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THMA Dissertations
1 1998

Antalicz Viktória
Evaluation of the Development of Hungary Tourism Corporation (M.T. Rt.) and its Impact
on Promoting Hungary as a Tourist Destination ( SZA1.98)

Dévényi Alíz
Comparative Analysis of the Activities and Functions of Human Resource Management
prior to 1989 in the Hungarian Hotel Industry, andpost 1989 in the Atrium Hyatt Budapest
and Budapest Hilton hotels ( SZA2.98)

Doffek Tamás
Analytical Evaluation of the Financial and Stock Exchange Performance of the Danubius
Hotels Group from 1993-1997 ( SZA3.98)

Dragovics Beáta
A Critical Assessment of the Role of Marketing in the Hungarian Hotel Industry in the
Balaton Region ( SZA4.98)

Gerhardt Krisztina
Comparative Analysis of the Demand for Healthy Eating in the Restaurant Industry in
Budapest ( SZA8.98)

Y. Krasheninnikov
A critical evaluation of promoting Croatia as a Tourist Destination since the end of the
Balkan War ( SZA12.98)

Henja Leino
Comparative Analysis of Working Environment in Five-star Hotels in Budapest and EC
Countries ( SZA14.98)

Huh Eun-Young
An analysis of the satisfaction level of meeting planners with the hotel convention service
in Budapest ( SZA5.98)

Julianna James
Evaluation of Cross-cultural Management in the Hungarian Hotel Industry since 1989
( SZA13.98)

Kádár Sándor
A comparative analysis of the application of motivation management in Budapest Marriott
and Budapest Hilton Hotels ( SZA9.98)

Komonczy Zsolt
Development of the Hungarian Money Market, the Budapest Stock Exchange and its
Impact on the Hotel Industry ( SZA10.98)

Kovács Domonkos
Critical Evaluation of the Effects of the Privatization in the Hospitality Industry
( SZA11.98)

2 Nyitrai Anita
A comparative analysis of management's and staff's motivation in the implementation of
Frequent Guest Programmes at members of International Hotel Chains in Hungary
( SZA15.98)

Palya Anikó
A critical evaluation of Total Quality Management and its practices at the Budapest
Marriott Hotel ( SZA16.98)

Paphalmy Péter
An Investigate Study of Ecotourism and Environmental Issues Concerning Hungarian
Tourism and Hospitality ( SZA17.98)

Péter Krisztina
A critical evaluation of the role of destination management companies in incentive
movements to Hungary ( SZA18.98)

Rácz Beáta
A study on how public relations function changes with the change of ownership, a
comparative analysis of the hotels Duna Intercontinental and Budapest Marriott
( SZA19.98)

Sugár Korinna
A proposal for OTP Travel Ltd. on how to create a distribution system at national level
( SZA20.98)

Szentmáry Balázs Rodrigo
A Critical Evaluation of How Hotel Managers Percieve Yield Management in the
Hungarian Hotel Industry ( SZA21.98)

Szigethy Szilvia Erika
Analysis of the castle and castle hotel development in Fertıd ( SZA22.98)

Taraczky Andrej
Critical Analysis of Market Value Fluctuations of the Hungarian Hotel Shares
( SZA23.98)

Vajda Stella
The Measurement of Customer Satisfaction : A Comparative Analysis of Guest
Questionnaires, their Function and Effectiveness in the Danubius and Pannónia Hotel
Chains in Budapest ( SZA24.98)

Varga Zsuzsanna
A Comparative Analysis of the Marketing Practices of a Provincial and a City Thermal
Unit of the Danubius Hotels Group ( SZA25.98)

Vecsenyi Anna
A Critical Analysis of Budapest's Potential as a Leading Conference Destination
( SZA26.98)
3 Virág Katalin
An Evaluation of Management Development Activity and Needs in Hotel Aquincum and in
Hotel Kempinski at Middle Managerial Level ( SZA27.98)

Weisz Paul Jenı
A Comparison between Various Travel Agencies in Budapest - Hungary and Their usage of
The Internet as a Tool in Their Operation ( SZA28.98)

Zöldi Ágota
A Critical Evaluation of Education and Training needs in Malév Air Tours Travel Agency
( SZA29.98)
4 1999

Antal Eszter
A Sustainable Dream? ( SZA1.99)

Asbóth Gyöngyi
Senor Don Quijote, would you mind to spend a week in Hungary? ( SZA2.99)

Bara Eszter
A Critical Analysis of Direct Selling Employee Motivation and Satisfaction Methods
Applied in Four and Five Star Hotels in Hungary and the United Kingdom
( SZA3.99)

Bársony Péter
A Comparative Analysis of the Hungarian GDS Milieu, with Special Attention to CRS
Usage in Travel Agencies ( SZA4.99)

Bódy Mónika
Analysing Customer Expectations and the Determining Factors of Quality Service in Five-
star Hotels in Hungary ( SZA5.99)

Bohn Ildikó
Analysis of a Day Tour to Castle Grassalkovich in the Mirror of the Sisi Anniversary
( SZA6.99)

Boros Nóra
Single Market-Single Hotel Classification? ( SZA7.99)

Fehérvári Klára
A Critical Evaluation of the Marketing Tools Used in the Timeshare Industry in Hungary
( SZA8.99)

Fekete Barbara
A Critical Analysis of the Effective Use of Training as it is Applied by the Hungarian 5 Star
Hotels ( SZA9.99)

Frank Benedek
Business as Unusual : A Critical analysis of the challenges of Airline catering in the 21st
century, with a special focus on three Central-European carriers ( SZA10.99)

Galla Gergely
Personal Service or Automated Hotel Operation? ( SZA11.99)

Glóner János
An Evaluation of Communication Systems in the Danubius Hotel Gellért, Kempinski Hotel
Corvinus and the Hilton Budapest ( SZA12.99)

Kıvári Tímea
The Privatisation of the Budapest Marriott Hotel and the Hotel Inter-Continental Budapest
in the Light of Employees' Perception ( SZA13.99)

5 Kruták Zsófia
How to build a place in ruins into a highly visited tourist attraction? The development and
the marketing activity of the Royal Palace in Gödöllı ( SZA14.99)

Mezey Mariann
Evaluation of the Yield Management Operation at Hilton Budapest ( SZA15.99)

Patai András
The Analysis of a Customer-oriented Human Resources Management in IBIS and Mercure
Hotels of Accor-Pannonia Hotels, with a Special Emphasis on Trainings
( SZA16.99)

Peimli Zsaklin
A Critical Analysis of the Marketing System of Budapest Marriott Hotel
( SZA17.99)

Perecz Leslie
The Impact of Foreign Hotel Management in Hungary ( SZA18.99)

Szabó Judit
Charter Operations in Central Europe : A Comparative Analysis of the Operation of Malév,
Lauda Air and Austrian Air Transport ( SZA19.99)

Ujházi Eszter
The Present and the Future of the Hungarian Convention Industry ( SZA20.99)

Víg Tamás
Critical Analysis of Budapest/Ferihegy International Airport ( SZA21.99)

Weöres Márta
The Economic Impact of Sports Tourism in Australia ( SZA22.99)
6 2000

Angyal Mónika
A Comparative Analysis between the Public Sector Tourism Organizations in Hungary and
in Austria ( SZA1)

Boros Gyöngyi
Marketing and Customer Expectation in the Gundel Restaurant : A Critical Evaluation
( SZA2)

Bıhm Kornél
A Critical Analysis of the Introduction Process of the EU-standard HACCP system to the
Hungarian Hotel Industry ( SZA3)

Budai Judit
The Effects of Foreign Direct Investment on the Hungarian Tourism Industry
( SZA4)

Farkas Péter
An Analysis of Budafok's Winetourism, and of the Lics Winery's Functions
( SZA5)

Fixler András
A Critical Evaluation of Jewish Heritage Tourism and the Jewish Heritage Sites in
Budapest ( SZA6)

Fritz Ákos
Local Travel Agencies are they in the slow or the fast lane of the Information Super
Highway ( SZA7)

Gábor Eszter
A Comparative Analysis between Theory and Practice with Respect to the Principal
Elements of Marketing Communication at Neckermann Travel Service Ltd.
( SZA8)

Gál Orsolya
Tourist Analysis of Balaton Especially Siófok from Marketing Aspects ( SZA9)

Gereben Mátyás
Critical Analysis of human resource management in Budapest five star hotels with special
attention to motivation and empowerment ( SZA10)

Gergely Anna
Refurbishments in Radisson SAS Béke Hotel Budapest : a critical analysis
( SZA11)

Gergely Zsófia
A critical analysis of the present situation and future tendencies in the congress tourism of
Budapest ( SZA12)
7 Gyıri Péter
A critical evaluation of the affect of strategic management on the organisational structure of
the intercontinental hotel, Budapest in view of the future changes in the five-star hotel
market ( SZA13)

Harci Tamás
Thailand as a dominant force in tourism ( SZA14)

Kalmár Zsófia
A Critical Analysis of the Regulation of Consumer Protection affecting the Hotel,
Restaurant and Café Sector in the European Union, and its Present and Future Impact on the
Sector in Hungary ( SZA15)

Katona Tamás
"Life outside the bell-glass" : Critical Evaluation of Tourist Information Methods and
Quality Public Transportation Standards Focused on Budapest ( SZA16)

Kárász Zsófia
The Critical Analysis of the Sales Activity within the Grand Hotel Hungária
( SZA17)

Kovács Éva
A comparative analysis of the present and future state of Conference Services at three
properties of Inter-Continental Hotels and Resorts ( SZA18)

Kovács Gábor Barna
The critical analysis of the Human Resource Management of Danubius Hotels Group with
particular attention to the Training system ( SZA19)

Kulcsár Beáta
Youth Hostels in Budapest : meeting international standards? ( SZA20)

Lippner Tamás
Non-material recognition as a motivational tool in the hotel industry ( SZA21)

Maklári Gabriella
"Coincidentally or Individually?"-A Comparative Analysis of Three Irish Bar and
Restaurant of the same ownership in Ireland, Hungary and the USA ( SZA23)

Mastan Christina
Evaluation of Global Hotel Brands in Hungary and the Likely Future Impact on Domestic
Hotel Companies ( SZA22)

Mihály Erika
The Economical and Ecological Benefits of Hunting Tourism in Hungary
( SZA24)

Nemesdaróczi Dávid
Extended stay sales strategies of the Millenium Court Marriott Executive Apartments : A
Critical Analysis ( SZA25)
8 Nikolov Judit
Contradiction in Practice and Theory-Critical analysis of Frequent Guest Programs in three
five-star hotels in Budapest ( SZA26)

Orosházi Csilla
Budapest-Spa City? ( SZA27)

Oroszki Judit
Critical analysis of Transylvania, as a tourist destination for Hungarian tourists
( SZA28)

Paizs Zsófia
A critical evaluation of Teamwork and its practice at the Budapest Marriott Hotel
( SZA29)

Peimli Zsófia
An analysis of tourism for people with disabilities in Hungary ( SZA30)

Rantala Elina
The Comprehensive Analysis of the Effects and Consequences of the European Union
Membership into the Tourism in Hungary ( SZA31)

Soós Kata
The Marketing Activity of Vista Air Travel Agency and its Usage of Internet as a
Marketing Tool ( SZA32)

Szeverényi Gabriella
A critical analysis of the demand for further developing conference tourism in Hungary
( SZA33)

Traxler Melinda
An Analysis of the Marketing Effectiveness of Outbound Tour Operators Participating in a
Travel Fair ( SZA34)

Váradi-Szabó Balázs
The Future of Hungarian National Tourism Marketing Done by the Hungarian National
Tourist Office as Perceived by the Expert Members of the Hungarian Travel Industry
( SZA35)

Várkonyi Gergely
A Critical analysis of the differences in the role of Human Resources Management in the
hiring and termination processes in Hungary and in the United States ( SZA36)

Wagner Róbert
The analysis of two high quality hotels in Austria and Hungary ( SZA37)
9 2001

Andrásfalvy Ilona
Development of Tourism in Mexico ( SZA1.1)

Bassó Anita
The evaluation of the role of international tourism organisations (ASTA, RDA) in the life
of Hungarian travel agencies, and the benefits of being a "member" travel agent
( SZA2.1)

Bolgár Lili
Analysis of the Tourism Potential of the U.S. Market in Hungary ( SZA3.1)

Bozóki Nóra
Conference tourism in Szeged : Now and Recommendations for Tomorrow
( SZA4.1)

Csalótzky Izabella
The Museum as Cultural and Leisure Complex in the 21st Century ( SZA5.1)

Csúcsy Katalin
Same brand-different cultures? - A comparative analysis of two Marriott properties in
Hungary and in the United States ( SZA6.1)

Dóka Gábor
Analysis and Evaluation of a Seasonal Restaurant ( SZA7.1)

Geszti Andrea
The Importance of Quality Management in the Hospitality Industry : the Critical Evaluation
of the quality Control Operation of the Danubius Hotels Group, based on the practices at
Hotel Gellért ( SZA8.1)

Gyárfás Eszter
Marketing Arts-Managing Festivals ( SZA9.1)

Hecser Petra
Analysis of the Tourism in Greece Concentrating on the Hungarian Demand
( SZA10.1)

Hofgard Balázs
An Empirical Analysis of the Conference Tourism in Hungary and the Effect of the
Széchenyi Plan on the Industry ( SZA11.1)

Jójárt Judit
Critical Analysis of the Possibilities Increasing Competitiveness and Sales Volume of High
Quality Hotel Restaurants ( SZA12.1)

Juhász Csenge
Protection of Travellers in Organised Tourism ( SZA13.1)

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