“ idlact ocus druidect,” that is, of idolatry and druidism Ireland
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“ idlact ocus druidect,” that is, of idolatry and druidism Ireland's fairy ...


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“ idlact ocus druidect,” that is, of idolatry and druidism Ireland's fairy lore Rev. Michael Patrick Mahon 1919 • The Irish called Scoti and Ireland Scotia. Caledonia called Scotia Minor. Irish and Erse languages. Landing of the Milesians in Ireland. Amergins decision. ON page 175 of the fifth volume of the publications of the long since defunct Ossianic Society, we find Porphyrus, the platonic philosopher; Claudian, the Latin poet of the fourth century ; Ethicus, the Cosmographer ; Saint Prosper, who died A.D. 466 ; Orosius, the Spanish historian, who flourished in the beginning of the fifth century ; Gildas Britanicus in
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International Versions English French German Japanese
computer/OS requirements
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Minimum Hardware Resources 256 MB RAM 200 MB hard disk space 1024x768 full-color graphics Hardware Accelerated OpenGL 1.1 HTML Web browser: Internet Explorer 6.0, or Netscape 4.7
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