Using Arbiter Sports
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Using Arbiter Sports


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Using Arbiter SportsSWISRA Publications
123456Introduction1.1IntroductionGetting Started2.1Meet the Assignors2.2First Steps2.3Welcome Email2.4LoginYour Account3.1What's on the Main Screen3.2Your Account3.3PreferencesBlocks4.1Block Your Calendar4.2Travel Limits4.3AttachingAdditional Things to Know5.1Self AssignAssigning Procedure & Expectations6.1Know What's Expected of You46801216181224292134363
Using Arbiter Sports - 3IntroductionSouthwest Idaho Soccer Referee Association
IntroductionWelcome to the Southwest Idaho Soccer Referee Association - SWISRA WelcomeWelcome to the Southwest Idaho Soccer Referee Association, commonly known as SWISRA. SWISRAis the largest soccer referee association in the state of Idaho. It's coverage area encompasses a largegeographical area stretching from Glenn's Ferry in the east to Ontario, Oregon in the west and fromMcCall in the north to Kuna in the south. Within this area are the cities of Boise, Meridian, Eagle,Middleton, Mountain Home, Nampa and Caldwell, among others.SWISRA provides referees and assistant referees to various youth and adult leagues within it's servicearea. In addition, SWISRA also provides on-going referee instruction, on the field training, mentoringand evaluation of referees.Monthly meetings lasting approximately one hour are held on the third Monday of February, March,April, August, September and October. Please see the SWISRA website at for meetingtimes and locations.In order to receive referee assignments from the SWISRA assignors, a referee must be a certifiedUSSF referee and obtain an Arbiter Sports account. Arbiter Sports is the online assigning system usedby SWISRA and many other sports organizations in Idaho and arround the country. Arbiter Sports isowned by the NCAA. Referees are required to be familiar with Arbiter and use it effectively. Thepurpose of this manual is to guide you through the Arbiter setup process and provide you with tips forusing Arbiter to get and manage the assignments you receive.Using Arbiter Sports - 4Southwest Idaho Soccer Referee Association
Using Arbiter Sports - 5Getting StartedSouthwest Idaho Soccer Referee Association
Meet the AssignorsReferee assignors are your key to getting assignments Albert or assignor.idaho@gmail.com208-841-3560Assigns: Youth leagues including D-III, Rush Select and Capitals YouthLeague                 Boise Soccer League aka BSL (Adult League) John Hickcoxjhickcox@mutualofenumclaw.com208-861-0671Assigns: Southern Idaho Soccer League aka SISL (Adult League)Using Arbiter Sports - 6Southwest Idaho Soccer Referee Association
 Hank Brotzmanhbrotzman@clearwire.net208-761-2128Assigns: High schoolUsing Arbiter Sports - 7Southwest Idaho Soccer Referee Association
First StepsThings you need to do to get started. Getting StartedThe assignor must setup your Arbiter Sports account before you can login. Please send the followinginformation to the assignor for the league you want to work in. The assignor contact information can befound on pages 6-7.1. Your name2. A unique email address (Arbiter tracks you by email address so each family member must have adifferent email address.)3. Cell phone and/or home phone4. Your complete address5. A photo of yourself (optional but requested). A recent school photo or head and shoulder shot will do.6. The leagues you want to work in for the assignor you are emailing.Assignors have full time jobs and may take up to 48 hours to activate your account. You will recieve anemail when your account is ready. RefPayWhile you're waiting for the assignor to activate yourArbiter Sports account, proceed with setting up yourRefPay account. You must have a RefPay account inorder to be paid.1. Get a copy of the instructions for setting up aRefPay account from . (This document is over 5 MB so be patient.)2. Go to and setup your accountfollowing the instructions in the above document. It isimportant that you write down your login informationincluding username and password as well as yoursecurity code. RefPay is a bank and if you forget any ofUsing Arbiter Sports - 8Southwest Idaho Soccer Referee Association
these items, the assignor WILL NOT be able toretrieve them for you.3. IMPORTANT! Once you are able to login to ArbiterSports, you will need to link your new RefPay accountto your Arbiter Sports account. A video tutorial on howhou link the two accounts can be found here . Failure to follow this step is the singlebiggest reason new referees do not get paid. Additional ResourcesIn addition to the document you are reading, SWISRAhas also put together numerous video tutorials onusing Arbiter Sports. They are available on theSWISRA website at . Click the Arbitertab (1) to view the tutorials.The direct link to the tutorial page is Arbiter Sports - 9Southwest Idaho Soccer Referee Association
Welcome EmailInitial login instructions Welcome to ArbiterSports.COM!Once the assignor has activated your Arbiter Sportsaccount, he will send you a welcome email. Pleasemake sure that you can receive email from theassignor's email address. Add it to your email client'saddress book. The Subject of this initial email will be "Welcome to ArbiterSports.COM!". If you don'treceive this email within 72 hours, first check yourspam/junk folder to see if the email has beenmisdirected. If you can't find the welcome email, pleaserecontact the assignor so he can verify that your emailaddress was entered correctly into Arbiter. Email ContentsHere is an example of the welcome email.Welcome to ArbiterSports.COM!Your association has purchased this software for online referee assigning and now needs you to signin. This email will explain the information needed to help you get started.   - How do I Sign In?   - What should I do first?   - Where can I get further help?How do I sign in?To sign into ArbiterSports.COM:   1. Navigate to using your internet browser and click the "Sign In" link.   2. Enter your sign in information as listed below:Using Arbiter Sports - 10Southwest Idaho Soccer Referee Association
       - User Name: xxxx       - Password: xxxxxxNOTE: The first time you sign in you must accept the Terms and Conditions, as well as change yourpassword.What should I do first?Once you are signed in the system, you may want to do the following:   - If allowed by your assigner, block dates when you can’t work. Your assigner might also have someother blocking options available to you. Just remember that as you add more blocks, you may beassigned to fewer games.    - Mark yourself as Ready to be assigned by clicking the check box located on the bottom left corneryour start page. If you don’t have this checked, your assigner might not assign you to any games. Once you click this check box, an icon will appear on your start page that allows you to view your game schedule.   - When your assigner assigns you to games, you will receive a notification email. Then it’s up to youto accept or decline games, if allowed by your assigner. To do this, you must sign into the system andview your game schedule. On the right side of your game schedule, you will see accept and decline check boxes. Once you are finished marking the games, be sure to click the Submit button tosubmit the changes and have the games accepted or declined.Where can I get further help?If you need further assistance, please email who is your assigner. Additionalcontact information for Albert Padley is available if you sign in and click the “Support” link.Sincerely,ArbiterSports.COM TeamrSports.COM Using Arbiter Sports - 11Southwest Idaho Soccer Referee Association