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For more sample questions and test-taking tips, please visit 1 GMAT Sample Tests: Answers with Complete Explanations We offer a full verbal test, including 10 critical reasoning questions, 16 sentence correction questions, and 15 reading comprehension questions. Also included are answers with complete explanations. Questions 1- 8 are based on the following passage. I want to criticize the social system, and to show it at work, at its most intense.
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Social Work and
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Social Policy 2011
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Welfare Theory
New Frontiers in Tax and Benefit Policies PUBLIC POLICY
Microsimulation Modelling in the Enlarged EuropeAND SOCIAL
Assessing the Impact with Edited by Asghar Zaidi, European Centre for WELFARE SERIES Social Welfare Policy and Research, Austria Microsimulation Models
Bernd Marin, European Centre for Social and OECD, France, Ann Harding, University Edited by Orsolya Lelkes, European Centre for
Welfare Policy and Research, Austria of Canberra, Australia and Paul Williamson, Social Welfare Policy and Reserach, Austria and
University of Liverpool, UKStarted in 1990, the series presents monographs and Holly Sutherland, University of Essex, UK
collective volumes focusing on outcomes of research Public Policy and Social Welfare Public Policy and Social Welfare
organized by the European Centre for Social Welfare
‘Overall, the contributions presented in this volume ‘The appropriate collection of published studies in Policy and Research. Studies in this series are mostly
give a very good overview of the state-of-the-art in Part II and III make the book interesting for a broader cross-national and comparative, interdisciplinary
microsimulation modelling. The volume may be audience by providing an overall view on the possible and empirical, with both a theoretical and a
useful for at least two different tasks. Firstly, it could applications of the model...At the same time, the in-policy orientation.
be a reference for those already working in the area of depth analysis in individual chapters is interesting for
Find out more information on this series: microsimulation who are searching for guidance towards economists and social scientists working in the field of specific topics. Secondly, it could be useful for those tax and benefit policies...this book is interesting for the
interested in building a microsimulation model, since broader community and should be read by the experts
the selection of papers provides a broad overview of of tax-benefit policies’
the scope but also about the potential pitfalls associated Activity, Incomes and The Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulationwith model building.’
Social Welfare Includes36 figures, 39 tables and 3 boxes
The Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation
A Comparison across Four New July 2009 216 pages
October 2009 640 pages Paperback 978-0-7546-7848-9 £40.00 EU Member States Paperback 978-0-7546-7647-8 £50.00
Edited by Manuela Sofia Stanculescu, Romanian
Academy, Bucharest, Romania and Tine Stanovnik,
Women’s Work and Pensions: Institute for Economic Research, Ljubljana, Slovenia Rescaling Social Policies towards
Public Policy and Social Welfare What is Good, What is Best? Multilevel Governance in Europe
This book describes and quantifies the major Designing Gender-Sensitive ArrangementsSocial Assistance, Activation and Care
socioeconomic changes that have occurred in four new
Bernd Marin, European Centre for Social Welfare for Older Peoplemember states of the EU (Slovenia, Hungary, Romania
Policy and Research, Austria and Eszter Zólyomi,
and Bulgaria) since the early 1990s. Within the broad Yuri Kazepov, University of Urbino, Italy
European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and
framework of socioeconomic change, a number of
Public Policy and Social Welfare Research, Austria topics are explored in greater detail. These include
This distinctive book highlights the comparative changes in activity, occupational status and educational Public Policy and Social Welfare
transversal and national issues of multi-level governance attainment, household income sources and income ‘At a time when pension reform, coverage and adequacy
in social welfare policies. The author reports on three inequality, and risk of income poverty. The analysis is are high on the socio-economic and political agenda…
particular policy areas: social assistance and local based on household budget surveys and complemented this publication fills an important gap by looking at the
policies against poverty; activation and labour market with other statistical sources, enabling a coherent impact of the pension reforms on half of the population,
policies; and care for the elderly; whist looking at the analysis of the impact of large changes in social policy which is all too frequently exposed to poverty in
changes that have taken place over the past few years at household level. old age.’
and their resulting effects. It will be a key text for those May 2009 286 pages
Transferconcerned with social policy and welfare. Paperback 978-0-7546-7777-2 £35.00 Includes 33 figures and 27 tablesAugust 2010 506 pages
Paperback 978-1-4094-1021-8 £45.00 February 2010 324 pages Paperback 978-1-4094-0698-3 £35.00
2 Tel: +44(0)1235 827730 | Fax: +44(0)1235 400454 | E-mail:
SERIESWelfare Theory
Drugs and Crime The Bureaucrat and the Poor THE LIBRARY OF
Volume II Encounters in French Welfare Offices DRUG ABUSE AND
Edited by Mangai Natarajan, John Jay College of Vincent Dubois, University of Strasbourg, France
CRIME SERIES Criminal Justice, City University of New York, USA ‘A lucid, well-written and well-organised account of
everyday bureaucracy at the welfare agency’s window, Mangai Natarajan, John Jay College of The Library of Drug Abuse and Crime
solidly based on observation: first-class empirical Criminal Justice, The City University of The essays in this volume consider the many and
sociology, savvy, streetwise, and with a wicked sense New York, USA complex ways in which drugs and crime could be
of clients’ covert tactics. French bureaucrats and their related beyond the simple causal link between drug Many countries around the world find themselves
clients are clearly not unique: as Dubois portrays them
grappling with problems of drug abuse. International dependency and crime.
they look uncannily familiar.’
collaborative efforts and policies have been geared Includes 23 previously published journal articles
Abram de Swaan, University of Amsterdam, The mostly to obstructing the supply of drugs, while March 2010 510 pages
Netherlandsefforts to control demand have been left to national Hardback 978-0-7546-2772-2 £140.00
governments. Meanwhile, in recent decades extensive Welfare offices usually attract negative descriptions of
programmes have been funded to research the etiology bureaucracy with their queues, routines, and impersonal
and epidemiology of drug abuse as well as the drugs- nature. Are they anonymous machines or the locus
crime relationship. Drug Abuse: Prevention of neutral service relationships? Showing how people
experience state public administration, The Bureaucrat The increase in drugs-related research is reflected in and Treatment
and the Poor provides a realistic view of French welfare this series which collects the most significant published Volume III
policies, institutions and reforms and, in doing so, articles and papers on the sociology and criminology
Edited by Mangai Natarajan, John Jay College of dispels both of these myths.of drug abuse. The journal articles are selected from
Criminal Justice, City University of New York, USAa variety of relevant disciplines including economics, September 2010 228 pages
Hardback 978-1-4094-0289-3 £55.00 sociology, psychology, criminology, criminal justice, The Library of Drug Abuse and Crime
ebook 978-1-4094-0290-9 medicine and social work, and are all peer reviewed.
The essays in this volume review world-wide policies articles provide a thorough review of recent
to control, prevent and treat drug abuse, assess their
literature, an intellectual critique of the relevant studies
outcomes and discuss the reasons behind the adoption
and identify gaps in research and policy relating to drug
of different strategies. Changing Relations of Welfareabuse and crime. Taken together the three volumes
Includes 29 previously published journal articles Family, Gender and Migration in Britain offer an invaluable resource to students and scholars
interested in all aspects of drug abuse and crime. March 2010 500 pages and Scandinavia
Hardback 978-0-7546-2775-3 £140.00
Edited by Janet Fink, The Open University, UK
and Åsa Lundqvist, University of Lund, SwedenDrugs of Abuse:
‘This book brings a new dimension to the feminist The International Scene The Library of Drug Abuse analysis of family policies by introducing the issues of
Volume I race and ethnicity. Viewing family policies in the UK and Crime: 3-Volume Set
and Scandinavia across time and from a transnational Edited by Mangai Natarajan, John Jay College of Edited by Mangai Natarajan, John Jay College of perspective, it exposes not only the gendered but also
Criminal Justice, City University of New York, USA Criminal Justice, City University of New York, USA the racialized assumptions embodied in supposedly
The Library of Drug Abuse and Crime neutral and universal measures. Changing Relations The Library of Drug Abuse and Crime
of Welfare is essential reading for all those seeking The essays in this volume highlight drug abuse as a March 2010 1490 pages
worldwide problem, affecting countries in both the to understand the politics of social policy in an era Hardback 978-0-7546-2777-7 £375.00 of globalization.’developed and developing world.
Includes 28 previously published journal articles Sonya Michel, Woodrow Wilson International Center for
Scholars, USAMarch 2010 480 pages
Hardback 978-0-7546-2769-2 £140.00 Changing Relations of Welfare uses rich and varied
sources to offer an innovative approach to the analysis
of meanings afforded to the family in different policy,
legal and welfare contexts in Sweden, Denmark and
Britain. Through the presentation of a historically
informed, comparative analysis of the shifting dynamics
in the relationship between family and the state, this
volume offers new pathways for exploring questions
of change and continuity.
April 2010 212 pages
Hardback 978-0-7546-7893-9 £55.00
ebook 978-0-7546-9764-0
3SOCIAL WORK AND SOCIAL POLICY 2011 | | Order online and receive a 10% discount
SERIESWelfare Theory
Compliance in the Enlarged The End of Territoriality? For Durkheim
The Impact of ECJ Rulings on British, Essays in Historical and Cultural Sociology European Union
German and French Social Policy Edward A Tiryakian, Duke University, USALiving Rights or Dead Letters?
Andreas Obermaier, Brussels, Belgium Rethinking Classical SociologyGerda Falkner, Oliver Treib
and Elisabeth Holzleithner Through analyzing the implementation of a series of ‘This is an important volume...It testifies to the
European Court of Justice rulings in the key member continued relevance of the legacy of classical theory This book offers a rigorous empirical and theoretical
states of Germany, France and the UK, The End of to that end. It is essential reading for graduate students analysis of the implementation of EU legislation and
Territoriality brings the high impact issue of policy working in sociological or cultural theory or political its effect in the wake of the accession of ten new
changes to the foreground. By drawing extensively sociology, and for anyone teaching Durkheim to member states to the EU in 2004. The authors offer
on original sources and new material, this volume undergraduate or graduate students.’in-depth empirical case studies of three of the most
will be of key interest to those studying and working significant pieces of EU social legislation: the Working Canadian Journal of Sociology
within social policy, welfare, political sociology, and Time Directive, the Equal Treatment Directive and the June 2009 378 pages European law.Employment Equality Directive. Hardback 978-0-7546-7155-8 £60.00
December 2009 234 pages 2008 224 pages
Hardback 978-0-7546-7827-4 £55.00 Hardback 978-0-7546-7509-9 £35.00
ebook 978-0-7546-9628-5 Freedom and Consumerism
A Critique of Zygmunt Bauman’s Sociology
The Culture of Homelessness European Gender Regimes Mark Davis, University of Leeds, UK
Megan Ravenhill, Kingston University, UK and Policies ‘Who is Zygmunt Bauman? “The greatest sociologist
‘This book enables us to see homeless people in a fresh writing in English today...” announces an early chapter Comparative Perspectives
way. If, as the author shows, homelessness is often in this book. Well, if he isn’t, who is? Mark Davis, in his
Sevil Sümer, University of Bergen, Norwaytriggered by violence and trauma in childhood and if plain, open-minded and admirable study, takes nothing
street life or “homeless culture” is so attractive in giving Comprehensive gender equality remains an unfulfilled for granted about his grand subject, but works his way
status and acceptance, sometimes for the first time goal in many European countries, in spite of important through an account of Bauman’s enormous oeuvre to
– then present interventions and policies will fail to re- developments and challenges to social roles. This a conclusion that leaves us in little doubt about the
integrate roofless people into mainstream society. These volume reviews recent advances of gender policies in man’s importance.’
insights have wide implications for policy and practice.’ different countries in the European Union, together with
The Times Higer Education
recent empirical data on gender relations in the labour Susan Hutson, University of Glamorgan, UK
October 2008 198 pages market and within families. It adopts an international October 2008 298 pages Hardback 978-0-7546-7271-5 £55.00
and interdisciplinary perspective through its use of Hardback 978-0-7546-7190-9 £55.00 ebook 978-0-7546-8867-9
qualitative and quantitative data, and a comprehensive ebook 978-0-7546-8864-8 theoretical framework.
July 2009 154 pages
Hardback 978-0-7546-7086-5 £50.00 Gender and Well-Being in Europe
The Disabling State of ebook 978-0-7546-9870-8
Historical and Contemporary Active Society Edited by Bernard Harris, University of
Mikael Holmqvist, Stockholm University, Sweden Southampton, UK, Lina Gálvez, University of Pablo
Flexible Organizations de Olavide, Seville, Spain and Helena Machado,Welfare and Society
University of Minho, Portugal and the New Working Life‘Holmqvist’s intriguing study of a Swedish welfare
agency organization, based on a Chicago sociology- Gender and Well-BeingA European Perspective
style ethnography, provides first-hand insight into the ‘This fine book offers an important contribution to our Edited by Egil J. Skorstad and Helge Ramsdal,
everyday work life of an organization whose political understanding of the many dimensions of well-being. both at Østfold University College, Norway
ambitions and rationale do not always translate into The historical and contemporary studies in this volume
What are we actually talking about when we talk practices that help the unemployed return to the regular demonstrate that for a proper understanding of human
of flexibility in organizational settings? Do flexible labour market. This well-researched and informed well-being, we have to pay due attention to gender
forms of organization lead to varied, challenging and scholarly work will be of interest to both organization issues. Students, scholars and policy makers across
autonomous work or do they have a negative impact theorists and policy makers.’ the social sciences and humanities will find this a
on working conditions?
Alexander Styhre, Chalmers University of Technology, valuable collection.’
These questions are confronted by a group of specialist Sweden Ingrid Robeyns, Erasmus University, The Netherlands
authors, who discuss the concept of flexibility in relation September 2009 178 pages July 2009 298 pages to employment practices, organizational structure, Hardback 978-0-7546-7832-8 £55.00 Hardback 978-0-7546-7264-7 £60.00
ebook 978-0-7546-9645-2 cultural peculiarities and network arrangements in ebook 978-0-7546-8863-1 France, Italy, Norway, Sweden and the UK.
April 2009 288 pages
Hardback 978-0-7546-7420-7 £60.00
ebook 978-0-7546-9151-8
4 Tel: +44(0)1235 827730 | Fax: +44(0)1235 400454 | E-mail:|
Welfare Theory
FORTHCOMINGGender Inequalities, Households Karl Mannheim and the Legacy
and the Production of Well-Being of Max Weber Probation Practice and
Retrieving a Research Programmein Modern Europe the New Penology
David Kettler, Bard College, USA, Colin Loader, Practitioner ReflectionsEdited by Tindara Addabbo,
University of Nevada, USA and Volker Meja,University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy, John Deering, University of Wales, Newport, UK
Memorial University of Newfoundland, CanadaMarie-Pierre Arrizabalaga, Université de Cergy- ‘This important book gives a voice to those who
Pontoise, France, Cristina Borderías, University Rethinking Classical Sociology implement the theories and practices of probation
of Barcelona, Spain and Alastair Owens, ‘A fascinating and scrupulously executed account of the work, and in so doing provides a glimmer of hope for
Queen Mary University of London, UK research programme that Mannheim initiated with his those who have conceded the defeat of humanitarian
values to right and left wing punitivists. Not only does advanced students at Frankfurt in the final years of the Gender and Well-Being
Weimar Republic. The authors uncover both sociological it challenge current political assumptions about how
Demographic change and economic liberalization are
organisations and the people who work within them work and sociologists neglected in the literature, at
reshaping European states in a number of profound
the same time providing a stellar exemplar of what the can be bent to political will, but it confirms continuing
ways. In particular, an ageing population and shifts
intellectual history of the social sciences might be.’ belief amongst practitioners – who have accepted the
in the labour market are bringing new challenges to importance of risk, accountability and evidence – in the
Guy Oakes, Monmouth University, USAthe nation states welfare systems. This unique volume
humanistic aspect of their work and its dependence on
of essays seeks to analyze these changes within the November 2008 228 pages relationships rooted in empathy and genuine concern
Hardback 978-0-7546-7224-1 £55.00 wider historical and geographical context whilst also
for individuals.’ ebook 978-0-7546-8959-1 considering the impact of gender. Maurice Vanstone, Swansea University, UK December 2010 340 pages
Hardback 978-0-7546-7968-4 £65.00 The probation service is increasingly seen by many as a
ebook 978-0-7546-9924-8 law enforcement agency, charged by government with The Politics of Unemployment the assessment and management of risk, the protection
in Europe of the public and the management and punishment
of offenders, rather than their transformation into pro-Policy Responses and Collective ActionInternational Migration social citizens. This study discovers the extent to which
Edited by Marco Giugni,
practitioners within the National Probation Service and Rural Areas
University of Geneva, Switzerland for England and Wales and the National Offender Cross-National Comparative Perspectives
‘Although this book takes a sociological or social Management Service ascribe to the values, attitudes
Edited by Birgit Jentsch, Ionad Nàiseanta na policy approach, many readers of this journal will and beliefs associated with these macro and mezzo
h-Imrich (National Centre for Migration Studies), find it a valuable collection. For those interested in level changes and how much their practice has
Scotland and Myriam Simard, Institut National social movements, social policy, or unemployment, changed accordingly.
de la Recherche Scientifique, Canada this collection is a significant contribution.’ Includes 17 tables
Studies in Migration and Diaspora Labour History Review April 2011 216 pages
Hardback 978-1-4094-0140-7 £55.00 February 2009 224 pages ‘This penetrating collection of analyses spanning
ebook 978-1-4094-0141-4 Hardback 978-0-7546-7348-4 £55.00 Northern, Southern, and Eastern Europe as well as 978-0-7546-9071-9 North America offers a comprehensive treatment of
rural immigrant integration in comparative context.
This highly accessible volume will be of interest to rural
demographers, sociologists and students of immigration
to new destinations.’
William Kandel, Economic Research Service, USA
October 2009 218 pages
Hardback 978-0-7546-7484-9 £55.00
ebook 978-0-7546-9787-9
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5SOCIAL WORK AND SOCIAL POLICY 2011 | | Order online and receive a 10% discount‰].Y
Welfare Theory
Public Libraries and Social Justice Risk and Public Policy in East Asia Teaching Research Methods
John Pateman, Information for Social Change, UK Edited by Raymond K.H.Chan, in the Social Sciences
and John Vincent, The Network, UK City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Edited by Mark Garner, University of Aberdeen,
Mutsuko Takahashi, Kibi International ‘Writing at a time when the Public Library Service is UK, Claire Wagner, University of Pretoria,
University, Japan and Lillian Lih-rong Wang,under threat of major funding cuts it is heartening to find South Africa and Barbara Kawulich,
National Taiwan University, Taiwantwo authors able to provide a 21st Century justification University of West Georgia, USA
for extending the role of libraries in our communities. ‘This excellent book should be required reading for ‘This book is an excellent guide to what works and Despite the tough line on traditional library service students of social and public policy. It breaks new
what does not work when teaching research methods planning this book is refreshing as it takes a long hard ground by examining the concepts of risk and risk in the social sciences. I will definitely use what I learned look at our professional engagement with political, management in an East Asian context. A thorough
reading this volume for designing my next research social and economic inequality. If the profession is to theoretical foundation at the start provides the
methods class, both graduate and undergraduate.’ meet these challenges, Pateman and Vincent should be reference point for specific case studies, helpfully
read by us all and used to prepare an effective case for Teaching Sociologygrouped into integrated sections, which together
advocacy to maintain the public service that has the September 2009 264 pages create a comprehensive picture of the key issues
ability to transform lives and improve society.’ Hardback 978-0-7546-7352-1 £60.00 concerning risk and risk regulation in East Asia.’
Paperback 978-0-7546-7354-5 £20.00
Biddy Fisher MLib FCLIP, CILIP President 2010 Alan Walker, University of Sheffield, UK ebook 978-0-7546-9147-1 book examines the historical background to Contemporary Asian society is marked by social
social exclusion and the strategic context in terms processes associated with the loss of stable economic
of government and professional policy. The authors growth and high employment; family structures
propose a compelling manifesto for change, and capable of caring for family members in need; and
outline practical ways in which public libraries governmental economic and political competence.
can be transformed into needs-based services. Against this backdrop, this volume offers a timely Tracking down an September 2010 212 pages review of these critical issues, offering an introduction Trwn an
Hardback 978-0-7546-7714-7 £40.00 of the concepts and theoretical approaches of risk
ebook 978-0-7546-9432-8 and risk and governance that places them within
the context of Asian societies. Ashgate book has
December 2010 252 pages
Hardback 978-0-7546-7895-3 £55.00 Remaking Community? ebook 978-0-7546-9766-4 never been easierNew Labour and the Governance
of Poor Neighbourhoods
If you are looking for something
Andrew Wallace, London School of Hygiene FORTHCOMING
and Tropical Medicine, UK
The Social Fund 20 Years On
‘Community has been at the heart of New Labour’s Our new search facility allows searching Historical and Policy Aspects of Loaning
social policies. This book provides the first overall
by: title, author, series title, ISBN-13 andSocial Securityassessment of community-centred policy programmes
keywords from contents and blurbs for any of in relation to social exclusion, regeneration and law Chris Grover, Lancaster University, UK
our published or forthcoming titles.and order issues.’
Grover critically reflects on the introduction of the
Peter Taylor-Gooby, University of Kent, UK Social Fund and its operation in the past two decades,
Visit with the argument that was made in the 1980s Remaking Community addresses the interlinking
that relieving need by way of loan was new in social uses of community in government rhetoric and
If you want a complete list of security policy. Using primary data hitherto ignored by policy. It explores why the concept of communities
has become so central to the New Labour governing social policy research, he locates Social Fund loans in a ÀŒÇšZ]vPÁ‰µo]Z]vµišY
lengthy history of debate about, and practice in, loaning project that aspires to broker a new form of citizenship
poor relief and social security. Understanding this based on reciprocity and individual responsibility. You can now download a complete stocklist
history will give a greater depth to our understanding Andrew Wallace identifies and discusses how which is an easy way to view all the books we
of the state’s purposes in relieving the poorest people this social vision has manifested in a ‘politics have in print in a subject area.
of membership’ and influenced New Labour’s as well as to our knowledge of contemporary social
security policy.distinctive welfare reform agenda. These lists are printer friendly, so are ideal for
Includes c.10 tablesOctober 2010 170 pages making recommendations to your librarian.
Hardback 978-0-7546-7854-0 £50.00 May 2011 c. 300 pages
ebook 978-0-7546-9684-1 Hardback 978-0-7546-7866-3 c. £65.00 Visit ebook 978-0-7546-9703-9
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with information about our most recently
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Social Work
Professional Discretion in Social Work and Migration CONTEMPORARY SOCIAL
Immigrant and Refugee Settlement Welfare Services WORK STUDIES SERIES
and IntegrationBeyond Street-Level Bureaucracy
Robin Lovelock,
Kathleen Valtonen, University of the West Indies, Tony Evans, University of Warwick, UK University of Southampton, UK
St. Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago
Contemporary Social Work Studies Contemporary Social Work Studies is a
Contemporary Social Work Studies
series disseminating high quality new research ‘This is both an extremely important and timely book...
and scholarship in the discipline and profession of ‘In this well-researched and useful book, Kathleen Every researcher who genuinely wants to appreciate the
Valtonen offers a comprehensive response to the social work. The series promotes critical engagement complexities of professional practice needs to read this
challenge of immigrant and refugee settlement...the with contemporary issues relevant across the social book...I recommend it wholeheartedly.’
work community and captures the diversity of author demonstrates a thorough understanding of
Jan Fook, South West London Academic Network (Royal
settlement concerns and the challenges facing social interests currently evident at national, international
Holloway University of London, St Georges University
and local levels. work in order to meet them. Both practitioners and
of London and Kingston University), UK
students will benefit from this outstanding book.’
Find out more information on this series visit: This book presents an innovative framework for the
analysis of discretion by offering three accounts of the
December 2008 232 pages managerial role – the domination model, the street level
Hardback 978-0-7546-7194-7 £55.00
model and the author’s discursive perspective. ebook 978-0-7546-8953-9 Globalization and International June 2010 194 pages
Hardback 978-0-7546-7491-7 £55.00 Social Work
ebook 978-1-4094-0848-2
Postmodern Change and Challenge Spirituality and Social Work
Malcolm Payne, St Christopher’s Hospice, UK
Beth R. Crisp, Deakin University, Australia
and Gurid Aga Askeland, Diakonhjemmet Revitalising Communities Contemporary Social Work StudiesUniversity College, Norway
in a Globalising World ‘Social workers could do no better than explore Contemporary Social Work Studies
questions of meaning and reconsider what is important Edited by Lena Dominelli, ‘This book...aims to examine developments in
in their professional lives at this time by engaging
University of Durham, UKinternational social work and to do so within a
with Beth Crisp’s “lived-experience” approach and
theoretical framework based on postmodernism Contemporary Social Work Studies its demystification of spirituality in social work. Crisp
and globalization.’ effectively convinces that spirituality is a valid and ‘...Dominelli and her colleagues provide a social justice
Journal of Social Policy enriching area of exploration for social work.’perspective to address the opportunities and constraints
April 2008 202 pages of globalization on human development within the Mel Gray, University of Newcastle, Australia
Hardback 978-0-7546-4946-5 £55.00 realm of the social work profession...’
Social work has often sought to distance itself from its ebook 978-0-7546-8949-2
Journal of Sociology and Social religious roots and consequently sidelined the role of
April 2007 466 pages spirituality in the lives of service users. In this path-
Hardback 978-0-7546-4498-9 £70.00 breaking book Beth Crisp discusses how spirituality can
ebook 978-0-7546-8346-9 Indigenous Social Work be sensitively incorporated into social work practice by
considering spirituality as an aspect of lived experience. around the World
This will be a key text for anyone involved in the field of
Towards Culturally Relevant Education social work. FORTHCOMINGand Practice August 2010 180 pages
Sexual Identities and Sexuality Hardback 978-0-7546-7734-5 £55.00 Edited by Mel Gray, University of Newcastle,
ebook 978-0-7546-9453-3
Australia, John Coates, St. Thomas University, in Social Work
Canada and Michael Yellow Bird, Humboldt Research and Reflections from Women
State University in Arcata, USA in the Field
Contemporary Social Work Studies
Edited by Priscilla Dunk-West, Coventry
‘…this book demands a new professional discourse… University, UK and Trish Hafford-Letchfield,
original essays that chart the evolution and possibilities Middlesex University, UK
of indigenous practice…useful glossary covers important
Contemporary Social Work Studiesterms…Recommended.’
‘...offers a detailed and grounded consideration of Choice
social work theory and research related to questions
September 2008 368 pages of sexuality across a range of practice fields, and is a
Hardback 978-0-7546-4838-3 £65.00
welcome addition to the literature.’
Paperback 978-1-4094-0794-2 £30.00
ebook 978-0-7546-8958-4 Stephen Hicks, University of Salford , UK
This bookt is essential for social workers to be able to
respond to and discuss sexual issues appropriately.
Includes 1 table
April 2011 210 pages
Hardback 978-0-7546-7882-3 £55.00
ebook 978-0-7546-9745-9
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Social Work
Assessing Needs and Planning Educating Professionals Knowledge-in-Practice in the
Practice Learning in Health and Social CareCare in Social Work Caring Professions
Edited by Mark Doel, Sheffield Hallam Multidisciplinary PerspectivesBrian Taylor and Toni Devine
University, UK and Steven M. Shardlow, Edited by Heather D’Cruz and Struan Jacobs, both ‘The authors have achieved a consolidation of current
University of Salford, UK at Deakin University, Australia and Adrian Schoo,social work theory and practice concisely.’
‘This book is ideal for lecturers and practice educators, Deakin and Flinders Universities, Australia Community Care
but especially useful to those who have a remit for
‘The breadth of the contributions is a major strength of September 1993 144 pages placement learning across a range of professions.’ 4/5
Hardback 978-1-85742-139-2 £60.00 this volume. The insights each brings from philosophy,
Nursing StandardPaperback 978-1-85742-144-6 £20.00 history, theory and practice provide engaging and July 2009 322 pages accessible reflections on the imperatives for, and
Hardback 978-0-7546-4810-9 £65.00 implications of, the relationship between knowledge
Paperback 978-0-7546-4811-6 £20.00 and practice. The fact that knowledge and practice FORTHCOMING ebook 978-0-7546-9063-4 are foregrounded in ways that enhance both is a
refreshing approach.’British-Indian Adult Children
Joan Orme, Glasgow School of Social Work, UKof Divorce FORTHCOMING December 2009 266 pages Context, Impact and Coping
Hardback 978-0-7546-7282-1 £60.00 Evaluating in Practice Paperback 978-0-7546-7284-5 £20.00 Chaitali Das, Queens University Belfast, UK
ebook 978-0-7546-9159-4 Second Edition
This is the first book to analyze the experiences
of British-Indian adult children of divorce and Ian F. Shaw, University of York, UK
contextualize their experiences within the larger multi- Evaluation is not a self-contained phase of social work
cultural polity of the UK. It also discusses the value and practice – one more dimension of the process – but Law for Social Workers
implications of understanding the divorce phenomenon a dimension of every phase. In this fully rewritten Fourth Editionand how it is experienced within this community to and updated second edition of his groundbreaking
present insights into what multi-cultural social work and Caroline Ball and Ann McDonald,text Evaluating in Practice, Shaw demonstrates how
knowledge can mean. This can also enhance support University of East Anglia, UKevaluation and inquiry are just as much practice tasks
provision for all children and enable better coping as planning, intervention and review. By demonstrating ‘For those who may not need to know and understand
of family transitions by acknowledging their specific that good evaluating in practice helps sustain a social work law in detail, or as a stepping stone to more
contexts and needs. commitment to evidence, understanding and justice detailed publications, this book provides an extremely
Includes c.1 b&w illustration and c.7 tables Shaw shows that for this to be achieved, evaluating in clear and succinct outline.’
practice must permeate every aspect of social work.May 2011 c. 180 pages
The Law TeacherHardback 978-1-4094-0824-6 c. £55.00 Includes 2 b&w illustrations, 6 tables and 2 line drawings
ebook 978-1-4094-0825-3 December 2002 280 pages
June 2011 c. 200 pages Hardback 978-0-7546-1777-8 £60.00
Hardback 978-0-7546-7857-1 c. £65.00 Paperback 978-0-7546-1778-5 £25.00
Paperback 978-0-7546-7858-8 c. £25.00
ebook 978-0-7546-9687-2 FORTHCOMING
Critical Spirituality Media, Policy and Interaction
A Holistic Approach to An Introduction to Social Edited by Richard Fitzgerald, University of
Contemporary Practice Queensland, Australia and William Housley,Work Theory
Cardiff University, UKFiona Gardner, Latrobe University, Australia Revised Reprint
‘Investigation of the role of media in public life through ‘Fiona Gardner has given us her customary down to
David Howe
analysis of talk is now well established. Media, Policy earth, but thoughtful work. This is a timely book, on a
Social workers need to recognize the critical role that and Interaction is a valuable volume that elucidates topic which is of growing interest and importance. It is
theory plays both in the way they make sense of what some aspects of that role in a range of societies using particularly welcome in supporting a trend which will
is going on and in the way they order their work. Such methods inspired by ethnomethodology. It brings become integral to professional practice in the future. I
recognition clarifies practice for both the worker and together eleven original contributions. Especially highly commend Critical Spirituality.’
the client. This classic text provides a framework to enjoyable were those from lively younger researchers.’
Jan Fook, South West London Academic Network, UK help social workers develop an understanding of the
Ivan Leudar, Manchester University, UK
This book explores these issues and addresses the theories which inescapably underpin their thoughts
December 2009 246 pages dilemmas and challenges experienced by professionals. and actions. The result is a stimulating guide to social
Hardback 978-0-7546-7414-6 £55.00
It also provides a number of practical tools such as work theory which is proven to help social workers ebook 978-0-7546-9158-7
possible questions to ask to assess for spiritual issues; both to understand their practices and to practise in
to see spirituality as part of a web of relationships. a disciplined and imaginative way.
November 1987 180 pages
Paperback 978-1-85742-138-5 £19.99 August 2011 c. 160 pages 978-1-4094-2794-0 c. £40.00
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