Underage Gambling: An Unsafe Bet
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Underage Gambling: An Unsafe Bet


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percent); playing cards with friends (41 percent); playing cards at a casino (40 percent); and betting on, sports (37 percent). (http://www.miph.org/gam- bling/gmb ...



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Underage Gambling:An Unsafe Bet By Mercedes Baldwin of Mexico Senior High School He calls his mom to ask for somestereo systems and otherStudents can legally cash. Bettingon the game madeexpensive electronics are givenpurchase lottery tickets at the him short for the week.In theage of 18 but gambling on theto the winner. background he can hear his dad Underagecasino floors is forbidden untilgambling is rushing his mom off the phone.viewed as "the norm" on manyage 21.Casinos have rigid He's impatient; he always goes tocollege campuses.While securityto crack down on the casino on Thursday nights.underage gamblers.playing cards with friends and  Sure,he'll use the cash to buySome college studentsbetting on sports games isn't some food, but he's also been inviteduncommon, studies over theparticipate in gambling to give to go to the casino Saturday nightpast decade show that playingthemselves something to do. with a group of guys.the lottery, gambling at theWhile it may be fun to attend the  Thehigher risk forcasino, and internet gamblingpoker tournaments, or even play developing a gambling problemare the more popular forms ofin them, most college students in college comes hand-in-handunderage gambling.don't know they could become with in-creased freedom.The Nearly1,400 studentsaddicted or may be already. college years are full of at-riskcompleted a survey done within Justbefore he hangs up the behaviors, including underagetwo major Minnesota univer-phone, his mother confides in him gambling. sities.Of these, 84 percent ofthat she wishes she could do  However,the root ofstudents admitted to gamblingsomething else with her Thursday underage gambling begins aswithin the last year.The mostnights besides watch his father young as age 10.Most childrenpopular forms of gambling werewaste away money at the casino. are introduced to gambling by aslot machines (68 percent); theHis mom makes him promise that parent or close adult.This riskylottery, including scratch-offhe'll never let gambling be a part of endeavor becomes even moretickets and daily numbers, (64his everyday life. popular in high school.In apercent); playing cards with He'llget the money just in time single study, more than 30friends (41 percent); playingfor Saturday night out with the percent of high school studentscards at a casino(40percent);inside the envelopeguys. Enclosed admitted to gambling peri-and betting on, sports (37will be a letter from his mom saying odically. Somedidn't evenpercent).she's sent a little extra and to go know it's illegal.But(http://www.miph.org/gam- outand have fun with it. (www.888betsoff.com) bling/gmb-instead of going to the casino, he'llcollegestud. html)  Whilehigh school studentsIn Missouri, there is anYou can bet on it.keep his promise. are mastering the art of bettingorganization which strives toon sports and playing poker,increase awareness about the Mercedes Baldwin,formerly they look forward to "hangingproblems of underage gambling.of Mexico Senior High School, with the guys" and playing inThe Missouri Alliance to Curbwon a $1,000 scholarship to even bigger groups in college.Problem Gambling presentsTruman State University for  Somecolleges are evenfacts and warning signs to helpher essay entry that appeared in promoting underage gambling.educate teachers, parents andher high school newspaper The Poker tournaments are majorteenagers at the website www.Bulldog’s Growl.events held on some campuses.mgc.dps.mo.gov. Prizes such as flat-screen TV's,