The Supreme Path Of Discipleship The Precepts Of The Gurus The ...
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The Supreme Path Of Discipleship The Precepts Of The Gurus The ...


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The Supreme Path Of Discipleship The Precepts Of The Gurus The Rosary of Precious Gems 28 Categories of Yogic Precepts It is commonly believed that the Great Guru Gampopa (otherwise known as Dvagpo-Larhe), compiled this work, and that he handed it on with this injunction : 'I entreat those devotees of generations yet unborn, who will honour my memory and regret not having met me in person, to study this, The Supreme Path, The Rosary of Precious Gems, and also The Precious Ornament of Liberation, along with other religious treatises.
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FUSE New Media  Video ScriptTitle: GE Capital I-Sim-SPANISH Market-FIRST DRAFT Page1 Written By: Michael Jones _____________________________________________________________________________  VIDEO AUDIO Opening-shots in Mexico of NARR-VO trucks and vehicles moving With the advent of NAFTA, through traffic training of safe and experienced drivers has become of paramount importance. This means more drivers can move across the border seamlessly. But instead of training drivers in actual trucks and cars, driver development in simulators has become a more cost effective and safer method of instruction. Additional advantages of driver development in simulators are that the companies employing these drivers can enjoy improved fuel economy, reduced equipment wear-and-tear, reduced maintenance costs and increased productivity. All of this transfers directly to the bottom line in safety and profits. Student enters I-Sim facility GE Capital I-Sims Mexico Operations Division puts “Driver Development First” by offering the driver development center concept to an expanding market in Mexico. Historical shots of I-Sim In 1994, the I-Sim company facilities and R&D. Early opened its doors in Salt simulators. Lake City, Utah, and quickly  became a leader in designing Shots of GE, contrasting with and building driving bigger better facilities than simulators. Then in December I-Sim. of 2000, GE Capital acquired  I-Sim, which brought the I- Sim world-recognized team of  vehicle simulation experts
FUSE New Media  Video ScriptTitle: GE Capital I-Sim-SPANISH Market-FIRST DRAFT Page2 Written By: Michael Jones _____________________________________________________________________________  VIDEO AUDIO Shots of engineers and plans to the national forefront. Their experience and expertise places GE Capital I-Sim at the leading edge of vehicle simulator engineering, design and development. General montage new footage, GE Capital I-Sim is now the then specific shots of premier manufacturer of students in all four wheeled-vehicle driving simulators. simulators. The simulators  are designed to provide a These shots are 3x4 or realistic and totally letterbox, and are multiple interactive experience for a imaged via DVE into a montage wide variety of vehicles and rather than full screen. a wide range of driving and  operating conditions. They Graphics integrating students are based on human factor in Sims and signage with technology, which includes points made in narration: simulation experiences in Human factor technology, visual, motion, vibration, Variable weather, Road sound, and instrumentation surfaces, Payloads, Traffic. scenarios. These scenarios feature variable weather conditions, road surfaces, payloads, and traffic conditions. Montage continues with full The simulators teach speed screen shots in letterbox. and space management,  emergency maneuvering, fuel Add supers top and bottom: efficiency, skid control, “Speed and Space Management, proper shifting techniques, Emergency Maneuvering, Fuel and safe backing techniques, Efficiency, Skid Control, just to name a few. Proper Shifting Techniques, Safe Backing Techniques” Specific shots in letterbox of GE Capital I-Sims Mark II-front of cab technology is far more electronics, electrical cab- complicated than that of a lifting devises, steering flight simulator. They wheel, pedals simulate the visual,
FUSE New Media  Video ScriptTitle: GE Capital I-Sim-SPANISH Market-FIRST DRAFT Page3 Written By: Michael Jones _____________________________________________________________________________  VIDEO AUDIO  mechanical and audio feeling Upper Super:”TARGET AUDIENCES” and handling of 4 tires on Lower Super: an uneven surface. The “Commercial Truck Drivers simulators also feature Bus Drivers steering wheel feedback, Police brake pressure feedback, Fire Engine Drivers front wheel drive vs. rear Ambulance Drivers wheel drive handling Taxi drivers” differences, and different  acceleration capabilities. General shots of drivers and 3 screens from all 4 simulators Each driving experience in  the simulator responds  directly to the student  drivers actions. OPCON with TransSim student  The instructor controls the Upper Super: “FEATURES” simulation from an operator Lower Super: control panel known as an “Realistic Real-Time OPCON, and can change the Environments driving conditions, Repeatable Scenarios environment, and traffic and Special Conditions for time of pedestrian behavior at any day, road conditions and time. weather conditions.” Playback from PatrolSim The simulation experience is reinforced by playback of a recorded simulation from various angles for discussion of the students reactions to correct mistakes. Mark II dolly shot from OPCON GE Capital I-Sim has to two units developed simulators in four different types, each with the student end user in mind. Upper Super: “MARK II” The largest is the Mark II Lower Super: motion based tractor/trailer “Focus on Safe Driving” simulator, which teaches safe driving of large
FUSE New Media  Video ScriptTitle: GE Capital I-Sim-SPANISH Market-FIRST DRAFT Page4 Written By: Michael Jones _____________________________________________________________________________  VIDEO AUDIO vehicles. Shot of TransSim training The TransSim VS transmission  shifting and clutching Upper Super: “TransSim” simulator focuses on Lower Super: “Focus on equipment and driving Efficiency efficiency. Shifting, Acceleration, Clutching” Single PatrolSim with OPCON in The PatrolSim police and foreground emergency vehicle simulator  teaches safety in hazardous Upper Super: “PatrolSim” driving conditions. Lower Super: “Training for Hazardous Driving Situations” Closer shot of AutoSim driver And, the AutoSim simulator  is for new as well as Upper Super: “AutoSim” experienced civilian Lower Super: “New and drivers. Experienced Drivers of Small Commercial Vehicles” Shots of Mark II simulator The MARK II is designed for training. commercial trucks and cross- country buses and features  simulations of a wide range Upper Super: “FEATURES” of vehicles, and engine and Lower Super: transmission combinations. “Single or Double Trailers It has adjustable properties Load Weight for different vehicles with Variety of visual single or double trailers, environments” and includes a wide variety  of visual environments from  urban to rural, low speed to Shots of different driving high speed, and freeway to environments off-road. Shots of undercarriage The drivers station in the electronic actuators Mark II is moved by electronic actuators that make the entire cab respond to the motions of driving on the road.
FUSE New Media  Video ScriptTitle: GE Capital I-Sim-SPANISH Market-FIRST DRAFT Page5 Written By: Michael Jones _____________________________________________________________________________  VIDEO AUDIO 3 screens pan from inside the 3 large screen projection cab, ending on rear view systems give a 170-degree mirror view of the road and surrounding area. Specially formatted screens act as rear-view mirrors. General montage of shots with Such variables as loaded or driver and simulator unloaded weight, balance  with or without a trailer, Upper Super: “FEATURES” automatic or manual Lower Super: transmission, weather “Balance conditions of fog, rain, Transmission Type snow or wind, lighting Weather conditions of day or night, Lighting and unexpected moves of Pedestrians other vehicles or Other vehicles” pedestrians can all be  programmed into a simulator scenario for training.  A student can even train for backing up with a trailer by using mirrors. Wipe onto OPCON shot in MarkII The simulator experience is area under the observation of an  instructor at an OPCON. The Upper Super: “FEATURES” instructor can run a pre-Lower Super: programmed scenario, or “Capability of playback of the change it on the fly as students proficiency in dictated by the situation. handling the scenario” Shots of TransSim simulator The TransSim simulators are training. designed to teach correct  shifting and clutching  techniques. The simulator Supers: features either 80 “140 Transmissions; particular vehicle 240 Engines” scenarios, or a specific engine and transmission combination.
FUSE New Media  Video ScriptTitle: GE Capital I-Sim-SPANISH Market-FIRST DRAFT Page6 Written By: Michael Jones _____________________________________________________________________________  VIDEO AUDIO Upper Super: FEATURES The course of instruction Lower Super: covers correct gear “Correct gear selection selection, progressive Progressive shifting shifting, and clutching Clutching techniques” techniques. The TransSim can  simulate vehicle weights  from 35K to 200K GVW. Lower Super: The TransSim simulator can Has capability of playback of emulate 58 different types the students proficiency in of trucks. The TransSim VS handling the scenario. can emulate combinations of  7 brands of engines, 5 different kinds of transmissions, 33 different axle rations and 10 types of tires. Shots of PatrolSim simulator The PatrolSim emergency training. vehicle-driving simulator  features scenarios that  teach threat recognition and  post accident training for Upper Super: “FEATURES” Police Officers. It has an Lower Super: open drivers station with a “Training Police Officers for 180-degree field of view. Everyday and Hazardous Driving The PatrolSim has the Situations. ability to network multiple  simulators into a single Also for Ambulance Drivers and scenario allowing for Fire Truck Drivers Going Code several drivers and a 3” dispatcher to work a  coordinated chase. 270 degree pan of three stations and OPCON Shots of AutoSim training. The AutoSim is for civilian  drivers of taxis and small Upper Super: “FEATURES” commuter vans, and features Lower Super: “For New and instructional scenarios to Experienced Drivers of teach space management, Commuter and Commercial maneuvering in traffic, Vehicles” visual search, and hazard  perception and accident avoidance. Other scenarios cover fuel management, speed
FUSE New Media  Video ScriptTitle: GE Capital I-Sim-SPANISH Market-FIRST DRAFT Page7 Written By: Michael Jones _____________________________________________________________________________  VIDEO AUDIO management, intersection analysis, skid control, and safe braking techniques.  The instructor can introduce new elements into the AutoSim and PatrolSim scenarios while they are running. Examples are parallel parking, hazard recognition, and mountain or city driving. Three panel graphic FX with The training in the GE shots of classroom, CBT and Capital I-Sim driver simulator training. development centers uses a  three-element approach Super: “Instructor Led including instructor led Training training, Computer based Computer Based Training training and simulation Simulators” experience. Classroom shot zooms to full The instructor portion from three panel FX and goes covers an introduction of to Dolly shot proper driving techniques, and the special features for each course. Classroom shot reduces and CBT Computer based training is Shot zooms to full an instructor monitored  course that reinforces the  classroom instruction.  Students learn tips and  techniques from user- friendly self-paced CBT shot reduces and simulator programs. shot zooms to full Simulator shot Simulation is where students  practice newly learned techniques “hands-on”, which enhances memory retention.
FUSE New Media  Video ScriptTitle: GE Capital I-Sim-SPANISH Market-FIRST DRAFT Page8 Written By: Michael Jones _____________________________________________________________________________  VIDEO AUDIO CBT Shots The average course takes two hours, and gives the student three opportunities to “learn-by-doing” on the actual simulator. Simulator shots Statistics show that when  people learn, the best  results come with a  combination of classroom and  practical training. Average  retention rates climb  dramatically as reading; Graphic of Pyramid chart audio-visual, demonstration,  discussion group and  practice-by-doing elements  are included in the overall ADD Super: “One Hour of curriculum. The highest Simulation Time Equals up to 4 retention rate comes from Hours of “Behind-the-Wheel” the combination of all these Instruction” elements. Return to three panel graphic This three-element approach shots and rotate to show how is designed to reach all all three affect each other. types of learners, visual,  audio and hands-on. Case study of San Antonio- GE Capital I-Sims have been accidents reduced (pictures to winning supporters from all come) over the country. Many  Police departments are Supers: praising the PatrolSim for a “22% reduction in accidents in large reduction in the Broward County Florida” number of enforcement  driving accidents since they “75% Fewer accidents at have started GE I-Sim driver intersections during first 6 development with their months with PatrolSim officers. in San Antonio, Texas” General montage shots GE Capital I-Sim Driver
FUSE New Media  Video ScriptTitle: GE Capital I-Sim-SPANISH Market-FIRST DRAFT Page9 Written By: Michael Jones _____________________________________________________________________________  VIDEO AUDIO  Development Centers are  cutting edge technology Upper Super: “BENEFITS FOR tools to increase driver EMPLOYERS” safety. They can actually Lower Super: affect the betterment of the “Reduce training time entire country of Mexico. Improve driving safety Mexican drivers that cross Reduce accidents over into the US will be Increase fuel economy able to navigate safely to Reduce vehicle maintenance get where they want to go costs and return. This will help Increase driver and fleet in NAFTA compliance and productivity increase profits for Reduce driver down-time companies using trucking as Increase experience without an integral part of their risk to personnel & property business. This is also Ability to screen and qualify critical for tourism and potential new hires” overall international  relations.  GE Capital I-Sim simulators  have the potential of  becoming the only cost- effective and efficient way  to train drivers to be safe  drivers, not only to drive  on the streets and highways  of Mexico, but in the US as well. Upper Super: “BOTTOM LINE” GE Capital I-Sim Driver Lower Super: Development Centers is the “Increase Profits & Save kind of investment that will Lives” take safety on our streets st Logo rolls in and roads into the 21 With Tag Line century. “Driver Development First”
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