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Edelman's Online Dictionary



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Edelman’s Online Dictionary
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About.com:Owned byThe New York Times, About.com gathers expertise from more than 600 personal guides in the form of articles, quizzes, videos, and other content to help educate readers about their given subject area.
Active X:Technology created by Microsoft that enables Web pages to display multimedia effects, animated displays, and interactive objects.
Amazon:Founded during the early days of the dot-com boom, Amazon is commonly rec -ognized as one of the largest online retailers, selling a variety of consumer goods including books, toys, video games, DVDs, CDs, elec -tronics, and apparel, among others.
Ask.com:Formerly known as “Ask Jeeves,” this search engine sought to eliminate the confusion that many online users face when using search engines. Ask.com answers questions in plain English, rather than merely providing keyword search results like Google and Yahoo. The site also offers a page preview option directly on the results page, allowing users to view the link before clicking on it.
BitTorrent:The first peer-to-peer network to
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earn approval from organizations that usually seize the chance to close such networks, Bit -Torrent’s potential offerings (including file dis -tribution for game updates and movie sales) outweigh its negatives—for the moment.
Blogs:Short for “Web logs,” these user-gen -erated Web sites have redesigned the Web, by giving a voice to online users to share news or opinions on a particular subject. Anyone can easily create a blog in only a short period of time, although finding individuals toreadone’s blog could take much longer.
Blogger:This is arguably the most popular site for would-be bloggers to set up a free blog: Sign up, pick a name, and presto! Blo -gname.blogspot.com is yours.
Bots:Downloadable files that online users can access and manage through remote-control commands. Bots are often used to subtly commandeer computers to send mass quantities of spam e-mail.
Click-through:An effective measurement of an online advertising campaign. This rate is determined by dividing the number of users who clicked on an online ad by the total num -ber of impressions.
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