Catalogue Chopard homme
278 pages
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Catalogue Chopard homme


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278 pages


La maison d'horlogerie et de joaillerie Chopard vous permet de découvrir l'ensemble de sa gamme de montres pour homme dans ce très beau catalogue Chopard pour les hommes.



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Publié le 21 janvier 2014
Nombre de lectures 35
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Chopard_Cat_Homme_2011_RS_EU.indd 1 20.09.11 11:00Contents
Chopard Manufacture 6
L.U.C Collection 40
th150 anniversary 44
L.U.C 150 “All-in-One” 44
L.U.C Louis-Ulysse – The Tribute 50
L.U.C 1937 56
L.U.C Engine One Tourbillon 62
Tourbillons 68
L.U.C Tourbillon Tech Twist 74
L.U.C Tourbillon SL 78
L.U.C Tourbillon Tech Steel Wings 80
L.U.C Triple Certification Tourbillon 82
L.U.C Tourbillon Esprit de Fleurier 84
Moon phases 86
L.U.C Lunar One 90
Striking mechanisms 92
L.U.C Strike One 96
L.U.C Tech Strike One 98
Chronographs 100
L.U.C Chrono One 104
Classics 106
L.U.C XP 108
L.U.C XP Urushi 110
L.U.C XPS 118
L.U.C XP Tonneau 120
L.U.C Tech Twist 124
L.U.C Qualité Fleurier 128
L.U.C Quattro 132
Chopard_Cat_Homme_2011_RS_EU.indd 2 20.09.11 11:00A close-up look at a few professions 136
L.U.C calibres 154
Classic Racing collection 188
Superfast 192
Superfast Split Second 196
Superfast Chrono 198
Mille Miglia 200
Mille Miglia Gran Turismo XL 204
Mille Miglia GT XL Power Control 206T XL GMT 212
Mille Miglia GT XL Chrono 2011 214T XL Chrono Rosso Corsa 216
Mille Miglia GT XL Chrono 218T XL Chrono Split Second 222
Mille Miglia Chronograph 226
Mille Miglia GMT Chrono 228
Grand Prix de Monaco Historique 234
Grand Prix de Monaco Historique 2010 238
Gro Historique Time Attack MF 240
Jacky Ickx 242
Jacky Ickx Edition V 248
Annexes 252
Customer Service 254
Guarantee 258
Chopard milestones 259
Glossary 262
Chopard_Cat_Homme_2011_RS_EU.indd 3 20.09.11 11:004
Chopard_Cat_Homme_2011_RS_EU.indd 4 20.09.11 11:00Passion and reason
When I took up the challenge of creating Chopard Manufacture in 1996, it was a choice
guided by reason, but also by the passion that nurtures the Chopard brand. In my view, a
brand can only fully exist in the field of Haute Horlogerie by achieving complete control
of the making of its timepieces: design and development, production and assembly,
movements and exteriors. It is a matter of independence, long-term reliability and
authenticity, values that are cherished by our customers, and the creation of a full-fledged
manufacture is an inescapable step in reaching this goal.
Chopard Manufacture currently incorporates all the professions of Haute Horlogerie, a
degree of vertical integration that enables it to create, develop and produce all the L.U.C
collection movements in-house. There are currently nine base calibres and over 50 variations
covering almost the entire range of horological complications – from the chronograph to
the perpetual calendar, the tourbillon and the equation of time. All of them demonstrate a
constant concern for quality in terms of both performance and finishing. Featuring a subtle
blend of design, high technology and time-honoured traditions, all our L.U.C timepieces
embody in their own way the Chopard state of mind as well as its inimitable style.
Less than twenty years after the founding of Chopard Manufacture, the very fact of
having created such a body of resources represents an accomplishment of which we are
thparticularly proud. At a time when Chopard has just celebrated its 150 anniversary, we
are delighted to present it to you here.
Karl-Friedrich Scheufele
Chopard_Cat_Homme_2011_RS_EU.indd 5 20.09.11 11:00Chopard_Cat_Homme_2011_RS_EU.indd 6 20.09.11 11:00Chopard Manufacture
Chopard_Cat_Homme_2011_RS_EU.indd 7 20.09.11 11:008
Chopard_Cat_Homme_2011_RS_EU.indd 8 20.09.11 11:009
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