The Triumph Herald
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The Triumph Herald


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12 pages
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26 Jan 2002 – January 2002. Newly Elected Club Officers: ..... Triumph 22. Other bikes 9. Jaguar. Jag Sports- 37. Jag Saloons 38. Jensen 4 ...



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The Triumph Herald
Published monthly by  the Newly Elected Club Officer   s  :          Rocky Mountain Triumph Cl ub             P .O. Box 300426  Denver, CO 8-0 240236  P  r M i i m k e e   M C i l n i i n s e t  er:  c   January 200  303-683-7057  Vice Prime Minister:  Gordon Kenney         303-766-7826  Minister of Letters:  Marty Cohen  303-792-5114  Treasurer:                     Bob Becwar  303-279-3745              Event Coordinator:  Debbie StJames  719-548-8761  Minister of Membership:  Marietta Coon  303-428-5291  TR&  Newsletter Editor:  Eric Conrad  303-663-4230  Newsletter Publisher:     Tom High  303-428-3749  Regalia Officer:  Kevin StJames  719-548-8761  KMSTJAMES@,  Appointed Officers: Minister of Publicity:      position open  Minister of Archives  Don Joy  303-979-7384  
The Christmas Party— Marilyn Farrell, Liz Reed,   Evie Greene and Janet Cline
Make your reservations Pictured below is the Golden Hotel, the loca-NOW for the banquet. tion for our banquet on January 26th, 2002.  See the details on page 5 of this newsletter. You must reserve in advance for this event.  We will have a buffet din-ner followed by a slide-show program of VTR 2001.  The final event will be the Member of the Year award, the installation of new officers and recogni-tion of members contribu-tions to the club in 2001.
Page2 The Triumph Herald     RMTC WEB PAGE: TC The Rocky Mountain Triumph Club (RMTC)  Web Page Con tact: The RMTC is an organization devoted to the ideal resolution no more than 100 dpi the use, preservation and enjoyment of with files no larger than 200-300k per      D 3a0v-3e9 F8a7 -i1n905 Triumph automobiles; it is a Chapter of photo.  KC3565L@Sprintmail co V m intage Triumph Register.  Although the . majority of the approximately 200 An e-mail version of our newsletter is  memberships are from the Denver metro available— it’s in full color and you get it TECHNICAL ADVIS  ORS: area we have active members in Wyoming, about one week before the paper copy TR-2,3 Tom Hi  gh   New Mexico, South Dakota, Kansas, (use Adobe Acrobat to read and print it;             303-428-3749  Nebraska, Texas and England! Each it can be downloaded free from www. TR-4,4A Phil Stou  gh          membership is a “family” membership and A d o b e . c o m / p r o d u c t s / a c r o b a t /             303-674-4480  children are a frequent and welcome readermain.html). Let Eric know if you TR-250    Bob Becw  ar  addition to the club activities. would like to be on this list; it saves the             303-279-3745  The scheduled monthly dinner meetings club about $12/year if you don’t want TR-6   Bob Brow  n  are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month the paper copy.             303-657-9148  (except for January, June and December). TR-7,8 Terry Hughes Event starts at 6:00 PM with the meeting Commercial Advertising  is available in             303-428-5291  starting at 7:00PM and being over by 9:00 the newsletter ranging from $5 for one GT-6       Don Jo  y   PM. We are meeting at Piccolo’s at 3563 month up to $500 for a full page for one             303-979-7384 S. Monaco Parkway.  year. Contact Mike Cline for more details Electrica G l: o  rdon Kenney     303-766-7826  Send Newsletter Material to Eric Conrad New memberships  (and renewals) are General: B  o  b Kli  e  at 303-663-4230, always welcome; contact Marietta Coon.             785-332-2417 Deadline is usually the Wednesday She can also tell you of changes of Colorado Springs Contact: evening following the monthly meeting. I address or telephone numbers for           J  i  m Elbe can accept digital photos in *.jpg files with members.   719-598-7261 ARCHIVE MATERIALS NEEDED:  As we finish up the 2001 year it is time  VTR Regalia on sale  to gather together material for the Ar-Regalia form VTR 2001 and in our stock; prices have chives. This material would include been reduced by 25% from original selling price. any club correspondence, copies of  Zipper –hooded swe t hirts in L and XL $27.50 forms used by the club, records you a s might have from VTR 2001, photos of  club events and other materials which Crewneck Sweatshirt, Small @ $19/each should not be lost.   Pullover Sweat Shirt with hood in XL— $26 If in doubt send them to Don Joy for  e Archives. Denim Shirt in L or XL  Short Sleeve T shirts, L and XL at $11/each  Long Sleeve T shirts, L, and XL at $13/each  Polo Shirts in XL or L at $22/each  Hats at $9/each  Dash Plaques at $5/ea Clocks at $19/each  Water bottles— free wit theirselves    Contact Andy DeVisscher at 303-452-8806   or Kevin StJames at 719-548-8761
elcome to New  members  by Marietta Coon          MTC membership is 177. ew Members: en, Nancee, Kevin, Mar-us & Lesley Deason from oveland with a 74 TR-6. everal people have been ropped from the member-hip rolls for non-payment of dues. They were all noti-fied of their past-due mem-berships by mail.
The Triumph Herald      Triumph Posters Available:  These are large posters that feature a drawing of each of the Triumph models starting with the TR-2. A sample is can be seen at the meetings.  These are very nicely done and would look great on a wall or in the garage.  Cost is $10 each which includes mailing in a cardboard tube to your address.  Contact T. Norris Haynes at 5017 Wiley Park Drive in Greensboro, North Caro-lina 27407 or call him at 336-454-1682. He also can do a 16 x 20 watercolor of your car, airplane, boat, etc.    
Do you remember this scene from the VTR fun tour?  That’s Rod Tom-kins TR-6 beneath this magnificent bridge.  Makes one anx-ious for the 2002 driving season to begin so we can enjoy more of our beautiful scenery.  
Treasurers Report                                        by Marty Cohen   Submitted December 17, 2001   Checkbook Balance   $4,511.64 *Last year it was $1,138.60    Monthly Income   dues   $180.00   banquet 2002      $240.00   raffle   $ 50.00   Xmas party   $189.00   other   $ 20.00                           Total= $ 679.00    Monthly Expenditures   newsletter   $127.33   other   $ 42.02                           Total= $ 169.35        Total Month gain= $ 509.65        There are no undeposited cash and no unpaid bills.
Marty’s last month as Treasurer
ROBERT KLIE AUTO WIZARDS AUTOMOTIVE IMPORT & DOMESTIC   SERVICE & REPAIRS (785) 33-2 417 RACE CAR PREPARATION & SERVICE ST. FRANCIS, KANSAS  Fred Hodgson  Complete Restorations  Engine & Transmission Rebuilds       T-uunpes 5890 Washington St. Electrical Work Pickup & Delivery Unit B Available Denver, CO 80216   303-296-0979 Low Hourly Rates Specializing in Trium hs
Page 4 hT erTuimph Heral
d     December 4th Board Meeting        by Gordon
This was held at the at Cheshire Cat; present were Terry Hughes, Marietta Coon, Marty Cohen, Don Joy, Mike Cline, Neil McCready, Andy DeVisscher, Gordon Kenney, and Tom and Dorthy High.  Terry opened the meeting at 7:00 by asking for officer re-ports. Neil reported there was one Triumph in the parking lot, (Andy’s GT-6) and Gordon gave a brief report as acting secretary.  Marietta reported a current membership of 176; she has dropped 17 people this month who have not paid dues since September. She is individually mailing a reminder notice to each person who is past due.  Andy grossed $44 from last months raffle with $18 ex-penses; Sundays brunch brought in $6.00 net. Brooks had to pay an additional $10 at the brunch to cover a shortage (this may have been caused by the 15% discount coupon used at one table).  Don reported on what he has learned at recent Old Car Council meetings. Although we are one of the few car clubs which doesn’t support this organization the board again agreed that the annual cost of about $600 for us to belong was just too expensive.  Marty distributed a financial summary which shows a checkbook balance of $3,999.49. Overall the club has
gained about $500 this year in operating income/expenses excluding VTR items.  Old Business: Dorthy discussed the arrangements for the Christmas party. She will arrange for the table decorations which will be distributed via a free raffle at the party. Terry will cook and bring the ham, turkey, sodas and a CD player.  In discussion regarding the January banquet Gordon raised the question of what is going to be its actual cost since we are charging the members $30/each. It appears the cost will be about $35-37 per person; the club will absorb the extra cost somewhere in the range of $350-$500 for the event.  Mike will get Action Awards a new copy of the club logo.  Gordon and Mike will prepare the certificates of apprecia-tion for the banquet.  Gordon passed out an updated list of members who get e-mail vs. a paper copy of the newsletter and gave Marietta a copy of the rules for Member Of the Year selection to be added to the membership directory.  The club needs to solicit volunteers for the positions of pub-licity and for the archives; these positions are to be filled by the 2002 board.                Meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM
Borrowed from the TYEE TRIUMPH CLUB TRUMPET, November 2001— an article by Tom Mohle  This article provides some excellent advise regarding electrical fuses on our Triumph. Confusion may arise from the US practice of a fuse rating indicating how many amperes it will carry without blowing while the Lucas fuse rating is the nu m-ber of amperes which will blow the fuse. So if you put a 30 amp US BUSS AGC fuse into a circuit designed for a 30 amp LUCAS fuse you have actually replaced a 30 amp fuse with a 50 amp fuse and could easily burn out some of the wiring in event of a electrical short. The correct equivalent between LUCAS and BUSS AGC is as follows:  If it calls for a LUCAS 50 Amp fuse, the BUSS AGC equivalent is 30 AMP  If it calls for a LUCAS 35 Amp fuse, the BUSS AGC equivalent is 25 AMP  If it calls for a LUCAS 30 Amp fuse, the BUSS AGC equivalent is 20 AMP  If it calls for a LUCAS 25 Amp fuse, the BUSS AGC equivalent is 15 AMP  If it calls for a LUCAS 20 Amp fuse, the BUSS AGC equivalent is 10 AMP ivalent is 3 AMP
Lou & Bud Rolofson at last years banquet
The Triumph Herald      s of the RMTC Upcoming Event
Page 5
Wednesday, January 9th: Board meeting at the Cheshire Cat, meeting starts at 7:00 PM  This is the board meeting where the officers officially turn their duties, records and advice over to the newly elected officers. We will also have the banquet meeting to finalize and we will review last years activities to see what we can do to make 2002 even more successful.
Saturday, January 12th, 2002  LUNCH AT WYNKOOPS BREWERY AND MOLLY BROWN HOUSE MUSEUM TOUR We will be meeting at Wynkoops Brewery in the LoDo section of Denver at 10:55 Sharp for lunch. Wynkoops is located in a beautifully restored historic building located not far from Union Station and Coors Field in the great LoDo section of De n-ver at 1634 18 th Street. After a good meal and brews we will head over to the Molly Brown House Museum for a tour, which will be starting at 12:30 sharp . Molly was immortalized by the Broadway hit “The Unsinkable Molly Brown”. Molly was one of Denver’s more flamboyant characters, who achieved true heroine status for her actions during the sinking of the Titanic, which she survived. Her Victorian home has been restored to its original glory and status with many personal mementos and possessions, and is located at 1340 Pennsylvania Street, which is 1.8 miles from the brewery. The tour cost for Adults $6.50, Seniors $4.50, Kids 6-12 $2.50, and 6 and under free. Kevin is in the process of getting the price lowered for our club so we’ll see what happens.  The Denver area members will meet at Wynkoops Brewery at 10:55 a.m., from Northbound I-25 you take the Auraria Park-way Exit (210C) to Speer Blvd, left on Speer Blvd and right on Wazee Street and then left on 18 th . If coming Southbound on I-25, exit Speer Blvd and turn left on Wazee Street from there the directions are the same. The Colorado Springs area members will meet at McDonalds on North Academy and Highway 83 at 8:30 leaving at 8:45 SHARP.  TH  I NEED EVERYONE WHO IS GOING TO PLEASE RSVP TO ME NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, JANUARY 11 AT 2:00 P.M. YOU CAN REACH ME (KEVIN ST. JAMES) AT 719-548-8761-or at KMSTJAMES@MSN.COM .   Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated!   
  Make your reservations now for the annual banquet Saturday evening, Jan. 26 th , 6 – 10 PM at the Golden Hotel   Bob Becwar, who set this up, says it’s a great room at the hotel and there will be discounted hotel room rates if you don’t feel like driving home afterward (call them at 303-279-0100).  Cut out and use the reservation coupon below to make your reservation . Reservations should be made early as the room only holds about 70 people.  The dinner menu will include Honey Marinated Fried Chicken, BBQ Brisket, Buttermilk Biscuits, Corn on the Cob, Potato Salad with beef Satay and Cheese & fruit hors D’oeuvres. A cash bar will be available.  After dinner we will have a slide show by Harry Cornelius highlighting VTR 2001, presentation of the Member of the Year Award, installation of new officers and recognition of members for contributions made to the club during 2001.  The hotel is located on 11th Street just West of Washington Ave (the major N-S street in Golden).
 Reservation form for the January 26— Saturday night Banquet at the Golden Hotel in Golden   Cut out, fill out, attach a check (payable to the RMTC) and mail to:  Bob Becwar   1517 Golden Hill Road Golden, CO 80401                 Name(s) .   Telephone number .   Number attending = . At $30.00 each = $ check enclosed      Paid reservation must be received by January 22 th: contact Bob at 303-279-3745 for any other arrangements
Page 6 Past RMTC Events Sunday, December 2nd—   Brunch Gaggle to the Rockyard Brewing Company in Castle Rock About 30 RMTC members gathered for a drive and arrived at about 11:00 AM for a nice Brunch. They left in time to get home for much of the Bronco game.
Robert Hojaboom with his Spitfire, his two sons and his bride-to-be.
Debbie StJames, Duncan Burdick, Nichols Turner, Alex Cline, Jim & Lily Elbe
Marty Cohen, David Fain, Charlie Bown and Glenn Sorensen
More pictures from the Rockyard Brewery
Janet Cline, Andy & Betty DeVisscher, Shirley & Gordon Kenney and Mike Cline
David & Marilyn Farrell, Debbie & Kevin StJames
Young Hojaboom and Bob Brown
Stephanie, Eric & Catherine Conrad, Torie & Janet Cline
Page 8 Christmas Party, December 14th The Triumph Herald     The clubs annual Christmas Party was a great success. The weather cooperated and it was a nice evening to be out and around. Bud Rolofson and Bob Brown even drove their TR-6’s and Paul Fallico drove his TR 250. Thirty-nine members signed the guest book. The Arbor House was a nice meeting place with plenty of parking, an open fireplace and a gaily decorated meeting roo m. As is customary it was a BYOB and a potluck dinner and there were plenty of drinks and good food for everyone.  After dinner Terry Hughes played “Santa” and conducted the gift exchange. We used the “3 claim” rule and many of the gifts exchanged hands the full three times before finding a final owner.  By about 9:30 the party was over and we gathered up the leftovers, cleaned up the hall and went on our way.
Mr & Mrs Claus, as Dorthy & Tom
Judy Becwar
The Rolofsons with Rod Tomkins and Kevin StJames in the background
Terrie & Glenn Sorensen
etty DeVi d with was cau ent uction wa e experie nd ilator in o t one currentl ” from c. 30th) s   spital in the ICU. Andy continues to work with daily visits to the hospital. mprove and we will have her back with us soon.
The Triumph Herald      
Shirley & Gordon Kenney with Granddaughter Casey
JoAnn Klie and Dorothy & Phil Stough
More Christmas party photos
Officers Marietta Coon & Terry Hughes
Page 9
Sandy Veit and Robert Hojaboom
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I put this newsletter together it is with a ain amount of relief knowing that I ’t have to do it again (as I have for the 36 issues and once before that for two rs). It is always a significant amount of k and always entails a certain amount ustration in getting materials together, ing people for needed information, se-ing the photos and identifying the peo-in them while trying to not make too y errors. I have enjoyed doing each and every e and I will miss the opportunity each th to select and write what the rest of membership will read. It has been a ilege that has produced a great deal of sfaction for me and I have appreciated thanks many of you have expressed. ve with just one request— please give (with the people identified) and get the ma er a o m n a me y manner.   But I am not really gone— I have just traded my editors hat for that of the VP’M and am looking foreword to new tasks.  
 tont ortiri BheC raC hs evalcno tounkhiwhs  yatnuloreett llv ehe and teCommittela lht emi eotc  tketae asle P. yadnuS no semit anceentrter  fasdede den  naru,  . .eB  W tsehsis hed aniutrhsmpw ti hla lehdacaor his great jobhc 1002 f namriaancD Mnehe tl,iesa ep el krAhtnartic. Parly,u-lasr - eaC  O 51   Engther  15lish 12 6-TG,7 -RT  11     8ac R    eco ln y1  0    Total   525   Th    taC ahrh7  m5       apSwpa Sag-eh tr 11t-ber eocs modddeyda  gas wutnour te metpeS ehT .taern regardressed ohT eedatelss .  bu  tht usnfn,ionapip stap ecitrrspeum B-GGB M  2  C/BGMrebbuR 1e Buhroms   mperM BG91  72C C/    an  9 Ro  s llirro 7 s    groMidget 13 ?     M T21  S rpti/eM egiT   6 eniplA   ambeun S    18ev r doRL na    ey 6entle/ BRoycftip/eri03 6S     35R- T, ,40 25 h  RT2   rTuipmVR  8   r 19   Tom ,v erodnef sr ford ood anindr.kE evyrno eilekd the Kiwanis fodnats dodetacol e tht  ato- syeadn , -ifneeiocvnntrant e Sugnce.n- iudclstgensiorp r sseb deette, a  wincoveragelc eof rensrc rirsnein wusioevprtsaf deunitnoc ,of tegs ed l spe yoTruadS taeh  show and place ali so  fht eiw nnypaex nyet s ardrawiw sa llmocc Intt.  ews erviarcnnet-caek ep  fndfis t ha tewrap htiwtnapicitac rrfmovaroti e their frememberj el tsu fo poep  w.tsLohe tho sn weamedna ddn sfrieith ed wtalkecaps erom detna wmeSo. dsenri f
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