Autodesk Labs Brief
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Autodesk Labs Brief

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Autodesk® Publish DWG to Google Earth™ Extension USER'S GUIDE (Disclaimer: Remember that this is all early alpha and beta software; really cool technology, but it's unsupported, use at your own risk, etc. In other words, don't use these tools on mission critical projects! Lastly, we make no guarantee that these products/features will ever be commercially available.) Overview This add-on application is useful in publishing and viewing your DWG-based data and 3D models within Google Earth™.
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  • close enough
  • enough detail of the earth
  • dwg
  • autodesk labs
  • autocad
  • image
  • model
  • earth
  • location
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    Over 2 million copies sold!
    Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences A.K.A. “The Little Green Books” 2008
    Have You Met the Newest Members of the “Little Green Books” Series?
    A Mathematical Primer for Social Statistics
    John Fox McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
    This volume serves as a primer for advanced un-dergrads, graduate students, and researchers in the social sciences who wish to learn and use relatively advanced statistical methods.
    Volume 159 Paperback:£9.99ISBN:978-1-4129-6080-9 August200896pages
    Introduction to the Comparative Method with Boolean Algebra An Introduction Daniele Caramani University of Mannheim, Germany This volume offers students and researchers in the behavioral and social sciences a brief and acces-sible introduction to the comparative method. Volume 158 Paperback:£9.99ISBN:978-1-4129-0975-4 June200844p1esag
    Latent Growth Curve Modeling
    Kristopher J. PreacherUniversity of Kansas
    Nancy E. BriggsUniversity of Adelaide, Australia
    Aaron L. WichmanOhio State University
    Robert Charles MacCallum University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
    This text introduces techniques to researchers and provides easy-to-follow, didactic examples of several common growth modeling approaches.
    Volume157 Paperback:£9.99ISBN:978-1-4129-3955-3 June2008sepga182
    Mediation Analysis
    Dawn IacobucciUniversity of Pennsylvania
    This text contains thorough coverage of introductory and advanced material.
    Volume156 Paperback:£9.99ISBN:978-1-4129-2569-3 April200888pages
    Spatial Regression Models
    Michael D. Ward University of Washington
    Kristian Skrede Gleditsch University of Essex, U.K.
    This text illustrates the use of spatial analysis in the social sciences. The text includes sections that cover different modeling-related topics.
    Volume 155 Paperback:£9.99ISBN:978-1-4129-5415-0 February2008112pages
    Social Network Analysis Second Edition
    David KnokeUniversity of Minnesota, Twin Cities
    Song YangUniversity of Arkansas
    This thoroughly updated volume covers various issues in basic network concepts, data collection, and network analytical methodology.
    Volume154 Paperback:£9.99ISBN:978-1-4129-2749-9 2007144pages
    Agent-Based Models
    Nigel Gilbert University of Surrey, Guildford, U.K.
    InoMdesaB-tnegAlsde, author Nigel Gilbert reviews a range of examples of agent-based model-ing, describes how to design and build your own models, and considers practical issues.
    Volume153 Paperback:£9.99ISBN:978-1-4129-4964-4 2007112pages
    Modern Methods for Robust Regression
    Robert Andersen University of Toronto
    This volume offers a brief, but in-depth, treatment of robust and resistant regression. It is ideal for readers who are interested in the issues related to outliers and influential cases.
    Volume 152 Paperback:£9.99ISBN:978-1-4129-4072-6 2007128pages
    Graph Algebra Mathematical Modeling With a Systems Approach
    Courtney Brown Emory University
    Graph Algebraintroduces a new modeling tool to students and researchers in the social sciences.
    Volume 151 Paperback:£9.99ISBN:978-1-4129-4109-9 2008104pages
    Differential Equations
    Courtney Brown Emory University
    The mixture of nonlinearity with dynamical systems is a virtual trademark for this author’s approach to modeling, and this theme comes through clearly throughout the book, encouraging social science students of mathematical modeling to begin work-ing with differential equation models that address complex and sophisticated social theories.
    Volume 150 Paperback:£9.99ISBN13:978-1-4129-4108-2 2007120pages
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    Analyzing Complex Survey Data Second Edition Eun Sul Lee and Ronald N. Forthofer University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston Volume71 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-7619-3038-9
    Statistical Graphics for Visualizing Multivariate Data
    Research Designs
    Paul E. Spector University of South Florida
    Volume 58 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-8039-2309-6
    G. David Garson
    Volume 120 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-7619-0899-9
    William G. Jacoby University of South Carolina, Colombia
    Microcomputer Methods for Social Scientists Second Edition Edited by Philip A. Schrodt University of Kansas, Lawrence Volume40 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-8039-3043-8
    Herbert Jacob
    Volume42 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-8039-2299-0
    Introduction to Applied Demography Data Sources and Estimation Techniques Norfleet W. Rives William J. Serow Florida State University Volume39 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-8039-2134-4
    Using Published Data: Errors and Remedies
    Volume87 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-8039-4752-8
    Robert S. Biggs Director of Community Development and Planning, Wendell, North Carolina
    Volume23 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-8039-1709-5
    Paul E. Tracy University of Texas at Dallas
    James Alan Fox Northeastern University, Boston
    Analytic Mapping and Geographic Databases
    Volume 52 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-8039-2457-4
    Introduction to Survey Sampling
    Graham Kalton
    Frederic M. Wolf University of Michigan Medical School
    Volume 59 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-8039-2756-8
    Bestseller! Survey Questions: Handcrafting the Standardized Questionnaire Jean M. Converse Stanley Presser University of Maryland Volume63 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-8039-2743-8
    Volume49 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-8039-3863-2
    Robert Philip Weber Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations and Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
    Basic Content Analysis
    Analyzing Documentary Accounts
    The List of QASS Titles by Topic
    Volume 128 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-7619-1743-4
    Randy Hodson The Ohio State University
    Thomas W. Madron, C. Neal Tate, and Robert G. Brookshire North Texas State University
    Meta-Analysis: Quantitative Methods for Research Synthesis
    Research Methods and Design
    Randomized Response: A Method for Sensitive Surveys
    Volume53 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-8039-2302-7
    Using Microcomputers in Research
    Secondary Analysis of Survey Data
    Volume35 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-8039-2126-9
    Laura E. Nathan
    K. Jill Kiecolt
    Order Your QASS Titles Today! ByPhone:+44 (0)20 7324 8703Fax:+44 (0)20 7324 8700 orMail:SAGE Publications Ltd, 1 Olver’s Yard, 55 City Road, London EC1Y 1SP
    Michael Smithson Australian National UniversityJay Verkuilen
    Volume147 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-7619-2986-4
    Volume141 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-7619-2710-5
    Fuzzy Set Theory Applications in the Social Sciences
    Brian S. Krueger Cancer Prevention Research Center at University of Rhode Island
    Survey Design and Analysis
    Internet Data Collection
    Samuel J. Best University of Connecticut
    Computer-Assisted Exploratory Data Analysis Interviewing Frederick Hartwig Willem E. Saris Brian E. Dearing University of Amsterdam, Volume16 The Netherlands Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-8039-1370-7 Volume 80 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-8039-4066-6 Measures of Association Albert M. Liebetrau Processing Data: The Volume32 Survey Example Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-8039-1974-7 Linda B. Bourque and Virginia A. Clark UCLAUnderstanding Volume 85Significance Testing Paperback: £9.99 Lawrence B. Mohr ISBN:978-0-8039-4741-2 University of Michigan Volume73 Analyzing Repeated Paperback: £9.99 Surveys ISBN:978-0-8039-3568-6 Glenn Firebaugh Central Tendency Pennsylvania State University and Variability Volume 115 Paperback: £9.99 Herbert Weisberg ISBN:978-0-8039-7398-5 The Ohio State University Volume83 Translating Questionnaires Paperback: £9.99 and Other Research709--904-80378-0N:9ISB Instruments: Problems Bestseller! and Solutions Orlando BehlingNonparametric Statistics: Bowling Green State UniversityAn Introduction Kenneth S. Law Jean D. Gibbons Hong Kong UniversityVolume 90 Paperback: £9.99 Volume133 ISBN:978-0-8039-3951-6 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-7619-1824-0 Nonparametric Measures of Association BasicStatistics Jean D. Gibbons Volume 91 Tests of SignificancePaperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-8039-4664-4 Ramon E. Henkel Volume4 Bestseller! Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-8039-0652-5 Data Analysis: An Introduction Analysis of Nominal Data Michael Lewis-Beck H. T. Reynolds University of Iowa Volume7 Volume103 Paperback: £9.99 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-8039-0653-2 ISBN:978-0-8039-5772-5 Analysis of Ordinal Data Statistical Graphics David K. Hildebrand for Univariate and James D. LaingBivariate Data Howard Rosenthal William G. Jacoby University of South Volume 8 Paperback: £9.99Carolina, Colombia ISBN:978-0-8039-0795-9 Volume117 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-7619-0083-2
    Correlation: Parametric and Nonparametric Measures Peter Y. Chen Colorado State University Paula M. Popovich Ohio University Volume139 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-7619-2228-5
    Confidence Intervals
    Michael Smithson Australian National University
    Volume140 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-7619-2499-9
    Probability Theory: A Primer Tamas Rudas Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest TARKI Social Research Centre Volume142 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-761-92-06-4
    Multilevel Modeling
    Douglas A. Luke Saint Louis University
    Volume143 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-7619-2879-9
    Advanced Statistics
    Bayesian Statistical Inference Gudmund R. Iversen Swarthmore College Volume43 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-8039-2328-7
    Bootstrapping: A Nonparametric Approach to Statistical Inference
    Christopher Z. Mooney and Robert D. Duval West Virginia University
    Volume 95 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-8039-5381-9
    Order Your QASS Titles Today! ByPhone:+44 (0)20 7324 8703Fax:+44 (0)20 7324 8700 orMail:SAGE Publications Ltd, 1 Olver’s Yard, 55 City Road, London EC1Y 1SP
    Volume 10 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-8039-0941-0
    Allan J. Lichtman
    Volume72 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-7619-2742-6
    Robert Turrisi
    James Jaccard State University of New York, Albany
    Scott R. Eliason University of Minnesota
    Maximum Likelihood Estimation: Logic and Practice
    Volume96 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-8039-4107-6
    Interpreting and Using Regression Christopher H. Achen Princeton University Volume 29 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-8039-1915-0
    Stanley Feldman University of Kentucky
    Volume 50 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-8039-2054-5
    Stochastic Parameter Regression Models
    Contextual Analysis Gudmund R. Iversen Swarthmore College Volume 81 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-8039-4272-1
    Bestseller! Applied Regression: An Introduction Michael Lewis-Beck University of Iowa Volume 22 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-8039-1494-0
    Regression Diagnostics: An Introduction
    Volume79 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-8039-3971-4
    John Fox McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
    Volume 51 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-8039-2425-3
    Understanding Regression Analysis: An Introductory Guide
    Theodore Bos
    William D. Berry Florida State University
    Multiple Regression in Practice
    Interaction Effects in Multiple Regression Second Edition
    Volume57 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-8039-2758-2
    Order Your QASS Titles Today! ByPhone:+44 (0)20 7324 8703Fax:+44 (0)20 7324 8700 orMail:SAGE Publications Ltd, 1 Olver’s Yard, 55 City Road, London EC1Y 1SP
    Ecological Inference
    Larry D. Schroeder Syracuse University, New York
    David L. Sjoquist and Paula E. Stephan Georgia State University - Atlanta
    Lingxin Hao and Daniel Q. Naiman The Johns Hopkins University
    Quantile Regression
    Volume149 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-1-4129-2628-7
    Laura Irwin Langbein
    Volume130 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-7619-1585-0
    John Fox McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
    Paul Newbold University of Illinois, Carbondale
    Volume 111 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-8039-5710-7
    LISREL Approaches to Interaction Effects in Multiple Regression James Jaccard andChoi K Wan State University of New York, Albany Volume114 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-8039-7179-0
    Nonparametric Simple Regression: Smoothing Scatterplots
    Volume116 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-8039-5943-9
    Generalized Linear Models: A Unified Approach
    Monte Carlo Simulation
    Christopher Z. Mooney West Virginia University
    Volume136 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-7619-1672-7
    Paul D. Allison University of Pennsylvania
    Jeff Gill University of Florida, Gainesville
    Missing Data
    Volume 92 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-8039-4263-9
    William D. Berry Florida State University
    Bestseller! Understanding Regression Assumptions
    Volume134 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-7619-2055-7
    Richard Breen Queen’s University of Belfast, Northern Ireland
    Regression Models: Censored, Sample Selected, or Truncated Data
    Bestseller! Regression with Dummy Variables Melissa A. Hardy The Pennsylvania State University Volume93 Paperback: £9.99 ISBN:978-0-8039-5128-0
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