Pokémon Mystery Dungeon
40 pages

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon

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40 pages
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Manuel du jeux nintendo DS Pokémon Mystery Dungeon.



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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon :Explorers of Time
Besoin d’aide pour l’ installation, l’ entretien ou la rÉparation? service À la clientÈle de nintendo support.nintendo.com ou appelez le 1 800 255-3700 lun.- dim., entre 6 h 00 et 19 h 00, heure du pacifique ( heures sujettes à changement )
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PLEASE CAREFULLY READ THE SEPARATE HEALTH AND SAFETY PRECAUTIONS BOOKLET INCLUDED WITH THIS PRODUCT BEFORE - Repetitive Motion Injuries and Eyestrain WARNING USING YOUR NINTENDO®HARDWARE SYSTEM, GAME CARD ORPlaying video games can make your muscles, joints, skin or eyes hurt after a few hours. Follow these ACCESSORY. THIS BOOKLET CONTAINS IMPORTANT HEALTH ANDinstructions to avoid problems such as tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, skin irritation or eyestrain: SAFETY INFORMATION.• Avoid excessive play. It is recommended that parents monitor their children for appropriate play. • Take a 10 to 15 minute break every hour, even if you don’t think you need it. IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: READ THE FOLLOWINGthe stylus, you do not need to grip it tightly or press it hard against the screen. Doing so• When using WARNINGS BEFORE YOU OR YOUR CHILD PLAY VIDEO GAMES.ser rave l  dnatsereht of me playing, stop er dros ro ehwli beseyr tie omecstsirw ,o smra ,f yo. Iandsur h rideuo oftrcsmof esgitayam uac  hours before playing again. • If you continue to have sore hands, wrists, arms or eyes during or after play, stop playing and see a doctor.   WARNING - Seizures • Some people (about 1 in 4000) may have seizures or blackouts triggered by light flashes or patterns,  such as while watching TV or playing video games, even if they have never had a seizure before.ak e • Anyone who has had a seizure, loss of awareness, or other symptom linked to an epileptic condition ag - Battery Le WARNING  should consult a doctor before playing a video game. The Nintendo DS contains a rechargeable lithium ion battery pack. Leakage of ingredients contained within • Parents should watch when their children play video games. Stop playing and consult a doctor if you the battery pack, or the combustion products of the ingredients, can cause personal injury as well as  or your child have any of the following symptoms: damage to your Nintendo DS.   Convulsions Loss of awareness Eye or muscle twitchingIf battery leakage occurs, avoid contact with skin. If contact occurs, immediately wash thoroughly with  Altered vision Involuntary movements Disorientationsoap and water. If liquid leaking from a battery pack comes into contact with your eyes, immediately flush • To reduce the likelihood of a seizure when playing video games: thoroughly with water and see a doctor.  1. Sit or stand as far from the screen as possible. To avoid battery leakage:  2. Play video games on the smallest available television screen. • Do not expose battery to excessive physical shock, vibration, or liquids.  3. Do not play if you are tired or need sleep. • Do not disassemble, attempt to repair or deform the battery.  4. Play in a well-lit room. • Do not dispose of battery pack in a fire.  5. Take a 10 to 15 minute break every hour. • Do not touch the terminals of the battery, or cause a short between the terminals with a metal object. • Do not peel or damage the battery label.   WARNING - Radio Frequency Interference The Nintendo DS can emit radio waves that can affect the operation of nearby electronics, including cardiac pacemakers.Important Legal InformationREV–E • Do not operate the Nintendo DS within 9 inches of a pacemaker while using the wireless feature. • If you have a pacemaker or other implanted medical device, do not use the wireless feature of the  Nintendo DS without rst consulting your doctor or the manufacturer of your medical device. Twhilils i nNvianltiednadteo  ygoaumr eN iisn tneontd do epsriogdneudct f owra rursaen twyi.t hC oapnyyi nugn aouf tahnoyri zNeidn tdeenvdioc eg. aUmsee  ios fi llaengy asl uacnhd  idse svtircice tly • Observe and follow all regulations and rules regarding use of wireless devices in locations such as  hospitals, airports, and on board aircraft. Operation in those locations may interfere with or cause   pnroothaibuittheodr izbey dd aonmd easrtiec  naont dn iencteersnsaatriyo tnoa l pirnotteellcetc tyuoaulr  psroofptewratrye l.a Vwiosl. atBorasc kw-ilul pbe  opr roasrecchiuvtaeld.  copies are  malfunctions of equipment, with resulting injuries to persons or damage to property.
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THIS GAME CARD WILL WOR ONLY WITH THE NINTENDO DSTM The official seal is your assurance VIDEO GAME SYSTEM. that this product is licensed or manufactured by Nintendo. Always  Wireless DS  Multi-Card look for this seal when buying 2Play video temsTHIS GAME ALLOWS WIRELESS MULTIPLAYER game sys , GAMES WITH EACH DS SYSTEM CONTAINING accessories, games A SEPARATE GAME CARD. and related products. Nintendo does not license the sale or use of products without the Official Nintendo Seal.
Communication Play Modes Wireless Communication Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Passwords Manuel en français
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NEED HELP PLAYING A GAME? Recorded tips for many titles are available on Nintendo’s Power Line at (425) 885-7529. This may be a long-distance call, so please ask permission from whoever pays the phone bill. If the information you need is not on the Power Line, you may want to try using your favourite Internet search engine to find tips for the game you are playing. Some helpful words to include in the search, along with the game’s title, are: “walk through,” “FAQ,” “codes,” and “tips.”
lsrontCoGac siBarceeemS emF snaGxplolowE Dunringnoegsaredert oga  Soldo Dntene Nid thnetniN 8002 © .ondtein Nofs rkmaI llsu .sereev.drights rdo. All eTnoSTnCimugior Kby Sen© 0029519enntNi8 koP 8002 © .nomé./GAME FREAK incodC/ertaruseI cnSOUN. FT, TMan®  © .3991002HC 8
Field dungeon ConTrolSControl Pados.rhe hero.Move curoMevh ret ehosruc evt evoM.ro.Mo This game can be played using buttons and/or a stylus. Learn howConfirm command. Confirm command. the controls work for smooth playing!A ButtonTk al tto Phemékoy noa uof eracing.Advance tetx.lkTae tho  t nomékoP era uoyng.Afacice tdvanxe.t Use regular attack. R ButtonB Button txeciuq.ylkCaelncom cdnamvdA.ecnaxet te lq uciCcaknlcy.ect vdnadnA.moam Top ScreenY Button L Button X ButtonoC  ortnaP ldBuB onttnd aRun. Run. A ButtonB + A ButtonsNot used.Pass your turn without moving. Control PadTouch ScreenB ButtonX ButtonOpen the menu. the menu. Open SELECTSTARTSelect detail in item explanations, etc. Select detailin item explanations, etc. * ITno utchihs  SIcnrseterunc(tiboont tBoomo kslcerte,ean )p.ink frame surrounds the top screenanda blue frame surrounds theY ButtonSSeolretcittdeemtsa iilrlaeaxsp ureee mBiatgn.  i.e ctno,sanithe Tn tSDiesleplcatydae tgairlno,sanit.e ctn it ixplaem ediw iheltops.ur tngnin  oe th L Button NotSelect multiple items in storage, etc. used. TexTenTryWindoWConTrolSL + A Buttonsthe hero’s set move (P. 14).  UsesNot used. Move cursorC ntrol PadL + B Buttons Check message log.Not used. o Not used. Throw set ammo such as rocks (P. 15). EDnetleert a al eltettetrerton, ButAr  ouctothh lee rettuB BnottB RsottuuB Rnottd  BnRtoutL + Talk to the partner. used. Not eAdvance Items list pages by 10 at Move diagonally. Move input spotControl Pad and R Button, or touch input location an n moves on the Moves list. SortKangaskhan Storage, etc. *CM ohWvahenegnecy fuoorus noltrossteo  theE nNidntendo DSSSwEAThLiERleCT Tplaying the game, the system automatically goes into SleepdaTSRASTnortloP CELECTs.emit somhca na dev sain certs sumenu.ht epstol on  more derg aw dipsiD yalngnin  olehiur ta  sushcun s nemems.d its anmove erom yalpsiDairtcen  oiltade Display tai c map. DisplaySort items in the Treasure Bag.  Mode to conserve power. Once you open the system, the game will appear again.Set moves in the Moves list.
SD_PçâÉãçå_TáãÉ_CÇåMaåìaä.áåÇÇ6 -71/8326P 70:M
neeTohThSCreuChrTloCnoWTiilgnpaTpdnalohdTapdouble-Ta). Tap  as items ss(cu hleceitnoiplt sleoshomue rTnoCSloem..Cun................t -d.................................. . ............T.ped.Tene b ymgniepat cktahe tok PonémadyninotAnuegpingTapenemanrut ti niagaot nTerff oTh.ollm raekedeleta the map rs. Tap .neercs mottob eo  tap mhe tap Tehd yat silpotd n thap oon mungeundongeTtPsserLES  TCEwTWhendiSplyanigaampniatctc-wconrto cm.TtcssT
Tap where you want to Quickly touch the screen Touch a spot and keep go. The hero stops upon twice to make the hero run the stylus on it. The hero reaching that spot. to the spot you tapped. will keep moving in the indicated direction. TappingThehero(inadungeon) T...... ....................................enu.Oep nht eamnim d-t.......................... Use regular attack or talk to a team Pokémon facing the hero. T............. ........The hero pivots in the direction of the stylus. d-t...... After tapping the hero twice, then holding the second tap, you’ll pass one turn without taking action. TappingaTeammember kémo T n, if it’s next to the hero............................................ Talk to the Po T....................... Switch places with another team member. d-t........................... Talk to the partner in the field.
 eiwlCsoTne.urt Mn So Opeems.ti troST.dnamom cedctlesem r:690P M8328-91/.áåÇÇ aMåÇäaìåáT_åC_ÉãPçS_ãçâÉowndD..txcnavet ewAdwss .fIn  omaomi  sset, a regular acattsi kesu sU.dthe see mot  ove eat nhte enppdelip my.Fow pwindT.egaaeS nepOnuMeh rconC.Tt ess ehoohCow t.Thrtionelectimemm otea ehs t  ackroa e ik lymene deppat eht
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