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“In Your Pocket: “In Your Pocket: A cheeky, well- A cheeky, well-written series of guidebooks.” written series of guidebooks.”
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Summer 2013
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InYourPocket:A cheeky,well-writtenseriesofguidebooks.TheNewYorkTimes
The soul of the city Splits markets today and back in time
Camping in Croatia We have all the hot spots so get your gear ready
Makarska Riviera Sunny climate, unique coves and long pebbly beaches
E S S E N T I A L C I T Y G U I D E S Contents Arriving in Split5 Land ahoy! The Basics6 Whither toilets? Culture & Events7 Festival fun and music mania Camping11 Experience a night under the twinkling stars Where to stay14 Your home away from home Local flavour19 Fresh and always a buzz! Dining & Nightlife26 Lions wolves and bear cubs welcome Cafés 31 Grab a book and watch the world go by Nightlife 32 Step out in Split style Retreat to a spectacular coastal getaway between the majestic mountains and shimmering sea (Photo by Baka Voda Tourist Board, see page 40) split.inyourpocket.com
Savour the local flavours and dishes along with the aroma of fresh fish at the market, transporting us back to the times gone by (see page 19)
What to seeCheck out the highlights Makarska RivieraDay trip galore SportAdventure sports, sailing...
Getting around Planes, trains & Automobiles
ShoppingPerfect gifts and souvenirs
DirectoryGrown up important stuff
Split Dalmatia CountyOut and about around the city
Maps & Index Street registrer
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Summer 2013
FstoeredpeecdaidneshisStpolirtywaansdacnultoudrdepthaartaddiodx,natscieteymThket to care whether it got a slice of the tourism pie or not. The last few years have seen a huge changeNorthern Estonia in Splits fortunes. Modern travellers have beenusRasidanelIr turned on by the sheer urban energy of one of theIreland Latvia Mediterraneans great port cities, and have optedLuhtiaina to stick around for a few days rather than hurrying to catch the first boat out. And the locals  whoBelarus thhaevemaolswtaiynsexcpolincsaidbleyreudnitqhueeirptloawcenstoobneeoarnteh,obfutndnasdePhollarNet rheaabliitzueailtlyahsasvuemaewtohkaetnotuotstihdeerrseaalirzeattiooonstUkrainemhcezlgiunyBeeCrmaG new breed of foreigner actually thinks SplitRepublic as cool as they do. And to be honest, SplitAustria have to try too hard to impress. For dedicarlandinawStiezRomaniveloSa urban nomads its a dream city of shore-siCroatia Italyosnia nbciaagcshtkt-ooaflullteoycablasrlfsfo,erlaownnhdgoacmavitvhaeciaorutso,fdhraevsisnegda-tBulairagSreibBa is a i lling.noMorgenetKosovo This season is filled with musical concertsFYR Macedonia parties including- Ultra Europe Festival, a SustipanAlbania Nights Dream, the Croatia Reggae Festival... AsGreece ishes and fl ayvoouurrside-toVilniu-tIin tsmwihteoaeltlu,stcdhianonwnCarbttoeemarftiioisnausgnafodnourdattdtothanheyetsbh.emeLsealtorakcdrneaeltsadtalilnnadabtiowoiulnltshcfaaovrmeapicnogzyIwYtosihucrhtPiomcekewtehavegrowngtuobhtemocesegraleublntpublisher of locally produced city guides in Eu-camping excursion with your family and friends. rope. We now cover more than75 across cities AMlasko,ardsoknatRmiviisesrao,unteoanrbviysiStipnligt.thMeackheasrumrientghisthecontinent(withTbilisi, inGeorgia, the latest city to bepocketed) and the number of concise, summer is an unforgettable one! witty, well-written and downright indispensableIn Your Pocketguides published each year is app-QR Coderoachingfive million. We also publish aniPhone This QR code contains the websiteapp, including more than 40 guides, which can be address,ipa:tthopruoyni.www//ncYkoeutr.downloaded for free from theAppStore. Search for Pcoocmke/tc:raonadt a/usspelritaacamertiISlpfroahgnivIYP Guides by name. spohfotnweareeqcuiapnpsecdawnitthhitshiemcaogrreeocfttrheeadQeRr keep up to date with all thats new at ToIn Your Code causing the phones browser toPocket,likeus onFacebook (facebook.com/ d lUaRuLn.cShaavnedtrheediirmeacgtetoatnhdepprrinotgitraoumtmaenyinyourpocket) or follow us onTwitter(twitter.com/ way you want.inyourpocket).
Editorial Copyright notice EditorVinja ArambaićText and photos copyright Plava Ponistra Assistant EditorKristina timac1992 - 2013. Maps copyright of the E S S E N T I A L C I T Y G U I D E SContributorsFrank Jelinčić, RenatarvserespNo.edA.rehpathgirllionicatbermayfotratuplbihsorpeecuddracrgot Split In Your PocketKontrec, Chad Phillips, Tocher Mitchell,in any form, except brief extracts for D kovićeva 66 Jonathan Bousfield, Nataly Anderson-the purpose of review, without written Marinović, Jelena Počedić raResearcherAnita Marinić, Blanka Valićpermission from the publisher and tZeal.g+r(e3b,85C-r1o)at4ia813027,4811070Layout & DesignKreimir porčić,cYoopuyrriPgohctkoewtednarmanTr.bhenecineesudnrelisusedIfnrom 3 Gordan Karabogdan, Maja Knezić zfaaxgr+e(b@8i5n-y1o)u4rp9o2c3k9et2.c4omPhotosAdriatic photo service, Split InVUilAniBusI,nLiYtohuuraPnioac.ket(Bernardinu g. 9-4, www.inyourpocket.comYour Pocket team, TZ Split, Luka NietićEditor n Photography, Antonio Mie Photography,s ote I©SSPlNav1a8P4o6n-i8s5tr6aXd.o.o.Vedran CvitkovićThe editorial content ofIn Your Pocket Sales & Circulationguides is independent from paid-for General ManagerVinja Arambaićadvertising. Sponsored listings are l Printed by: Radin Print, Sveta NedeljaSales & Circulation Managereradremeomcsdnastnitsearkelymsucdaseew.hWelaclmocrael.snoCArocvheirv:esMakarskaTouristBoardKristijan VukičevićoneugsgeursfoeftrteveyerevahdameW Kreimir Grgićthe accuracy of the information at the zagreb@inyourpocket.comtime of going to press and assume no Accounting management:Mi-ni d.o.oresponsibility for changes and errors.
SplitIn Your Pocket
By boat By plane Splits ferry port isnt a bad place to make the transition Splits airport is 30km out of town and is rather small but from nautical to more land-oriented modes of transportation quite pleasant, situated as it is quite close to the sea. Any and has a load of services on offer. If you happen to see questions upon arriving can be directed to the nice people policemen strolling around, dont be disturbed: those are at theinformation desk, which is open from 05:15 - 23:00. just the customs officers that work at the office located in Follow the steps leading down from the main hall to find a the port.The toiletnear the back of port operates aroundtoilet and a baby-changing station. Toilets can also be the clock.Changing currency:There are at least four ATMs found by heading upstairs from the main hall.Changing spaced out at regular intervals throughout the building. Splitcurrency: Banka (Open 07:30 - 19:30) has an Splitska Tours operates an exchange office during their working exchange office and it can be found at the far end of the hours.Calling home: hall. There are also two ATMs in the same hall.There are two public phones inside mainCalling the building. Calling cards can be purchased from the kioskshome: can purchase a phone card at the Slobodna You that line the street directly outside the station.Getting todalmacija kiosk (open according to flight times). There are town:Directly across the street is the Trajektna luka bus public phones in two locations: first, in the main hall next to stop, with service to several points around town. Check the the Internet point (which offers free Internet, incidentally!); schedule posted inside the stop to find the information you and second, upstairs between the two doors leading to the need. Make a left out of the port and a short walk up the mens and womens toilets. street takes you to the taxi stand; continue farther and youllGetting to town:If you prefer to go by car, there are a reach the old town in about five minutes. number of car rental agencies operating in the main hall. By bustropriatrytihobtuekathefromtesminuprsoevijaozpoirbtr.suixaTatsicesaretaxi,pbuilcubsroPelthO,esiwreohcruoy Splits bus station is fairly small but has everything you need and shouldnt cost more than 300kn for the trip. Public bus to make arriving relatively painless.A toilets73spotoNrofontusjintunimietewt-ytnorrpattthfaietihtr-yadsyadnonweekntervalsnolsvaerntitenumi-000:0enop( 24:00) 3kn can be found inside the station, along with the weekends, with tickets costing 17kn one-way; cross the domestic and international ticket windows and an information desk. Thedomestic ticket windowantwadaifotetfhstrseertesoprijevozbusetetasnptowtefeohye-r.ulrPahettotalivrrcanursgnidrocdropandatyouofmisethslfgithehour service and theinformation desk bus station, just next to the old town for 30kn.operates from main 00:00 - 24:00.Theinternational ticket office operates06:00 - 22:00. The red and blue posters on the window of the international ticket office list the international arrivalsBy train and departures.Left luggage train station has very few amenities, save for the coin-: A left luggage point (open The 06:00 - 22:00) is accessed from the street; turn left out of operatedstorage lockersthat can be accessed during the station and drop off your bags for a flat rate of 5kn per the stations working hours, from 06:00 - 22:00 daily. The hour, per piece of luggage, every next hour you pay 1.5kn. lockers have instructions in English.Getting to town:As Getting to town:on the same side of the street, theAs its  on the same side of the street, the directions for getting its directions for getting around are the same as for the train around are the same as for the bus station: a left turn will station: a left turn will eventually lead you to the Trajektna eventually lead you to the Trajektna luka bus stop; a right luka bus stop; a right turn will lead you to the old town and turn will lead you to the old town and several public phones, several public phones, ATMs and Internet and call centers ATMs and Internet and call centers along the way; and taxis along the way; and taxis wait to whisk you away directly in wait to whisk you away directly in front of the train station. front of the bus station. By carTourist information From Zagreb So you have your own wheels and youd like to know theTourist Information CentreD-3, Obala Hrvatskog easiest way to get to Split from Zagreb. No worries! The9, tel. (+385-21) 36 00 66/narodnog preporoda fastest and easiest way to get from point Z to point S is(+385-21) 36 00 67, touristinfo@visitsplit.com, to use the Zagreb-Split highway, otherwise known as E-65w w w.visitsplit.com.QOpen 08:00 - 20:00, Sun on international road maps and as A-1 inside Croatia. The 08:00 13:00. -route on the A-1 from Zagreb to Split is about 380 kilometresTourist Information Centre Peristil bb, tel. J-2, long and will take 3,5 to 4 hours total, as well as relieving(+385-21) 34 56 06, touristinfo@visitsplit.com, you of 157 kunas for toll fees. When the signs let you knoww w w.visitsplit.com.QOpen 08:00 - 20:00, Sun youre getting close to Split, look for the Dugopolje exit and 08:00 - 13:00 thats that!Split Tourist BoardI-2, Obala hrvatskog narodnog From Slovenia preporoda 7, tel. (+385-21) 34 86 00, touristinfo@ Traveling from Ljubljana to Split is a breeze. All you need tovisitsplit.com, www.visitsplit.com.QOpen 07:30 -do is follow highway E-70 to Zagreb, then hit the A-1 and keep 15:30. Closed Sat, Sun. an eye out for the Dugopolje exit to Split.Split Dalmatia County Tourist Board D-3, From Italy Prilaz braće Kaliterna 10/1, tel. (+385-21) 49 00 Traveling from Italy to Split by car? Here are your directions,32/(+385-21) 49 00 33, info@dalmatia.hr, www. nice and sparkling clear. First, take the E-70 motorwaydalmatia.hr.QOpen 08:00 - 16:00. Closed Sat, Sun. to Trieste and look for the signs that point to Fiume and route number E-61 (local route 7), which crosses Slovenia and enters Croatia at Pasjak. Then, take route E-61, which will take you towards Rijeka. When possible, get on E-65Become a fan of Split (local route 6) to Bosiljevo, where youll see signs for theA-1, which you follow right in to Split. Just look for the exitIn Your Pocket onlabeled Dugopolje.
Summer 2013
Customs Roads Since Croatia will enter the EU on July 1, there will be When behind the wheel drivers must always have their driving no longer custom limits between member states or tax licence, traffic licence and green card with them. Standard return. Legislation for other non-member states is in the laws apply such as compulsory use of a seat belt and no process and we recommend you to follow info atwww.mobiles except hands-free. Maximum blood alcohol level porezna-uprava.hr.for drivers over 24 is 0.05 mils. The speed limit in urban areas is 50 km/ph unless otherwise marked, 80 km/ph on Disabled travellerssecondary roads and 130 km/ph on highways. As they say, Raising awareness for the disabled is beginning to take leave sooner, drive slower, live longer. isshsatpilleaalnodoosoonmgewiamyptroovgeo.meAntttshecamnobmeesnte,eanl,lpbuutblitchecraerSmoking parks have parking spots for disabled, most hotels have Bearing in mind that Croatia is very much a pavement-at least one room adapted for their needs, and shopping café culture in which people tend to socialise outdoors, centres have suitable access with facilitated toilets, as do it does mean that outdoor tables at eating and drinking new buildings. In saying that, once you head outdoors one establishments are more packed than usual. Recent law can expect problems on the streets, footpaths and access amendments give cafes the choice in opting for smoking to most buildings. If youre planning to visit, we suggest you permits or not, yet it is forbidden in all other enclosed public inquire about your destination in relation to these matters spaces including restaurants where it has never been easy and the majority will endeavour to organise and make your to find a spare seat at even the most popular eateries if arrival as accessible as possible. youre prepared to move inside. Electricity Visas The electricity supply is 220W, 50hz, so visitors from the EU! Here we come! Since Croatia is becoming a new member United States will need to use a transformer to run electrical of the European Union on July 1, 2013, the Croatian visa appliances. policy has become fully compliant with the European Union Moneyvisa policy. What does that mean? All citizens of states that need visas to enter other EU member states will need There are plenty of exchange offices around Split, as well a visa to enter Croatia also. Therefore, make sure to visit the Croatian consulate/embassy in your country of origin, as an abundance of ATMs that operate twenty-four hours a before visiting Croatia. day. Many restaurants, bars and cafés accept credit cards, obnutynoout.Iafll,yosuorbeepsluarnenitnoghaavteriparteoaosnoenaofbltehaemisolaunntdsofincatshheWater area, you should definitely plan ahead and carry the amount Tap water is absolutely safe for drinking. tohfactalsethyyoouuptuhitnitkoynouplllasnteicedcofoulrdthbeetarippr,oabslefimn.dingplacesWhen things go wrong Crime figures rank Croatia and the city of Split significantly Public Toilets you should theless,lower than most of Europe. Never The safest option is to use the facilities of a bar or café keep your eyes on your belongings at all time. In case of while having a drink on the premises. The best public one, an emergency, Croatia has implemented Europes wide complete with staff on hand to keep it clean and tidy is onEmergency Number 112which then transfers you to police, Kralja Tomislava(I-2). ERthe fire department. Depending on the city district, or in case you were involved in an accident or were arrested, Basic dataneathentotakebeiwlloyuascatthnIn.iotatseciloptserorconsuembassytcyuor,ecnoatrfolduiginamebnietalhT. ER is located inFirule Hospital inSpinčićeva 1 (E-3) PCoropaultiaati(oAnp: everything necessary will be done. In case of an car whereril 2011): 4,290,612 Split County(April 2011): 455,242 accident callHAK road help 24/7(+385 1)1987, and as foraccidents on the sea call 195. Split(April 2011): 178,192 Territory:Croatias land territory takes up 56,542km2. It shares borders with Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro,National holidays Bosnia-Herzegovina and a sea-border with Italy. The highest peak (1,831m) is in the Dinara Mountains which create aJanuary 1New Years Day natural border between Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.January 6Epiphany Dalmatian coast:The coast is the main tourist attraction forMarch 31Easter good reason - the crystal clear waters are some of the mostApril 1Easter Monday beautiful on the planet and among its most pure!May 1International Workers' Day Islands:An amazing 1,185 islands lie off the Croatian coast,May 30Corpus Christi 47 of them inhabited.June 22 Anti Fascist Resistance Day Climate: MediterraneanJune 25Statehood Day Local time: Croatia is part of the Central 5European AugustVictory and Homeland Time Zonelptiitsi1:200DngayfotehtssAhTigivnasknistiSinnoo+TMG(nehw:)1 in Berlin, 11:00 in London, 06:00 in New York, 14:00 inAOcutsuogb1e5rt8umptionnIedepdnneecDyasaeF Moscow, and 21:00 in Sydney. November 1All Saints Day December 25Christmas www.inyourpocket.comDecember 26Saint Stephens Day
SplitIn Your Pocket
Kries (Ethno Ambient Salona Archives) ExhibitionsGiovanni Battista Brustoloni. Local artists include, Miljenko 03.05 Friday - 15.10 TuesdayStančić, Vasilije Jordan, Miroslav utej, and Boris valjek. Pots,PlatesandBowls-CeramiccollectionSeptember 2013 - December 2013 fromEMSehPdnteoelpMouThensantaimiHehT-sayalaJ-3, Ethnographic Museum, Severova 1, etnografski- J-3, Ethnographic Museum Split, Severova 1, etnografski-muzej-st@st.t-com.hr, www.etnografski-muzej-split.hr.muzej-st@st.t-com.hr, www.etnografski-muzej-split.hr. This collection of traditional household ceramics will take you Travelling throughout the remotest regions of Nepal, Tibet, on a unique tour of historic kitchenware. Take a look at some Pakistan and Afghanistan, Stipe Bozićrecorded hundreds of tradition pottery from the Pannonian Plains and Dinaric Alps of breathtaking photographs that reveal the daily lives of the Croatia, or some imported ceramics from Puglia, in southern people who live at some of the highest peaks in the world. Italy. These Italian kitchen utensils were sold to sailors sailing This exhibition, which includes photos from a pilgrimage along the Adriatic Coast, during the 19th and 20th century, around the sacred Mount Kailash, as well as the non-inhabited and were used for their daily meals. areas of Karakorum and Hindu Kush, will leave you breathless. 02.06 Sunday - 12.07 Friday AntiqueMosaicsfromRavennaSpecial events A-3,MuseeIuvmanoafCMreoattrioavnić.ltoiglopcsr-eshMnocilats,umen8,ma1@mAhauzej0S8p.il0t6MSeadtutiredrarya-n1e5a.n0F6ilSmatFuersdtaiyval etalit hr,www.mhas-split.hrLove your art! Then see the jigsawKinote puzzle put together in forty perfect copy mosaics taken fromBačvice Summer Cinema; ka Zl,atna vrata, city basilicas and mausoleums in Ravenna, Italy. These worldDioklecijanova 7, www.fmfs.hr. days Eight of hundreds films, thousands of visitors! See films from the Mediterranean heritage gems have travelled the globe and arrive in Split in r celebrationofCroatiasentryintotheEU.preoggiroanmcmoemtheatalhivaespweiotphleasitmtiantginoenebeaancdhtboewaelcshasevtiecnkientsg15.06 Saturday - 30.06 Sundayup quick smart. Parties under the night sky areare snapped StampedCitythis years added surprise. Split City Museum, Papalićeva 1, www.mgst.net.Herve195t.h0P6icSiagtiunrdWaoypdCurl Baurel will present the pieces he created during his time spent with the association KURS, in Split. They will be on displayD-3, Bačvice Beach. Picigin y, Ecological Societ Th e from June 15th - 30th, at the Split City Museum. Afterwards, Bačvice, is organizing the ninth annual Picigin World Cup. the exhibition will be brought to Zagreb. Along with this sporting event, musical performances by 20.06 Thursday - 20.08 TuesdayRebatajica, Sv. Florian and Brodosplit will take place. The TheBeautyofGraphicArtExhibition,Varadintake place on June 15, 2013, startingChampionship finale will CityMuseumsebaslanadgnicndaarphuacjtemuipgn.enafero.0B010:atlliwereht,reninwhetngciunno J-2, Emanuel VidovićGallery, Poljana kraljice Jelene bb,15.06 Saturday - 27.06 Thursday www.mgst.net. This exhibition includes selected pieces from the collection of paintings, sculptures and drawings ofAlavitsefrestfoernteetresatni artists, from the Varadin City Museum, which were designed aRicvroa,baMtsarmmuosnitcioavnas,...Paernidstiml,anVyoćmnoirterga.oteCtlsreelgg,strasnewlozujza,d usingavarietyoftechniquesincludingetching,engravingtheinter,nationalfestivalofstreetentertainersinSplit!Twoand lithography. They were created between the 17th - 20th centurybyprominentlocalCroatianandEuropeanartists,sweeeenksatoftfhuenPaenridsteilx,ciatnedmeotnhteinrccliutdyinlogcfraetieocnosnicnecrltusdicnagntbheesuch as Cornelius Visscher, a brilliant Dutch etching technician, Johann Elias Ridinger, a German printmaker and Italian master, Voćni trg, Riva etc.
Summer 2013
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