Metroid Other M
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Metroid Other M

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34 pages
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Manuel du jeu vidéo Metroid Other M pour Nintendo Wii.



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IMPORTANT LEGAL INORMATIONis Nintendo ame is not desined for use wit any unautoried device se of any suc device will invalidate your Nintendo product warranty Copyin of any Nintendo ame is illeal and is strictly proibited by domestic and international intellectual property laws “acup” or “arcival” copies are not autoried and are not necessary to protect your software iolators will be prosecuted REV–E
W HARDWARE SYSTEM, GAME DISC OR ACCESSORY. THIS MANUAL CONTAINS IMPORTANT HEALTH AND SAETY INORMATION. IMPORTANT SAETY INORMATION READ THE OLLOWING WARNINGS EORE YOU OR YOUR CHILD PLAY VIDEO GAMES. WARNING – S • Some people (about  in 4 may ave seiures or blacouts triered by lit flases or patterns and tis may occur wile tey are watcin  or playin video ames even if tey ave never ad a seiure before • nyone wo as ad a seiure loss of awareness or oter symptom lined to an epileptic condition sould consult a doctor before playin a video ame • Parents sould watc teir cildren play video ames Stop playin and consult a doctor if you or your cild as any of te followin symptoms Convulsions Eye or muscle twitching Altered vision Loss of awareness Involuntary movements Disorientation • o reduce te lieliood of a seiure wen playin video ames  Sit or stand as far from te screen as possible 2 Play video ames on te smallest available television screen  o not play if you are tired or need sleep 4 Play in a welllit room 5 ae a  to 5 minute brea every our WARNING –R M I  E Playin video ames can mae your muscles oints sin or eyes urt ollow tese instructions to avoid problems suc as tendinitis carpal tunnel syndrome sin irritation or eyestrain • void ecessive play Parents sould monitor teir cildren for appropriate play • ae a  to 5 minute brea every our even if you don’t tin you need it f your ands wrists arms or eyes become tired or sore wile playin or if you feel symptoms suc as tinlin numbness burnin or stiffness stop and rest for several ours before playin aain • f you continue to ave any of te above symptoms or oter discomfort durin or after play stop playin and see a doctor CAUTION – M S Playin video ames can cause motion sicness in some players f you or your cild feel diy or nauseous wen playin video ames stop playin and rest o not drive or enae in oter demandin activity until you feel better
WARRANTY  SERVICE INORMATIONREV-R Y            . T    ..    C A H  1-800-255-3700,      . ours of operation are  am to  pm Pacific ime onday  Sunday (times subect to cane f te problem cannot be solved wit te troublesootin information available online or over te telepone you will be offered epress factory service trou Nintendo Please do not send any products to Nintendo witout contactin us first HARDWARE WARRANTY Nintendo of merica nc (“Nintendo” warrants to te oriinal purcaser tat te ardware product sall be free from defects in material and wormansip for twelve (2 monts from te date of purcase f a defect covered by tis warranty occurs durin tis warranty period Nintendo will repair or replace te defective ardware product or component free of care e oriinal purcaser is entitled to tis warranty only if te date of purcase is reistered at point of sale or te consumer can demonstrate to Nintendo’s satisfaction tat te product was purcased witin te last 2 monts GAME  ACCESSORY WARRANTY Nintendo warrants to te oriinal purcaser tat te product (ames and accessories sall be free from defects in material and wormansip for a period of tree ( monts from te date of purcase f a defect covered by tis warranty occurs durin tis tree ( mont warranty period Nintendo will repair or replace te defective product free of care SERVICE ATER EPIRATION O WARRANTY Please try our website at supportnintendocom or call te Consumer ssistance otline at 255 for troublesootin information and repair or replacement options and pricin n some instances it may be necessary for you to sip te complete product R PRP N NSR R LSS R  to Nintendo Please do not send any products to Nintendo witout contactin us first WARRANTY LIMITATIONS S RRN SLL N PPL  S PRC (a S S  PRCS N SL R LCNS  NNN (NCLN  N L  NNLCNS  NNCN N CPR CS PRS SR N PR SPPLS (b S S R CRCL PRPSS (NCLN RNL (c S  R PR  (d S   NLNC CCN NRSNL S R  R CSS NRL  C RLS R RNSP R (e S   SRL NR LR C R R N PPLCL PL RRNS NCLNWARRANTIES O MERCHANTAILITY R N NSS PRCLR PRPS R R L N RN   RRN PRS SCR  (2 NS R  NS S PPLCL N N N SLL NNN  LL R CNSNL R NCNL S RSLN R  RC  N PL R PRSS RRNS S SS  N LL LNS N  LN N PL RRN LSS R CLSN  CNSNL R NCNL S S   LNS  N PPL   is warranty ives you specific leal rits ou may also ave oter rits wic vary from state to state or province to province Nintendo’s address is Nintendo of merica nc P o 5 Redmond  5 S is warranty is only valid in te nited States and Canada
olby Pro Loic and te double symbol are trademars of olby Laboratories anufactured under license from olby Laboratories is ame is presented in olby® Pro Loic®  surround sound Connect your ame console to a sound system wit olby Pro Loic olby Pro Loic  or olby Pro Loic  decodin to eperience te ecite ment of surround sound ou may need to enable “Surround” in te audio options menu of te ame © 2 Nintendo Codeveloped by C  eam NN  ® and te ii loo are trademars of Nintendo © 2 Nintendo
Wiid nd3-  /7470 /
LNUE SELECTION To play this game in English, change your language settings in the Wii System Settings. SSTEM MENU UPDTE Please note that when first loading the Game Disc into the Wii console, the system will check if you hae the latest ersion of the system menu, and if necessary a Wii system menu update screen will appear. Select  to proceed with the update. Please note that the Wii console must hae the latest ersion of the Wii system menu in order to play the Game Disc. When the system menu is updated, unauthoried hardware andor software modifications may e detected and unauthoried content may e remoed causing the immediate or delayed inoperaility of your console. ailure to accept the update may render this game, and future games, unplayale. Please note that intendo cannot guarantee that unauthoried software or accessories will continue to function with the Wii console after this or future updates of the Wii system menu.   CUTION RIST STRP USE Please use the wrist strap to help preent inury to other people or damage to surrounding oects or the Wii emote in case you accidentally let go of the Wii emote during game play. lso rememer the following • ake sure all players put on the wrist strap properly when it is their turn. • Do not let go of the Wii emote during game play. • Dry your hands if they ecome moist.   • llow adeuate room around you during game play and make sure that all area s you might moe into are  clear of other people and oects. • Stay at least three feet from the teleision. • se the Wii emote acket.
Code name : “Baby’s Cry.” A common SOS with the urgency of a baby crying... The nickname comes from the fact that the purpose of the signal is to 3 draw attention. The signal was coming from a remote part of space. I altered the course of my ship as if this detour had already been part of my flight plan. Baby’s Cry… It was as though it was crying specifically for me…
Metroid: Other M
Baby’s Cry… It was as though t was ryg sfiay or …
-Samus Aran-
I had gone to planet SR388 to destroy the Metroids. After a deadly struggle I managed to defeat the Queen Metroid, and as I was preparing to return, a baby Metroid hatched before my eyes. As I was the first thing the baby saw, it took me to be its mother. I felt that studying the baby might produce some peaceful applications, so I took it back to the Galactic Federation. But that baby Metroid was attacked in the middle of an experiment and fell into the hands of the Space Pirates, who were led by Mother Brain. In the hopes of rescuing the baby, I infiltrated the stronghold controlled by Mother Brain on planet Zebes. But Mother’s overwhelming power brought me to the brink of death. And then the strangest thing began to restore vigor to my spirit’s light, which was so close to going out. “Why am I still alive… The baby protected me from Mother Brain’s attack. It gave me power. And then the baby was destroyed above my head… “Mother... Time to go!” Mother Brain, the Space Pirates, and the Metroids were terminated along with the planet Zebes. I don’t know how much time passed since then. I was traveling in my Star Ship when I unexpectedly received a signal.
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