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Power Semiconductors Jan

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SKW25N120 Power Semiconductors 1 Jan-02 Fast IGBT in NPT-technology with soft, fast recovery anti-parallel EmCon diode G C E • 40% lower Eoff compared to previous generation • Short circuit withstand time – 10 µs • Designed for: - Motor controls - Inverter - SMPS • NPT-Technology offers: - very tight parameter distribution - high ruggedness, temperature stable behaviour - parallel switching capability Type VCE IC Eoff Tj Package Ordering Code SKW25N120 1200V 25A 2.9mJ 150°C TO-247AC Q67040-S4282 Maximum Ratings Parameter Symbol Value Unit Collector-emitter voltage VC E 1200 V DC collector current TC = 25°C TC = 100°C IC 46 25 Pulsed collector current, tp limited by Tjmax IC p u l s 84 Turn off safe operating area VCE ≤ 1200V, Tj ≤ 150°C - 84 Diode forward current TC = 25°C TC = 100°C IF 42 25 Diode pulsed current, tp limited by Tjmax IF p u l s 80 A Gate-emitter voltage VG E ±20 V Short circuit withstand time1) VGE = 15V, 100V≤VCC ≤1200V, Tj ≤ 150°C tS C 10 µs Power dissipation TC = 25°C P t o t 313 W Operating junction and storage temperature T j , T s t g -55...+150 Soldering temperature, 1.6mm (0.063 in.

  • symbol conditions

  • switching characteristic

  • emitter voltage

  • time between

  • collector emitter

  • collector current

  • diode

  • anti-parallel diode

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SKW25N120Fast IGBT in NPT-technology with soft, fast recovery anti-parallel EmCCon diode 40% lower Eoff compared to previous generation Short circuit withstand time – 10 s Designed for:G- Motor controlsE- Inverter- SMPS NPT-Technology offers:- very tight parameter distribution--  phiagrha llreul gsgweidtcnheisnsg,  tceapmapbeirliattyure stable behaviourTypeVCEICEoffTjPackageSKW25N1201200V25A2.9mJ150CTO-247ACMaximum RatingsParameterSymbolCollector-emitter voltageVCEDC collector currentICTC = 25CTC = 100CPulsed collector current, tp limited by TjmaxICpulsTurn off safe operating area-VCE  1200V, Tj  150CDiode forward currentIFTC = 25CTC = 100CDiode pulsed current, tp limited by TjmaxIFpulsGate-emitter voltageVGEShort circuit withstand time1)tSCVGE = 15V, 100VVCC 1200V, Tj  150CPower dissipationPtotTC = 25COperating junction and storage temperatureTj , TstgSoldering temperature, 1.6mm (0.063 in.) from case for 10s-)1 PAololwwee r dSunemmibcreoo nfds uhcotro trcsriciust :<010;0t mi eebtewne1s ohr tcriciust :1>s.Ordering CodeQ67040-S4282eulaV0021645248482452080201313-55...+150062UtinVAVsWCJna-20