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Visit App Game Cheats to find the latest cheats and hacks for iOS and Android games! Get higher scores than your friends with the help of We have cheats and hack tools for all of the newest and most popular mobile games!



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Publié le 03 août 2014
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Hacks for App Games in 2014
Gaming apps are becoming the most popular way to enjoy gaming on the go and connect with friends in virtual worlds in 2014. These apps are available for nearly every mobile device nowadays: tablets, phones, even some mp3 players are capable of running apps and playing games. The two most common platforms for gaming apps are theAndroid operating systemandApple iOS.
Most of you are probably already aware of how popular gaming apps have become. The level of competition among friends is another point worth mentioning. The addition of social sharing adds even more competition to today's gaming apps. When you can see your friends' scores and they can see yours, most players want to make sure they have the highest score in their group.
This is why many players of game apps choose to search for cheats or hacks for their favorite app games for 2014. Cheats for these games will typically give players extra currency or points in the game that they can use to unlock new features or advance to the next level. For example, in a building game like Jurassic Park Builder, a cheat or hack tool will unlock thousands of free coins that the player can use to buy many items.
So now you may be wondering, how do these game app hacks and cheats work? Good question. Most cheats for gaming apps require players to download a small hack tool onto their phone or other mobile
device. Once installed, the hack tool connects directly to the game servers and adds the money, points, or levels directly to your account.
How To Do An App Game Hack
Many of the sites that create these hack tools will often have hacks available for multiple gaming apps. A good site I've found to use They seem to have hacks available for all of the newest games and they actually work too. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to find and use gaming app hacks:
1. Find a hack tool for the game you are trying to get cheats for. I recommend trying the site I've linked 2. Once you find a hack tool, click download to get the hack tool on your mobile device. 3. Open the hack tool and you will see some forms where you can enter the amount of money or points you'd like to add to your account. Example pictured below.
4. After you fill out the amount of money you want to add to your account, be sure to select which type of device you are using: Android or Apple iOS. This step is very important to ensure that the hack tool works properly. 5. Then just click “Start Hack” to begin adding the points to your account! The game hack should work almost instantly so you'll be able to check if it worked right away.
That's all there is to it. The key is finding a good site that has working hack tools for the best games. Once you get the hack tools, the rest is easy. So if you're having trouble catching up to your friends in the newest games, I suggest you get started hacking!
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