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Hossfeld's Japanese grammar, comprising a manual of the spoken language in the Roman character, together with dialogues on several subjects and two vocabularies of useful words; and Appendix

172 pages
MHHMHttHBMBBMRHITEDUCATIONAL WORKS.HOSSFELD'SFRENCH.5. tl.French Grammar. HOSSFELD'S New Method,English- Byfor Schools, and Private Lessons . . ..30Classes,arrangedto ditto net 1Key10French GrammarElementary26AdvancedFrench and IdiomsCompositionof French Verbs net GConjugationin Packets of 10 Cards.. .. net 10Malvern's French Verbs,net 3 6French, German,Correspondent (English, Spanish)PolyglotCommercial 20CorrespondentEnglish-FrenchFrench 10English- Dictionary10French-Englishin One Volume 20The Two Dictionaries1 GManual of French Conversation100 in French for Translation into Ger-English.Passagesor . . . . . . . . ..20Italian Russianman, Spanish,in for into German,100 French, English. . . . . . . . . ..20Italian or Russian .Spanish,French 10DialoguesLUDWIG andA new and FrenchEnglish Vocabulary. ByLALLEMAND. Third Edition. Revised and . . netEnlargedA. P. HUGUENET 20French Reader. ByF. RIZZELLI. Comedie en un acte net 6Un deCoup Tete. BynetLes Fourberies de MOLIERE 6ByScapin.Book of Commercial French. F. THOMAS netPhrase ByRUSSIAN.HOSSFELD'S New Method ar-Russian GrammarEnglish- Byfor Schools and Private Lessons . . . . ..40Classes,rangedto ditto netKeyinto100 in Russian for Translation French,Passages English,Italian or .. .. .. .. .. ..20German, Spanish..and Russian- ..46English-Russian English DictionaryiManual of Russian and Conversation. CORNEEnglish ByJAPANESE.a ManualHossfeld's English-Japanese Grammar, comprisingof the in ...
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MHHMHttHBMBBMRH IT EDUCATIONAL WORKS.HOSSFELD'S FRENCH. 5. tl. French Grammar. HOSSFELD'S New Method,English- By for Schools, and Private Lessons . . ..30Classes,arranged to ditto net 1Key 10French GrammarElementary 26Advanced French and IdiomsComposition of French Verbs net GConjugation in Packets of 10 Cards.. .. net 10Malvern's French Verbs, net 3 6French, German,Correspondent (English, Spanish)Polyglot Commercial 20CorrespondentEnglish-French French 10English- Dictionary 10French-English in One Volume 20The Two Dictionaries 1 GManual of French Conversation 100 in French for Translation into Ger-English.Passages or . . . . . . . . ..20Italian Russianman, Spanish, in for into German,100 French, English . . . . . . . . . ..20Italian or Russian .Spanish, French 10Dialogues LUDWIG andA new and FrenchEnglish Vocabulary. By LALLEMAND. Third Edition. Revised and . . netEnlarged A. P. HUGUENET 20French Reader. By F. RIZZELLI. Comedie en un acte net 6Un deCoup Tete. By netLes Fourberies de MOLIERE 6ByScapin. Book of Commercial French. F. THOMAS netPhrase By RUSSIAN. HOSSFELD'S New Method ar-Russian GrammarEnglish- By for Schools and Private Lessons . . . . ..40Classes,ranged to ditto netKey into100 in Russian for Translation French,Passages English, Italian or .. .. .. .. .. ..20German, Spanish ..and Russian- ..46English-Russian English Dictionary iManual of Russian and Conversation. CORNEEnglish By JAPANESE. a ManualHossfeld's English-Japanese Grammar, comprising of the in the Roman character withLanguage togetherSpoken on several and Two Vocabularies of UsefulDialogues subjects, Words H. WEINTZ net 10 6By J. niKSi MI I:LD BKOTHKKS, LTD., Publishers, Il.s. Fi KMVAL STKKKT, HOLBORM, EDUCATIONAL WORKS.HOSSFELD'S SPANISH. Grammar. HOSSFELD'S New ar- s. d.Method,English-Spanish By for and Private Lessons . . . . ..30Classes, Schools,ranged to ditto net 1Key HOSSFELD'S New Method .. 40Grammar.Spanish-English By net 2to dittoKey netof Verbs 6SpanishConjugation Commercial 20English-Spanish Correspondent andSpanish-English English-Spanish Dictionary (New 26Edition) 20Hossfeld's ReaderSpanish YANEZ . . 20 and Idioms. Composition By Comercial 16Yanez, Correspondencia Hossfeld's Commercial and Tech-Spanish Correspondence W. N. CORNETT .. .. net 2nicalities. .. ..By 20German-Spanish Reader 100 in for Translation intoPassages Spanish English, French, Italian or Russian .. .. ... .. ..20German, Hossfeld's 16Spanish Dialogues in Third Edition 20Gil Bias, Spanish. in . . . . . . . . . . .Don . ..20Quixote, Spanish A New and FERNANDO DEEnglish Spanish ByVocabulary. ARTEAGA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . net 2 6 Hossfeld's Grammar 10Spanish Vocabulary Translations in and . . net 3 6EnglishEngineering Spanish PONCE DE LEONSpanish Technological Dictionary. By Vol.1. net 36English-Spanish Vol.2. net 32Spanish-English El Sombrero de Tres Picos , net 1 6 Jimenez. VALERA net 1 6Pepita By si las Ninas net 6El de F.Hand Book of Commercial THOMAS net 3 6Spanish. By Phrase of F. net 5By DUTCH. Grammar. HOSSFELD'S New ar-English-Dutch By Method, for Schools and Private Lessons . .Classes, . . ..40ranged to ditto . . net 2Key of Dutch Verbs net 6Conjugation Dutch 10Dialogues and 46English-Dutch Dutch-English Dictionary LATIN. Hossfeld's Waistcoat Pocket andLatin=English English- Latin 16Dictionary HIRSCHFELD BROTHERS, LTD., Publishers, FURNIVAL13, STREET, HOLBORX, E.G.LONDON, HOSSFELD'S EDUCATIONAL WORKS. GERMAN. Grammar. HOSSFELD'S New ar- s. d.EnglisruGerman By Method, for and Private . .Classes, Schools, Lessons . . ..30ranged to ditto net 1Key Hossfeld's Smaller German Grammar 10 German and IdiomsComposition Exercises and IdiomsMengel's of German Verbs net 6Conjugation Hossfeld's German HEINEMANN .. .. ..20Reader. By Advanced German D. THIEMS net 3Reader. By in German100 for Translation into French,Passages English, Italian or Russian . . . . . . . . . . ..20Spanish, CommercialEngIish=German Correspondent 10DictionaryEnglish=German 10GermaneEnglish Dictionaries in One Volume . . . . . . ..20The Two Stories 16Select German German 10Dialogues F.Phrase Book of Commercial German. THOMAS net 5By ITALIAN. Grammar. HOSSFELD'S New ar-By Method,English=ltalian for Schools and Private Lessons .Classes, . . . ..30ranged to ditto net 1Key Italian and Idioms 26Hossfeld's Composition of Italian Verbs net 6Conjugation = MELZIltalian andhng"lish ltalian=English ByDictionary. MILLHOUSE. Two Vols. .. 12Ditto. By HOSSFELD. Waistcoat Pocket Edition . . . . ..16 By in Italian for Translation into100 French,Passages English, or RussianGerman, Spanish DR. C. SCOTTI 20Italian Reader. By COMBA Pronunciation. By PORTUGUESE. Grammar. HOSSFELD'S New Method,English-Portuguese By for Schools and Private Lessons . . . . ..40Classes,arranged to ditto net 2Key net 6of VerbsConjugation Portuguese 10Portuguese Dialogues SWEDISH. and Swedish. ..English-Swedish English Dictionary DANO-NORWEGIAN. andEnglish.Dane-Norwegian Dano.Norwegian=English 46Dictionary K 10Hints on I ISNARDLanguage. By net 1Star combined with Calendar for 1905..Calendar, Ordinary HIRSCHFELD BROTHERS, LTD., Publishers, Ft'RMVAi. LONPON. K.C.13, STREET, HOLBOKN. APPENDIX TO HOSSFELD'S JAPANESE GRAMMAR Grammar.App. Japanese shim.atarashiki woFuruki wo tazunete, theare learned old)by studying(New things [Jap. Proverb.] TOAPPENDIX HOSSFELD'S JAPANESE GRAMMAR COMPRISING A GRADUATED SERIES OF EXERCISES ON THE WHOLE WORK, EXTRACTS FROM LEADING AUTHORS, EXERCISES IN THE NATIVE CHARACTERS AND TWO VOCABULARIES BY H. J. WEINTZ Author "Hossfeld'sof Japanese Grammar;" "The etc.Spanish Principia," LONDON HIRSCHFELD LIMITEDBROTHERS, 13 FURNIVAL E.G.STEEET, 1905 [All rights reserved.] PREFACE. THE warm welcome extended Professorsuniformly by and Students to eld's Grammar" andHossf "Japanese the bestowed the haveencomiumsflattering by press induced the to consider the issuepublishers favourably of the volume. present The scheme of the work is as follows: Part I Exercises consisting gener-comprises forty-six of on such asally colloquial phrases subjects naturally themselves in social intercourse and arepresent daily illustrative of those of the mechanism of thespecialities set forth in the and with which itlanguage Grammar, is that the student should become familiar necessary before he to converse.attempts Each Exercise is a preceded by Vocabulary containing new words to be in and the sen-employed it, English aretences more or less of thereproductions Japanese ones contained in so that the studentprevious exercises, be enabled to re-translate them intomay Japanese with facility. Part II is of the same of a morekind as the last but advanced nature some of the moreembodying important idioms of the and instead oflanguage, furnishing indepen- dent sentences in the of eachEnglish Exercise,portion a translation of the haspreceding Japanese phrases been each half of the Exercise thussubstituted, forming a to the other.Key 2 PREFACE. 1'ai-t III consists of a series of ExercisesReading culled from the works ofcomprising excerpts popular the earlier interlinear literalauthors, specimens bearing and followed free idiomaticrenderings being by English translations. the interlinear translations are dis-Later, and isthe text alonecarded, finally Japanese given, to elucidatefootnotes, however, being appended points inof the text.especial difficulty occurring In Part IV the two of native characters aregroups and the work closes with twodiscussed,exhaustively Vocabularies all the words used in thecontaining Exercises and not found in the Vocabularies at the end of the Grammar. To the Author returns his cordial thanksconclude, which work hasfor the liberal his formerreception and his endeavours will not have beenexperienced, made in vain if in acontribute, howeverthey slight to a more extended with thedegree, acquaintance Japa- nese and with language Japan, thereby strengthening the bonds of between the countries offriendship great KODO and andNOBUNAGA,IEYASU, DAISHI, SH.\K>PERE, WATT and WELLINGTON. H. J. WEINTZ. BRADFORD 10n.">.(Yorfcs),