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Excel Tutorial Welcome to Excel! This tutorial may look long and boring, but sit back, take a deep breath, and step through it. It will take one-two hours at most. After this tutorial you will use Excel in Biology 180 labs and class work often, and are expected to do so with relative ease. Microsoft Excel is powerful and widely available spreadsheet software, used for tracking baseball statistics, stocks prices, business budgets, and of course, scientific data.
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Welcome to Free Spanish Lessons Lesson #1 In this lesson you will learn the Spanish vowel pronunciation, the numbers from 1 to 21, days of the week and months of the year. It is very important that you practice saying the Spanish words out loud and memorize them.
Instructions for Free S Lesson #1
Read the vowels aloud and practice them Read aloud the numbers from 121 and memorize them. Read aloud the days of the week and memorize them. Read aloud the months of the year and memorize them.
The goal of Lesson # 1 is to get you acquainted with the Spanish vowels, numbers 121 and the months of the year and days of the week. Practice each section by saying the words out loud and repeating them.
Spanish Vowel Pronunciation
O pronounced oh A pronounced ah E pronounced ay U pronounced oo I (Y) pronounced ee
Note: oh and ay are not exact equivalents of the Spanish O and E, but they are close enough.
Spanish Numbers 122
1. Uno (oonoh) 2. Dos (dohs) 3. Tres (trays) 4. Cuatro (kwahtroh) 5. Cinco (seenkoh) 6. Seis (sayees) 7. Siete (syaytay) 8. Ocho (ohchoh) 9. Nueve (nwayvay) 10. Diez (dyays) 11. Once (ohnsay)
12. Doce (dohsay) 13. Trece (traysay) 14. Catorce (kahtorsay) 15. Quince (keensay) 16. Diez y Seis 17. Diez y Siete 18. Diez y Ocho 19. Diez Y Nueve 20. Veinte (vayeentay) 21. Veinte y Uno
Days of the Week
Monday: Lunes (loonays) Tuesday: Martes (mahrtays) Wednesday: Miércoles (myayrkohlays) Thursday: Jueves (hwayvays) Friday: Viernes (vyayrnays) Saturday: Sábado (dahbahdoh) Sunday: Domingo (dohmeengoh)
Months of the year
January: Enero (ayhayroh) February: Febrero (faybrayroh) March: Marzo (mahrsoh) April: Abril (ahbreel) May: Mayo (mayyoh) June: Junio (hoonyoh) July: Julio (hoolyoh) August: Agosto (ahgostoh) September: Septiembre (saytyaymbray) October: Octubre (ohtoobray) November: Noviembre (nohvyaymbray) December: Diciembre (deesyaymbray)
This concludes Free Spanish Lesson # 1. For best results, you must practice and memorize the words in the lesson. The next Spanish Lesson will include some useful phrases and words for travelers, along with some more numbers.
See additional resources for great Spanish learning courses, lessons and games.
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