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  • exposé - matière potentielle : the principle of practical reason
  • leçon - matière potentielle : the realities
Polis / R.C.S.P./C.P.S.R. Vol. 11, Numéro Spécial 2003 95 PHILOSOPHY AND POLITICAL POWER : AN ESSAY ON INFLECTIONAL THEORY Ngoma Binda Department of Philosophy, University of Kinshasa Like everything in each field of existence, philosophy can be either well constructed or, on the contrary, ill-constructed. This is clear to everybody. But there is more than this easy established fact, and to my opinion it must be obvious as well.
  • appropriate priorities
  • intellectual liberty
  • philosophical practice
  • african people to a great extent
  • practical ways of thinking
  • c.p.s.r.
  • political power
  • requirement
  • philosophy
  • people



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Dear Customers,
A very happy new year to you. I hope this year brings with it a lot of healthy action and good tidings for all of us in the
publishing industry.
In our fiction list, we are delighted to present two titles by Kiran Nagarkar. And what better way to begin the new year than
to bring back Mr Nagarkar's well-loved characters, Ravan and Eddie, who feature in our new offering, The Extras, an
exuberant and touching tale about the big and small tragedies that shape our lives. Written in a very different vein, the
second title by him now out in paperback, God's Little Soldier, examines the world views of the extremist and the liberal.
Opening Night by Diksha Basu is a potboiler in prose that captures the hopes and aspirations, struggles and ambitions that
make up Bollywood.
Saeed Akhtar Mirza's The Monk, the Moor and Moses Ben Jalloun is a fictionalized history that unravels the deliberately
forgotten contribution of the Islamic world to the making of the modern world. We are pleased to reissue two books on
the women of the Mughal Empire The Twentieth Wife and The Feast of Roses by the master of the genre of historical
fiction, Indu Sundaresan. A modern-day retelling of one of the most enigmatic epics, The Mahabharata by Shiv K. Kumar
explores not the characters but the people who populate the great epic.
In poetry, we have Everything Begins Elsewhere, a collection of poems by award-winning poet Tishani Doshi that meditate
upon loss and reclamation, life and death.
Originally written by controversial Bangladeshi writer Mahmudul Haq and wonderfully translated into English by Mahmud
Rahman, Black Ice (Kalo Barof) is a cult classic about the partition of Bengal.
In our non-fiction titles, Karma Sutra by Rajendar Menen is a sensitive exploration of the lives of prostitutes and others on
the margins of society.
A one-of-its-kind book, Moda Goa by Wendell Rodricks, our coffee-table offering for the new year, is a fascinating study of
the history of Goan costume and fashion which delves into the little-known fact that many fashion trends began in Goa.
The titles we are hoping would do wonderfully and bring cheer to us at HarperCollins India this new year are the
meticulously researched and smartly written Anna: 13 Days That Shook India by well-known journalist Ashutosh and Didi:
A Political Biography – the first mainstream biography of Mamata Banerjee – by Monobina Gupta.
Containing easy-to-follow and simple precepts by which to lead life, Beyond Religion by His Holiness The Dalai Lama is
another title that we hope would help us begin the new year on a positive note.
Infinite Vision is the awe-inspiring story of how Dr V, a man with a vision, revolutionized eye care and surgery in India and
all over the world. It is a great human interest story of surviving and thriving against all odds.
In business/self-help, Shital Kakkar Mehra's Business Etiquette for the Busy Professional is sure to interest corporate and
business professionals.
We are also releasing the paperback edition of Fault Lines: How Hidden Fractures Still Threaten the World Economy by
Raghuram Rajan, which won the Financial Times and Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Award 2010.
Under our UK banner, we are proud to present the return of the Sunday Times number 1 bestselling authors, Sam Bourne
with the darkest secrets of World War II in Pantheon and Josephine Cox with the powerful story of love and shocking
secrets, Midnight.
This January we bring to you Ash Mistry, a teenage geeky boy who battles rakshasas in the ancient city of Varanasi. Set
along the lines of Meluha and Ashok Banker, this book is a scintillating read for all ages. Book 1 in the Ash Mistry
Chronicles, Ash Mistry and the Savage Fortress is the perfect story to be read with your friends and family this holiday
With The Istanbul Puzzle, Pear Shaped and Jezebel, we are adding three titles to the flourishing Avon list.
Nikki Gemmel questions whether it is possible to know another person entirely in the stunningly jacketed re-issue of her
internationally bestselling novel, The Bride Stripped Bare.
Dr John Briffa, a nutritionist and a practising doctor for 20 years reveals why taking a calorie-based approach to weight loss
essentially dooms us to failure in Escape the Diet Trap.
We also present 9 additions to our ever-growing Collins Classics list with Heidi, The Canterbury Tales and Three Men in a
Boat swelling the ranks of our existing titles.
Adding to our children's list, we bring you an exclusive range of early reading material which will introduce children to
reading through colourful illustrations at just INR 99.
Happy selling,
Best wishes,
N.S. Krishna
Director – Sales & OperationsKiran Nagarkar
The Extras
ISBN: 9789350292044
Cover Price: `599
Format: Demy/Hardback Extent: 488 pp
Imprint: Fourth Estate
Ravan and Eddie are back!
And they’re bigger, better and guaranteed to have you
laughing out loud.
Having grown up in the city of movie stars who drip glamour,
the two mortal enemies, Ravan and Eddie dream of strutting
down the road to super-stardom. But can Ravan, a lowly taxi
driver, and Eddie, a bouncer-cum-bartender at an illegal bar,
rise from their dusty CWD chawl to the glittering heights of
international fame?
To complicate matters further, their love lives hang by a thread. Eddie, secure in having got
Belle, the Anglo-Indian girl of his dreams, must now figure out how to overcome prejudice
from both their families and his own apathy, in order to keep her. And Eddie’s sister Pieta,
the object of Ravan’s adoration, is completely oblivious to his existence – until he saves her
Complete with a cast of soul-searching drunks, a nemesis called Three Point One, and
nymph-like damsels in distress, The Extras is much more than a book about Bollywood or
Bombay. It is the engrossing tale of a near-epic struggle against obscurity and towards
self-realization; and is outrageously exuberant in the telling, and touching in its depiction of
the large and small tragedies that shape our lives.
Ravan and Eddie
Ravan and Eddie are back!
January 2012
HarperCollins IndiaJanuary 2012
HarperCollins India
Kiran Nagarkar
God’s Little Soldier
Now in paperback
ISBN: 9789350292181
Cover Price: `499
Format: Demy/Paperback Extent: 650pp
Imprint: HarperCollins
‘[F]ascinating, complex, rewarding … [the] work of a
writer at the height of his talent … [God’s Little Soldier] is
insistently readable.’ – Shashi Tharoor, Outlook
From the backstreets of Bombay to the hallowed halls of
Cambridge, from the mountains of Afghanistan to a
monastery in California, the story of Zia Khan is an
extraordinary rollercoaster ride; a compelling cliffhanger
of a spiritual quest, about a good man gone bad and the
brutalization of his soul.
Growing up in a well-to-do, cultured Muslim family in Bombay, Zia, a gifted young
mathematician, is torn between the unquestioning certainties of his aunt’s faith and the
tolerant, easy-going views of his parents.
At Cambridge University, his beliefs crystallize into a fervent orthodoxy, which ultimately
leads him to a terrorist training camp in Afghanistan. The burden of endemic violence and
killings, however, takes its toll on Zia. Tormented by his need for forgiveness, he is then
drawn reluctantly to Christ. But peace continues to elude him, and Zia is once again driven
to seek out causes to defend and fight for, whatever be the sacrifices involved.
Posited against Zia is his brother, Amanat, a writer whose life is severely constrained by
sickness, even as his mind is liberated by doubt. Theirs is a relationship that is as much a
blood bond as it is an opaque wall of incomprehension. Weaving together the narratives of
the extremist and the liberal, God’s Little Soldier underscores the incoherent ambiguities
of good and evil, and the tragic conflicts that have riven people and nations.
Backlist Available
ISBN: 9788172232573
499 `
FictionThe Extras
Sales and Marketing Highlights:
Ÿ Sequel to the popular and critically acclaimed cult classic Ravan and Eddie
Ÿ A well-written and thought-provoking novel; the author has been highly praised for such
works as Cuckold and God’s Little Soldier
Ÿ The book would appeal to a wide audience – from fans of Ravan and Eddie to younger
people in their 20s
God’s Little Soldier
Sales and Marketing Highlights:
Ÿ The book, when first released, was highly praised and critically acclaimed
Ÿ Author of Ravan and Eddie and Cuckold; has a strong following
Ÿ The reprint is timed along with the release of his new book, The Extras
About the Author:
Kiran Nagarkar was born in Mumbai. He wrote his first book in a language in which
he had never written before – Marathi. The book was called Saat Sakkam Trechalis,
recently translated as Seven Sixes are Forty-Three, and is considered a landmark in
post-independence Indian literature. His novel in English, Ravan and Eddie, acclaimed
as a literary bestseller, has been translated into Marathi.
January 2012 HarperCollins IndiaJanuary 2012
HarperCollins India
Opening Night
Diksha Basu
ISBN: 9789350290859
Cover Price: 250
Format: A/Paperback
Extent: 288pp
Imprint: HarperCollins
This is the story of Naiya Kapur, a Princeton
University graduate who comes to Mumbai to chase
the big Indian dream – Bollywood. Naiya isn’t
searching for her soulmate, or hoping to find her roots
in the India her parents once knew; she is searching
for fame, fortune and fun in the new India.

We follow Naiya as she navigates the labyrinthine
lanes of Mumbai and Bollywood, where identities are
fluid and murky – and where lines are meant to be
crossed. In the middle of scuttling between auditions and parties of every hue, Naiya
enters into a potentially ‘happily ever after’ relationship – that turns out to be an ‘it’s
complicated’ one – with a neurotic ex-model-turned-film producer. As she battles her
demons and tries to deal with her increasingly tangled life, the stage is set for high
drama, and her Opening Night.
About the Author:
Diksha Basu was born in Delhi and grew up in Delhi and upstate New York. She
graduated from Cornell University with a double major in economics and French.
Diksha lived in Bombay for four years and is currently pursuing an MFA in creative
writing at Columbia University, New York City. Opening Night is her first book.
Sales and Marketing Highlights:
Ÿ A scintillating first novel about the dreams that make Bollywood
Ÿ A potboiler in prose that would match the drama that characterizes Bollywood
Ÿ The book would do well among a young, urban audience that is looking for a fast read
and among those who take an interest in the Mumbai film industry
FictionA Life Incomplete
Nanak Singh
(Translated by Navdeep Suri)
ISBN: 9789350292082
Cover Price: TBA
Format: B/Paperback Extent: 272pp
Imprint: Harper Perennial
A classic from an author regarded as the Father
of Punjabi literature
All that sustains Kuldeep Singh through his dark days
in jail, where he is serving a term for participating in
anti-British agitations, are thoughts of his beautiful
wife and the dream of going home. But he returns to
find that his wife has died, leaving behind their infant
child. As his world collapses around him, he negotiates
the divergent pulls exerted by people around him: a holy man
who advocates renunciation; his childhood friend Saroj, who has always loved him; and the
tempestuous Prakash who hides an unsavoury past.
Sahitya Akademi Award-winning author Nanak Singh draws on personal experiences to
create this compelling portrait of Punjab in the 1920s. Originally published in Punjabi in
1940, Adh Kidhiya Phool is an intense meditation on the choices people make and the
consequences these may have. The author’s engagement with social issues like
superstition and blind faith, religious bigotry, casteism and the emancipation of women
seems as fresh and relevant today as it did when he wrote this book.
Fluently translated by Navdeep Suri, A Life Incomplete introduces a stalwart of Punjabi
literature to a new readership.
About the Author:
Nanak Singh (1897–1971) is widely regarded as the father of the Punjabi novel. With
little formal education beyond the fourth grade, he wrote an astounding fifty-nine books,
which included thirty-eight novels and an assortment of plays, short stories, poems, essays
and even a set of translations. He won the prestigious Sahitya Akademi Award in 1962.
About the Translator:
Navdeep Suri is a member of the Indian Foreign Service and is currently joint secretary
(public diplomacy) in the ministry of external affairs.
Sales and Marketing Highlights:
Ÿ The author Nanak Singh is regarded as the Father of Punjabi literature and the novel
is a bona fide classic
Ÿ The translator, the author’s grandson, is extremely well connected in social and
literary circles and will promote the book actively on various media
Ÿ Has a huge potential in the expat and Indian diaspora markets; there is a lot of
interest about the book as Nanak Singh has not been translated much
January 2012
HarperCollins IndiaJanuary 2012
HarperCollins India
The Monk, the Moor and Moses Ben Jalloun
Saeed Akhtar Mirza
ISBN: 9789350292068
Cover Price: `450
Format: Demy/Hardback
Extent: 256pp
Imprint: Fourth Estate
The Monk, the Moor and Moses Ben Jalloun is a novel
about a deliberately forgotten history; a history that
remains hidden in the hallowed inner sanctums of
Western academic institutions. Four young people –
students in an American university in 2008 – set out to
discover those truths on their own: not just because
they need to know, but because they see how the past
affects their own lives in very real ways. Parallel to their
lives is the tale of Rehana – an Iranian from the
eleventh century – and her many passions: her
husband, her teacher, her culture and, always, her quest
to learn.

Using intersecting narratives, soliloquies, legends and a host of colourful characters,
real and imagined, Mirza dismantles the carefully manufactured European myth about
the making of the modern world. He brings to life an Islamic civilization that was the
flourishing, crackling centre of the sciences and liberal arts.

As much a literary installation as a fictionalized history, Mirza’s novel will help us take
a fresh look at the past and, hopefully, understand the great game that is being played
in the present.
About the Author:
Saeed Akhtar Mirza is a pioneer of the New Wave progressive cinema in India,
directing such milestones of Indian cinema as Arvind Desai Ki Ajeeb Dastaan (1978),
Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyon Aata Hai? (1980), Mohan Joshi Haazir Ho (1984), Salim
Langde Pe Mat Ro (1989) and Naseem (1995). All his films have won major awards,
including the National Film Awards. He is the director of the popular TV serials Nukkad
(1986) and Intezaar (1988), as well as various documentary films on social welfare and
cultural activism. He lives in Bombay and Goa. The Monk, the Moor and Moses Ben
Jalloun is his second novel.
Sales and Marketing Highlights:
Ÿ The book is good-naturedly controversial and, apart from readers of fiction, will
interest anyone interested in history or Islam
Ÿ Deals with the glory days of the Islamic civilization and makes some startling
revelations about how much of modern culture and literature and scientific discovery is
based on the work of scholars working in Islamic lands during that period
Ÿ His first book Ammi – which, like this one, was stylistically experimental, blending
fact with fiction and many narrative strands – sold very well
FictionIndu Sundaresan
The Twentieth Wife
ISBN: 9789350292105
Cover Price: `399
Format: B/Paperback Extent: 384pp
Imprint: HarperCollins
‘The narrative alternates between seductive languor
and racy action which capture the opulence and drama
of the Mughal kings. Sundaresan delightfully combines
history and juicy gossip’ – India Today
Mehrunnisa – the Sun of Women – one of India’s most
legendary and controversial empresses … a woman
who overcame insurmountable obstacles through
sheer brilliance and determination … whose love
shaped the course of the Mughal Empire. She is the
twentieth wife.
The daughter of refugees from Persia, growing up on the fringes of Emperor Akbar’s
opulent palace grounds, Mehrunnisa first encounters Prince Salim on his wedding day.
Eight years old at the time, she decides that she too will one day become Salim’s wife –
unaware of the great price she and her family will pay for this dream.
Skilfully blending the textures of history with the rich imaginings of a fairy tale, The
Twentieth Wife sweeps readers up in the emotional pageant of Salim and Mehrunnisa’s
embattled love. From an ill-fated first marriage through motherhood and into a
dangerous maze of power struggles and political machinations, Mehrunnisa searches
for the true redemptive love she has never known. Mehrunnisa’s and Salim’s quest takes
them, and the vast empire that hangs in the balance, to places they have never dreamed
Sales and Marketing Highlights:
Ÿ The first of Indu Sundaresan’s historical fiction on the women of the Mughal Empire
Ÿ The author is an acclaimed master of the genre
Ÿ The books have all been bestsellers and critically acclaimed; Shadow Princess, which
HarperCollins published in 2010, has been a commercial success
Ÿ This and its sequel, A Feast of Roses, are being attractively repackaged with new
covers and being reissued
January 2012
HarperCollins India

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