwaA* illnessءاو$ د& ا

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