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Lists of Swiss emigrants in the eighteenth century to the American colonies

172 pages
Swiss in theLists of Emigrantsto theCenturyEighteenthAmerican ColoniesVOLUME IFAUST[LIBRARYI UNIVERSITY OF\CALIFORNIA~vPlate I20t^jr^H^^w6^^^>^* ,4^k ^*~**tr**##/%*& V^X. / ^, Or- 4-.^^w^^A_.^;^- ^^-J= i/5te^~,, _^..<j,1.^. J^^^JJ^>MARCHLIST No. DATTLIKON, 27, 1744OF THE ORIGINAL 20,REPRODUCTIONLists of Swiss in theEmigrantsto theEighteenth CenturyAmerican ColoniesVOLUME IZURICH, 1734-1744FROM THE ARCHIVES OF SWITZERLANDBYALBERT BERNHARDT PH.D.FAUST, A.B.,PUBLISHED BYTHE NATIONAL GENEALOGICAL SOCIETYGAIUS M. EditorBRUMBAUGH. ManagingD. C.WASHINGTON,1920LOAN STACKEdition from500 copies, printed type1920Copyrighted,G. M. EditorBRUMBAUGH,ByPRESS OFTHE NEW ERA PRINTING COMPANYLANCASTER. PA.Slf,v.\Lists of Swiss in theEmigrants Eighteenthto the American ColoniesCenturyk/ZURICH TO CAROLINA AND PENNSYLVANIA, 1734-1744PREFACETHE here is contained in the State Archivemanuscript presentedof and was discovered a search it wasZurich, during my privilegeinto make after materials for American the archives ofhistory1 inSwitzerland. The is the mostmany respectsmanuscriptAmerica invaluable document to contained thesingle relatingforSwiss as its historical as forarchives, being quite importantTheits and statistical materials. whole ofgenealogical historyin is inSwiss the thisemigration eighteenth century epitomized2document. The finds invaluable statistician it the reliableonlyof ofenumeration Swiss the and is ...
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Swiss in theLists of Emigrants to theCenturyEighteenth American Colonies VOLUME I FAUST [LIBRARY I UNIVERSITY OF \CALIFORNIA ~v Plate I 20 t^jr^H^^w6^^^>^* ,4^k ^*~**tr**##/%*& V^X. / ^, Or- 4- .^^w^^A_.^;^- ^^-J= i/5te^~, , _^..<j,1.^. J^^^JJ^> MARCHLIST No. DATTLIKON, 27, 1744OF THE ORIGINAL 20,REPRODUCTION Lists of Swiss in theEmigrants to theEighteenth Century American Colonies VOLUME I ZURICH, 1734-1744 FROM THE ARCHIVES OF SWITZERLAND BY ALBERT BERNHARDT PH.D.FAUST, A.B., PUBLISHED BY THE NATIONAL GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY GAIUS M. EditorBRUMBAUGH. Managing D. C.WASHINGTON, 1920 LOAN STACK Edition from500 copies, printed type 1920Copyrighted, G. M. EditorBRUMBAUGH,By PRESS OF THE NEW ERA PRINTING COMPANY LANCASTER. PA.