Proceedings of the seventh seminar


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Income distribution and different sources of income, Cologne, Germany, 10th - 11th May 1999
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Proceedings of the
seventh seminar
Income distribution and
different sources of income
Cologne, Germany, 10th - 11th May 1999
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mi \ 5 Agriculture and fisheries
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Proceedings of the
seventh seminar
Income distribution and
different sources of income
Cologne, Germany, 10th - 11th May 1999
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Yves Franchet
Director-General [Sh
Part 1: Statistical base, concepts and methods used to establish Is' day:
the income distribution
Opening address J. Husmann 7
International comparable income statistics and A. Baigorri & P. Everaers 8
Eurostat's View on Income Distribution
Income in Germany Hertel 21
- Distribution, Primary Sources, Types -
International Overview of the Statistical E. Baldacci 39
Database: the Case of Italy
Major Issues in Producing Income Statistics P. Van der Laan 51
Statistics On Income In France S. Lollivier 62
Requirements of a Statistical Measurement of R. Kroker 71
Income Distribution The Statistics User's
Measurement Of The Income Distribution: S. Jenkins 75
An Academic User's View
Studying mobility in subsistence systems using H. Kindlund 85
longitudinal data
Part 2: Trends on income distrbution over time -
causes and consequences
Round table: Introduction A. Franz 95
Trends in the distribution of income over time - M. Hüther .... 98
causes and consequences
Income distribution trends over time: causes H. D. von Loeffelholz 104
and consequences
Periodic Trends Of Income Distribution - F. März 105
Causes And Consequences
Effects of fiscal and social-policy measures on K-D. Bedau 70έ?
income distribution and the related statistics
7th CEIES Seminar - Income distribution and different sources of income \m
2nd day Part 3: Income from different origins:
a changing world
Statistics on household income: the quality J. Saralegui 121
An Assessment of Income Distribution and C. F. Rodrigues 140
Poverty in Portugal Using Different Sources if
Income from different origins : O. Magnusson 161
A changing world
Tied transfers as sources of income E. Pommer 165
Measuring Quality of Life among the Elderly R. Livraghi 177
Sources of income-all change E. Lehari 184
The use of income data in DGV in relation to J. Battye 186
Social Affairs
Measuring distribution of wealth and unearned I. Becker 187
income: Empirical bases and selected results
for Germany
Statistics on the distribution of wealth and of Chr. Schoreder 197
property income
Measurement Of Employment-Related Income M-T. Dupre 204
Reply of Eurostat H. Chartier 213
Main conclusions of the meeting on Demand L. Frey 216
and availability of statistical data on income and
income distribution
List of participants 221
7th CEIES Seminar - Income distribution and different sources of income st
1 day: